New Year, New You, New Skin Care Products

We’re ready to say goodbye to this dumpster fire of a year and start fresh in 2021! Join us in taking the whole New Year, New You mentality very seriously this year. We can’t wait to take self-care and YOLO to all new levels, beginning with our skin care products.

Did you know that skin care products expire? Now ask yourself when you last checked the dates on your bottles, or even just bought new skin care.

If you’re like many people, you use a container of skin care product until it’s gone, whether that takes you one month or two years. We get it; sometimes you like a product enough to keep it around, but not enough to use it on a regular basis.

The fact is, if you don’t like a skin care product enough to use it regularly, you should find something that works better for you instead of keeping it around. That’s not only because it’ll expire before you can use it all, but you deserve to have beauty products that you love using, and that do great things for your skin!

Why shouldn’t you use expired skin care products? For one, they’re less effective. All that good stuff in your skin care can’t stay fresh and active for a super long period of time. Sure, they’re made to be shelf stable for quite a while so you have time to find, buy, and use them. But when a product been in your house for a year or more, the ingredients you wanted for your skin just won’t do much anymore.

Perhaps more importantly, your skin care products are at risk for bacterial growth that could actually harm your skin and potentially your eyes. If you use your fingers to scoop out creams, lotions, and potions, you’re depositing bacteria into your product that may grow and thrive, especially if it’s been around for a while.

We recommend using small spoons or spatulas to decrease this risk (especially in light of COVID-19), but it’s also important to toss old products that may be harboring bacteria.

If you can point to a few bottles that have lived rent-free in your medicine cabinet for years, toss them and don’t look back. If you have a few you’re unsure about, here’s a quick rundown of how long they are able to remain effective and safe to use.

Unopened container: two to three years from purchase
Opened container: up to one year from opening

Treatment Products (serums, oils, balms, ampoules, etc.) in a tube
Opened or unopened containers: up to one year

Treatment Products (serums, oils, balms, ampoules, etc.) in a jar
Unopened container: up to one year
Opened container: up to six months

Skin Care Masks
Unopened package: two to three years
Opened package: up to one year

Lip Balms
Unopened container: two to three years
Opened container: no more than one year

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