Stay Dry and Odor-Free This Summer

Keeping body odor and sweat at bay is a year-round task, but summertime means that our efforts are doubled. In years past, this usually called for a strong antiperspirant; however, many people are now trying to avoid using aluminum as an antiperspirant, and thus the call for aluminum-free deodorant options has risen.

Aside from damp, B.O.-riddled underarms, it’s very common to struggle with sweat and body odors elsewhere on the body. Until fairly recently, there wasn’t a lot one could do to deal with this very normal and natural issue! Thankfully, the need for anti-odor body products is being better filled, perhaps most successfully by Derma:B.

Derma:B has been the most trusted pharmacy-based skin care brand in South Korea for over 12 years. With a long history of delivering powerful results via gentle formulations, Derma:B had gained a huge following that allowed the brand to expand beyond South Korea’s most popular pharmacy to a worldwide audience.

Derma:B DeoFresh Body Primer was formulated specifically to keep the body smelling fresh and feeling dry without the use of aluminum. It can be used externally anywhere on the body, and is especially beneficial for areas prone to perspiration.

Unlike underarm deodorant, DeoFresh Body Primer is formulated to be used anywhere odor and perspiration plague you. Without getting graphic, we all have a few areas that could use a little extra freshening, especially during summer. That’s where DeoFresh Body Primer comes in.

The lotion-like texture leaves a very light layer of powdery particles in order to minimize perspiration and the associated effects, such as chafing and rashes. It then controls odor by attracting the oil and water contained in perspiration, which essentially “locks in” the causes of body odor.

Aside from its main functions, DeoFresh Body Primer soothes with panthenol, and moisturizes with shea butter and grapeseed oil. The same MLE that ATOPALM is known for also makes an appearance in order to reinforce the skin’s protective lipid layer.

This summer, don’t just rely on underarm deodorant to keep you feeling (and smelling) your best. Turn to Derma:B DeoFresh Body Primer to keep your entire body in tip-top shape!

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