Shelter-in-Place Pedicure Tips

With spas closed, getting feet summer-ready isn’t as easy (or as indulgent!) as it once was. But you don’t have to let your little piggies suffer! Follow our Korean beauty tips for a DIY, shelter-in-place pedicure that’ll have your feet looking and feeling their best. Pedicure tip #1: Soak, Soak, Soak The secret to professional-looking pedicures is to get rid of rough, dry skin. The … Continue reading Shelter-in-Place Pedicure Tips

Skin Care for Dry Hands

Influenza. Coronavirus. The common cold! This year’s “sickness season” has been especially difficult, particularly the current spread of COVID-19. Diseases each have their own method of spreading but one thing is agreed upon: washing your hands is one of the best and easiest things you can do to keep yourself healthy. We hope you practice good hand washing etiquette year-round, but if you need to … Continue reading Skin Care for Dry Hands

2019 ATOPALM Best-Sellers and What Makes Them Fan Favorites

Last year was a great year for! We grew our product family, launched our sister site, and enjoyed a slew of sales, giveaways, and gifts! One thing we always love to do at the beginning of the new year is look back and see what the top selling products were the previous year. Curious to know which products sold best in 2019? … Continue reading 2019 ATOPALM Best-Sellers and What Makes Them Fan Favorites

Bug Bite Skin Care

Summer is a great time for traveling, camping, water fun, and…bug bites. When you head out to play, so do those bugs, and some of them view you as a tasty treat. If a bug or two got to you, care for your itchy, inflamed skin with ATOPALM Cicarelief Cream. Cicarelief features calamine, a longtime go-to treatment for everything itchy and irritating. Calamine helps soothe … Continue reading Bug Bite Skin Care

Create Your At-Home Facial

Getting a spa facial is relaxing and revitalizing, but sometimes it’s too costly or takes too much time out of the day to see an esthetician. If you need a quick skin refresher, follow these easy steps to create an at-home DIY facial with ATOPALM! Step one: Purify Skin Remove makeup and cleanse skin in one simple step with Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm. This … Continue reading Create Your At-Home Facial

Our Most Pampering Skin Care Products

Want to create an at-home spa experience? Check out some of our most pampering Korean skin care products to build your own self care kit! Cleansing Oil Balm is a rich, non-foaming cleanser that’s perfect for those who prefer a lotiony face wash. It melts into skin to completely remove makeup and surface impurities with a gorgeous lotion-like texture. An incredible blend of MLE, botanical extracts and oils, and patented ceramides combine … Continue reading Our Most Pampering Skin Care Products

Product Review: Kids Foaming Hand Wash

ATOPALM Kids Foaming Hand Wash         우리 아이 손 잘 씻고 있나요? 손에는 각종 세균들이 가득하다고 해서 요즘 어린이집이나 유치원, 학교 등에서는 아이들의 손 씻기를 강도하고 있어요. 어린이집, 유치원, 학교에서는 잘 씻는 우리아이. 그런데 집에서는요?? Foaming Hand Wash Are our kids washing their hands well? There are a lot of different types bacteria on our hands, that day care centers and kindergartens … Continue reading Product Review: Kids Foaming Hand Wash

Product Review: ATOPALM Kids Face Lotion

아토팜키즈 페이스로션 Atopalm Kids Face Lotion         여름이 다가오면서 끈적이는 느낌이 싫다면, 크림만큼이나 촉촉한 로션을 원한다면? Do you have the stickiness when summer is nearby? Do you want a moisturizing lotion? 여름이 다가오면서 점차 끈적이는 느낌도 생겨나고 있어요. 끈적임은 왠지 모를 불쾌감을 만들잖아요. 그래서 여름에는 촉촉하면서도 끈적임 없는 로션을 찾게 되는 것 같아요! 끈적임이 싫은 것은 아이들도 마찬가지! 따라서 어린이로션도 여름에는 끈적임없는 … Continue reading Product Review: ATOPALM Kids Face Lotion

Clarify and Balance Skin with Control-T

When you have dehydrated skin that becomes oily and acne-prone, you know how hard it is to find skin care that works for you. Many people assume that oily, blemished skin is simply that, but the truth is that many dry and sensitive skin types produce excess sebum and experience breakouts. Because most acne-related skin care is formulated to dry out the skin, it is impossible to find something … Continue reading Clarify and Balance Skin with Control-T

Give Your Skin the Gift of Moisture

Happy Valentine’s Day! Show your skin how much you care by shopping our Valentine’s Day Perfect Pairs. These pairings are hand-chosen for the way they compliment each other—and your skin. There’s no better way to care for your skin than to provide it with moisture, lipid layer protection, and gentle ingredients that will never irritate or exacerbate skin conditions. Did you know that most skin conditions … Continue reading Give Your Skin the Gift of Moisture