Acne Awareness: Can Dry Skin Have Acne?

People associate acne with oily skin, but the truth is that most adults with acne actually have dry skin! The issue here is that most acne treatment products work by drying out the skin, resulting in issues like flaking, cracking, peeling, and excessive feelings of dryness. Whether you have a skin condition that causes acne (like rosacea) or you deal with hormonal breakouts, there are many ways to address acne blemishes without … Continue reading Acne Awareness: Can Dry Skin Have Acne?

Cooling Skin Care Tips

As summer heats up, it’s a good idea to have some skin care tips for cooling skin during hot days. These hot skin care tips are especially essential if you suffer from rosacea or another skin condition that is worsened by heat. When you’re feeling flushed or your skin just needs a breather, here are some ideas for cooling skin quickly and keeping it comfortable. Use a damp wash cloth. … Continue reading Cooling Skin Care Tips

Create Your At-Home Facial

Getting a spa facial is relaxing and revitalizing, but sometimes it’s too costly or takes too much time out of the day to see an esthetician. If you need a quick skin refresher, follow these easy steps to create an at-home DIY facial with ATOPALM! Step one: Purify Skin Remove makeup and cleanse skin in one simple step with Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm. This … Continue reading Create Your At-Home Facial

Finding the Right Korean Skin Care Cleanser

When choosing your Korean skin care cleanser, there’s more to consider than just texture preference or price. Here’s a quick look at a few questions to ask yourself before buying your next face wash! What is your skin type? While ATOPALM prides itself on being a versatile choice for all skin types, we do feature specific ingredients and textures designed to cater more toward certain … Continue reading Finding the Right Korean Skin Care Cleanser

Best Springtime Korean Skin Care Moisturizers

As the weather turns from cold to warmer, it might be time for a lighter-weight moisturizer! Extremely dry or sensitive skin types might choose to use richer moisturizers all year round, but normal, oily, and combination skin types may want to lighten up for spring and summer. Don’t let these lighter textures fool you — all ATOPALM moisturizers contain a heavy dose of moisturizing MLE along with other key ingredients that ensure deeply moisturized … Continue reading Best Springtime Korean Skin Care Moisturizers

Build Your Korean Skin Care Regimen

Your body thrives when it receives regular nutrition, hydration, and rest. Guess what? So does your skin! Caring for your skin with a regular routine is the best way to achieve optimum skin health and beauty. At ATOPALM, it’s easy to build a custom regimen based on your unique skin type and skin care needs. While we offer multiple ready-made routine suggestions, building your own regimen is … Continue reading Build Your Korean Skin Care Regimen

Clarify and Balance Skin with Control-T

When you have dehydrated skin that becomes oily and acne-prone, you know how hard it is to find skin care that works for you. Many people assume that oily, blemished skin is simply that, but the truth is that many dry and sensitive skin types produce excess sebum and experience breakouts. Because most acne-related skin care is formulated to dry out the skin, it is impossible to find something … Continue reading Clarify and Balance Skin with Control-T

The Heroes of Korean Skin Care

At ATOPALM, we are passionate about skin care. We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin, and that skin health begins with the lipid layer of the skin. That’s why our MLE products begin with healing and supporting the lipid layer before moving on to add moisture, soothe irritation, diminish redness, and encourage wound healing. While each of our products promise the previously mentioned actions and … Continue reading The Heroes of Korean Skin Care

Give Your Skin the Gift of Moisture

Happy Valentine’s Day! Show your skin how much you care by shopping our Valentine’s Day Perfect Pairs. These pairings are hand-chosen for the way they compliment each other—and your skin. There’s no better way to care for your skin than to provide it with moisture, lipid layer protection, and gentle ingredients that will never irritate or exacerbate skin conditions. Did you know that most skin conditions … Continue reading Give Your Skin the Gift of Moisture

Korean Skin Care Review — Cicarelief Gel Balm

시카젤밤 리얼베리어 시카릴리프 시카 젤 밤 데일리로 굿 Cica Gel Balm Real Barrier Cicarelief Cica Gel Balm good for daily 시카크림이 무겁다면 리얼베리어 시카릴리프 젤 밤으로 관리하자! If Cica cream feels heavy, let’s manage our skin with Real Barrier Cicarelief Gel Balm 안녕하세요 뷰티블로거 뷰스타 엘린입니다:) 지난번에 소개해드렸던 리얼베리어 시카릴리프크림 저도 요즘에 사용중인데 아직은 꾸덕하고 무겁게 느껴지더라구요ㅠㅠ 메이크업전에 사용하기에도 너무 답답하고해서 지금은 젤밤을 많이 사용하는데요 … Continue reading Korean Skin Care Review — Cicarelief Gel Balm