Korean Skin Care for Chapped Winter Skin

Skin chapping and excessive irritation is much more common during winter thanks to harsh weather, outside activities, hot water, and even indoor heating! If your skin is acting up this winter, we have the Korean skin care tips you’ve been looking for.   Step one is to remember to hydrate! It’s easy to remember to drink water during summer when the weather keeps you feeling thirsty, but … Continue reading Korean Skin Care for Chapped Winter Skin

How to Treat Chapped Skin

Chapped skin is one of the most common winter skin care concerns. Everything about winter — from low humidity to central heating and hot water — works against your skin’s natural lipid barrier. As the lipid barrier is stripped away, the skin becomes even more vulnerable to the elements, resulting in chapped skin. Symptoms of chapped skin include visible dryness, stinging, sensations of skin feeling too tight, and rough … Continue reading How to Treat Chapped Skin