Why Should I Use a Face Toner?

The skin care toner—one of the most misunderstood and underused skin care products. If you’re thinking about adding a toner to your Korean skin care routine, here’s a look at why you definitely should.

Toner leaves skin cleaner
Your skin care toner is responsible for removing any traces of dirt or debris left on your skin and in your pores after you wash your face. Even if you’re the most diligent face-washer on the planet, chances are you miss a few spots—or a few spots are reluctant to give up all the grime that gets stuck to your face throughout the day.

A K-beauty toner is like a second pair of eyes. You may overlook a spot when wiping down a table, but a second set of eyes can easily see the missed area. A toner works in the exact same way, finding impurities that would’ve otherwise been left on your skin.

Toner tightens pores
When the pores are properly cleansed, they are able to shrink to their smallest possible appearance. While the actual sizes of your pores is left up to genetics and other natural factors, you can reduce their appearance by ensuring that they’re not filled with excess dirt, makeup, and sebum.

Smaller-looking pores help the skin appear more youthful and refined, and a toner can help you accomplish that. A toner will also help to smooth away rough textures while improving skin tone, all of which lead to an overall healthier and more beautiful appearance.

Toner balances the skin’s pH level
The skin’s pH is responsible for protecting the skin against external aggressors like pollution and bacteria. The pH also helps skin maintain healthy moisture levels. When you have an unbalanced pH in your skin, it is not functioning optimally, and you’re more prone to dryness, breakouts, and irritation. A toner will help protect your skin against these unbalances.

Toner is a chance to pamper yourself
Many of us rush through our skin care routine, believing that the end goal is to slap on our products and move on in our day. Instead, think of your skin care routine—and toning in particular—as a way to slow down and pamper yourself.

Gently sweep your toner across your skin every morning and evening after cleansing. Take a moment to breathe in its light fragrance and soak in (literally!) all the good it has to offer you. After you tone, your skin will be more receptive to your Korean skin care moisturizer and treatment products.

Does my skin type need a toner?
Many people assume that toners are only for oily or blemish-prone skin. While these skin types absolutely benefit from using a Korean skin care tonerall skin types would be better off with a toner as part of daily skin care!

For dry and aging skin, choose a deeply moisturizing toner. For oily and blemish-prone skin, search for a clarifying and balancing toner. For sensitive skin, there’s a soothing toner for you. Find the right formula and watch your skin change after only a few applications.

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