COVID-19 Skin Care Survival Kit

COVID-19 has altered everything, from our social lives to our skin’s health. While we’re all trying to balance the stress, confusion, and frustration of a mid-COVID lifestyle, worrying about our skin shouldn’t be an added complication.

If you’ve been experiencing signs of stress in your skin, such as excessive dryness, irritated hands, rashes, a worsening of preexisting skin conditions, or mask-related blemishes, we have what you need! The COVID-19 ATOPALM Survival Kit is here for you and your family.

This simple two-step kit is designed to take the guesswork out of caring for your skin. Featuring two of our all-time best-sellers, it’s a duo that can be used from head to toe to address a wide variety of skin concerns.

How can only two products help your entire face and body? It’s all thanks to MLE! Multi-Lamellar Emulsion is the star ingredient that started it all, and it’s still the reason why ATOPALM has been the #1 best-selling skin care in South Korea for over a decade.

MLE is able to perfectly mimic the skin’s natural lipid layer, which is responsible for keeping moisture in and “bad stuff” out. When the skin’s lipid layer is functioning properly, it keeps skin moisturized, calm, clear, and comfortable. When the skin’s lipid layer is compromised, you begin to see symptoms such as redness, dryness, and even conditions like eczema.

Multi-Lamellar Emulsion is able to replenish a compromised lipid layer, which allows the skin to function healthfully again. This means that skin is able to retain moisture better, protect itself against environmental aggressors, and remain as calm and clear as ever.

The two products in the COVID-19 ATOPALM Survival Kit both feature MLE in spades, as well as a slew of other moisturizing and soothing ingredients.

Intensive Moisturizing Cream, our first and best-selling product, is what you’ll use on your face and body. It features a heavy dose of MLE to address your skin’s protective layer while the formula deeply moisturizes skin. It does all this with a lightweight, quickly-absorbed texture that never feels heavy or sticky.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment will target hands specifically. With everyone washing their hands more than ever—combined with winter weather conditions and indoor heating—hands are really starting to feel the pain of COVID life. Moisturizing Hand Treatment provides immediate relief from feelings of dryness, while also offering long-lasting moisture that keeps hand comfortable long after application.

These two products are being offered together at a special low price for a short time only, so snag your kit today to give your skin what it needs to ride out this new way of life!

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