COVID-19 Skin Care Survival Kit

COVID-19 has altered everything, from our social lives to our skin’s health. While we’re all trying to balance the stress, confusion, and frustration of a mid-COVID lifestyle, worrying about our skin shouldn’t be an added complication. If you’ve been experiencing signs of stress in your skin, such as excessive dryness, irritated hands, rashes, a worsening of preexisting skin conditions, or mask-related blemishes, we have what … Continue reading COVID-19 Skin Care Survival Kit

Post-Workout Skin Care Tips

It’s no secret that January sees a spike in people working out and committing to a healthier lifestyle. Most people make this decision to lose weight, improve their health, and increase strength and energy, but there’s another benefit many folks don’t know about—healthier skin. Working out helps skin in a number of ways. First off, exercising promotes healthy cortisol levels, which is the hormone related … Continue reading Post-Workout Skin Care Tips

New Year, New Products!

Happy new year to you and yours! While we hope and pray for the new year to bring better memories than 2020 did, we’re kicking the new year off right with brand new products! Here’s an overview of everything new on our site right now, but stay tuned as we grow this year. ATOPALM Mild ShampooA pH balanced shampoo for effective yet gentle cleansing. It’s … Continue reading New Year, New Products!

Stress and Skin Care

Have you felt stressed this year? Joking aside, stress is a very real issue with many health ramifications, one of which is your skin’s health. Dermatologists agree that the skin reflects inner health, and that includes mental health. There is a strong brain-skin connection that causes the skin to experience inflammation, premature skin aging, and blemish flare-ups in times of increased stress. Stress releases cortisol, … Continue reading Stress and Skin Care

Dry Hand Problems: When to See a Dermatologist

It’s not surprising to see dry skin in winter, especially on the hands. Between indoor heating, harsh weather, and hand washing (so.much.hand washing), the hands are usually the first area to show excessively dry skin. But what is “normal dry” and how does it differ from dry skin that should be addressed by a dermatologist? The skin becomes dry when the epidermis (the skin’s top … Continue reading Dry Hand Problems: When to See a Dermatologist

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Urea Skin Care for Dry Feet

Our feet take a lot of daily damage, and it often shows. Feet easily become rough, flaky, calloused, and dry-feeling. If you have a condition which worsens dry skin, like diabetes or eczema, the condition can be even worse. Thankfully, since dry skin of the feet is such a common problem, there’s a slew of foot care products out there designed to help soften and … Continue reading Urea Skin Care for Dry Feet

Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Lamellar Emulsion

ATOPALM and its sister brands are all formulated with a foundational ingredient: Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, or MLE for short. MLE is an ingredient we mention a lot, so it’s helpful to know why we’re so excited about this ingredient, and why we believe that everyone—no matter their age or skin type—will benefit from using MLE-formulated Korean skin care products. MLE is proprietary Our founder, Dr. Park, … Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Lamellar Emulsion

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Skin Care Oils

Did you grow up using oil-free skin care? Are you still afraid that oil-based skin care will break you out? Do you feel like skin care oils will feel heavy or greasy? There’s no need to worry! The understanding of how oils help your skin has come a very long way from when we believed that oils would cause greasiness, breakouts, and more. There are … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Skin Care Oils

Maternity Skin Care for the Most Popular Birth Month!

Happy September, all! Did you know that September is the most common birth month? September 9th is the most “popular” birthday, which means lots of mamas are eagerly awaiting their baby’s arrival any day now. If you or a loved one is expecting, congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than a new baby. On the other side of the coin, those mamas are in desperate … Continue reading Maternity Skin Care for the Most Popular Birth Month!

South Korea’s Top Health & Beauty store Body Care Brand, Derma:B Launches in the US Online

For the past 12 years, Derma:B has been the most trusted brand in the most-trusted Health & Beauty chain in South Korea and its popularity, earned through years of delivering on the promise of gentle but powerful hydration for all skin types, has made Derma:B available online in the United States. Dr. Raymond Labs, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable … Continue reading South Korea’s Top Health & Beauty store Body Care Brand, Derma:B Launches in the US Online