Post-Workout Skin Care Tips

It’s no secret that January sees a spike in people working out and committing to a healthier lifestyle. Most people make this decision to lose weight, improve their health, and increase strength and energy, but there’s another benefit many folks don’t know about—healthier skin.

Working out helps skin in a number of ways. First off, exercising promotes healthy cortisol levels, which is the hormone related to stress. High cortisol leads to increased breakouts and decreased collagen, which can further lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. Exercise = lower cortisol levels = clearer and younger-looking skin.

Additionally, exercising pumps well-oxygenated blood throughout the body, which gives skin the glowy, lit-from-within look we all crave. That’s why skin often looks extra radiant after working out, even if there’s increased redness for a while. Once the redness subsides, the glow remains.

On the flip side, however, it’s important to care for skin after working out, lest you suffer the consequences. If you ignore the sweat drying on your skin or stay in your workout clothes all day, you’re risking increased breakouts and other yucky things that probably aren’t on your new year’s resolution list.

If you want all the skin benefits of working out without any of the bad stuff, here’s a quick list of easy skin care tips for after exercising.

Change out of your workout clothes
This one probably seems like a no-brainer, but…you’d be surprised. Many people choose to stay in their workout clothes because they’re comfortable, or because they want to catch a second workout session later in the day.

Even if you plan to exercise again, it’s worth it to change out of your tight, moisture-wicking clothes to give your body and face a revitalizing wash. Workout clothes may be great for working out, but they’re not great for your skin since they’re usually not breathable, and can trap debris, oil, and dead cells next to your skin.

Wash from head to toe
Once your workout clothes are in the laundry, take the time to catch a quick shower. Tepid water is best so you don’t strip the skin’s protective layer—plus, it’ll help your body cool down after your workout!

Use your favorite body wash and face cleanser to fully wash away sweat, dead skin cells, and debris. If you’ve been at the gym or somewhere else public, you’ve surely already washed your hands, but a full shower will further make sure you don’t have any germs clinging to you.

One quick note on facial cleansing after exercising—keep things gentle. Skin is actually more sensitive and prone to micro-abrasions after working out, so stick to a gentle foaming cleanser to keep your face happy.

Treat and moisturize skin
After you’re all cleaned up, give your skin a boost of nutrients and moisture to keep it calm, comfortable, and glowy for the rest of the day. An ampoule is a great choice after working out since the concentrated formulas will give the skin a huge dose of nourishment, hydration, and targeted care while your blood is still pumping.

Before moisturizing, you may also choose to apply Derma:B Deofresh Body Primer to keep skin feeling dry and smelling fresh. Deofresh Body Primer leaves powdery particles over the skin to minimize perspiration odor while panthenol soothes skin. Shea butter, grape seed oil, and ATOPALM MLE create a foundational layer of skin hydration that’ll boost whatever moisturizer you use after!

Top things off with a facial moisturizer and a body moisturizer, and you’ll be all set!

Caring for your skin after exercising shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should feel like a way to thank and honor the body that just completed something great! Making the choice to exercise for your health helps your mental state, your emotions, your physical health, and even your skin. Take the time to thank your body by caring for it properly, and your body will thank you back!

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