The Method and Magic of Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is not a new trend in skin care, but it has been receiving more press lately. While many people in their 30s and 40s were raised on oil-free skin care, the truth about oil and its benefits on skin started gaining popularity in the aughts, and it has only gotten more common as the years wear on.

The reason? It works!

Nourishing, oily skin care is a godsend, and cleansing is no exception. It has a scientific foundation; like dissolves like, which means oil dissolves oil.

The healthy, nourishing oils you massage into your skin will gently break up and dissolve the hardened, impurity-filled sebum (your skin’s natural oil) on your skin. As the steam from warm water opens up your pores, the old, “dead” oil of your skin is rinsed away, leaving only the nutrients and hydration of the healthy oils behind.

Some oil cleansing diehards really just use pure oils to cleanse their skin. It melts makeup, removes impurities, and leaves skin feeling moisturized instead of stripped.

Many people, however, prefer a more traditional cleanser formulated with oils for extra cleansing and nourishing benefits. This gives them the cleansing experience they’re used to along with the best that oil has to offer.

When you first begin oil cleansing, your skin may experience a week or so of “detox” where the oils are pulling impurities from deep within the skin. Don’t let this deter you! Keep on keeping on, and you’ll soon see the benefits.

Proponents of skin care oil cleansing say that their skin became more balanced—neither too dry nor too oily—after they started oil cleansing. Others say they no longer have blackheads, rarely get whiteheads, and get compliments on their dewy, glowing complexion.

It’s no surprise that nourishing oils create a more beautiful complexion. The right oils, such as safflower seed oil, olive oil, bergamot oil, marjoram oil, and chamomile oil, are able to provide nutrients and hydration to skin in one fell swoop.

For some normal to oily skin types, extra moisture after cleansing isn’t even always needed. For normal to dry skin, oil-formulated cleansing provides an excellent foundation for further moisture.

No matter your skin type, K-beauty oil cleansing is the perfect new thing to try for your skin this year. If you’re like most people, once you turn to oils, you’ll never want to go back.

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