Simple Skin Care Tips for Traveling

With holiday travels coming up, you may be wondering how to keep your skin happy and healthy during road trips, flights, and at Aunt Sally’s house. Don’t worry; you don’t need to take your entire skin care regimen with you to maintain your gorgeous glow.

If you’re only going to be gone for a few days, here are some simple skin care tips for traveling that won’t have you bringing an entire bag of ATOPALM products.

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Never Skip Cleansing
Keeping your skin clean (without stripping away all its oils, of course) is the #1 best way you can keep it happy during travel.

In the morning, cleansing purifies your skin and prepares it for proper absorption of your subsequent products, which is even more important when you’re only using a skeleton crew of skin care products!

Cleansing in the evening removes the dregs of your daily skin care, as well as built-up sebum and skin cells, dirt, and environmental debris—not to mention makeup if you wear it!

The first skin care product you should pack for any trip is your daily cleanser, which will help keep your skin balanced and clear.

Moisturize with MLE
The star ingredient of all ATOPALM products is MLE, and it’s an even more important ingredient when you’re trying to pack light.

MLE reinforces the skin’s natural barrier, allowing the skin to maintain its natural moisture levels while protecting against external aggressors. Couple this with the rich moisturizing and nourishing ingredients found in ATOPALM’s moisturizers, and you have a multi-tasking skin care product that cares for the skin like nothing else can.

In addition to the above, MLE also helps your moisturizer keep skin hydrated longer, so your morning application can take you through a day of visiting family without your skin feeling parched in the evening! Moisturizing with MLE is a gift to your skin, especially when you’re not able to follow your normal skin care regimen.

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Target Major Concerns
If your skin is generally happy and healthy, you may be able to pack extra light and skip this step altogether; however, if you’re like most people, you probably have a main skin concern that you’ll want to continue targeting, even during holiday travels.

If you struggle with blemishes, conditions like eczema, or if you’ve recently undergone an in-office treatment, you’ll want to bring along your go-to ATOPALM treatment product. Missing even a couple days of your treatment products can set you back in your skin’s healing timeline, so leave behind that extra pair of socks and make sure to bring along your essential treatment product.

As always, your SPF is the last product on the must-have list. Yes, even during fall and winter!

Whether the weather is sunny or cloudy, your skin is at risk of the UV damage that may lead to sunburn, premature signs of skin aging, irritation and sensitivity, and potentially even skin cancer. SPF should be part of your routine every day, year-round, so don’t leave it at home during your holiday travels!

Do you have an ATOPALM product that you can’t live without! Tell us about it in the comments!

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