How to Keep Your Makeup From Running This Summer

Sweating off your makeup was probably not the look you were going for when you spent 20 minutes perfecting your face this morning. If sweat is ruining your makeup efforts, these tips for how to keep your makeup from running this summer are for you!

When you feel the sweat begin to roll down your face, you have two options: let it roll or wipe it off. Wiping will also wipe away your makeup (plus often smear what’s left), and letting the sweat drip will leave you feeling uncomfortable and looking half-melted. Instead—blot.

If you keep tissues handy, you’re in luck. If you don’t…it’s time to start. Gently blotting away sweat is the only way to keep your makeup semi-intact after you’ve started sweating. After you blot, re-set your makeup with a loose powder, and you’ll be ready to get back out there.

As with many things, the best defense against sweating off your makeup is a good offense. Plan ahead for those sweaty days, and you’ll be the one looking fresh. Here’s where to get started…

  1. Use a makeup primer. A mattifying or skin-smoothing makeup primer helps to control sebum production, which lets makeup get a better “grip” on your skin. When makeup is properly primed, it is better able to withstand sweating.
  2. Set your makeup. After makeup is applied, set it with a spray and/or a loose powder. These products are designed to “lock in” your makeup look and help it last through sweat, activity—basically anywhere your day or night may take you. Make sure you choose an alcohol-free formula, since alcohol-based products may dry out your skin or cause your makeup look to crack.
  3. Change your foundation texture. When the temps heat up, liquid foundations tend to be the first makeup to show signs of sweat. If this describes your struggle, it’s time to switch to a tinted moisturizer or powdered foundation for summer. Tinted moisturizers better sink into the skin to provide lasting coverage, while powder formulas don’t run and melt like liquid ones do.
  4. Keep touch-up tools handy. If you’re prone to sweating, or you know you’re heading into a sweat-inducing situation like working out or hanging in the sun, keep your touch-up tools handy. Even if you’re not one to carry makeup with you, you can store a couple of tissues, cotton swabs, and a travel-friendly makeup powder for a quick bathroom refresh while you’re on-the-go.

The next-best way to keep makeup from sweating off? Don’t wear it! Embrace your natural beauty, swipe on an SPF, and face your day without worrying about makeup streaks.

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