Men’s Korean Skin Care—How Men’s Skin Differs

Why do men need different skin care products? The question has been asked many times—and the idea that men need different skin care has actually been joked about for years! The truth is, men’s skin really is different from women’s skin, and the need for specialized skin care products is real.

Men’s skin is thicker on average—up to 25% thicker!) than women’s skin. It also tends to have a tougher texture thanks to higher levels of androgens. That means their skin care products need to be able to penetrate deeply in order to support the skin from within.

Men’s skin tends to be more oily than women’s skin. Sebum production is important to healthy skin, but skin that looks and feels oily is never fun, and most men do not use cosmetics to decrease the appearance of oil. Therefore, their skin care needs to take up the task by working extra hard to balance oil production without stripping away essential moisture!

Men’s skin has to put up with regular shaving. Even men who sport a mustache or beard still regularly manscape their face, which means their skin is dealing with shaving on a sometimes-daily basis. The irritation and potential damage that comes with shaving can be annoying for normal skin types, and downright awful for dry and sensitive skin. To combat this, men’s skin care needs to be extremely restorative and moisturizing.

If you or your man doesn’t want to spend too much time dealing with skin care, the good news is that there’s no need to! Men’s skin can get the care it needs in just a few steps per day. A high-quality cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are all the skin needs to maintain balance, deal with irritation, and bask in the comfort of proper moisturization.

ATOPALM Real Barrier All-in-One for Men accomplishes a men’s skin care regimen in these three steps. Each formula contains patented MLE as well as a slew of beneficial ingredients chosen specifically with men in mind.

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