Atopalm Stocking Stuffers

57503-2It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As you shop for your loved ones, are you wondering how you can show your loved ones how much you care without breaking the bank? We’ve got you covered!

Giving the gift of Atopalm will pamper your friends and family with rich skin care products that are fantastic for all skin types! Whether your mom suffers from dry skin and is in need of a rich face cream, or your teenage niece is looking for a great body lotion, Atopalm has what you need this holiday season.

Look to our stocking stuffers for gifts that pack moisturizing ingredients into an affordable stocking-size gift! Take, for example, our Moisturizing Body Lotion. You will never find a richer formulation with a more luxurious texture! It sinks into skin quickly and easily to provide long-lasting moisture that soothes shaving irritation while improving skin texture and radiance.

Looking for something a little more targeted? Our beloved Moisturizing Hand Treatment is just what you need. Once you try our hand lotion, you’ll never use another; its richly moisturizing formula banishes dry skin, cracking and discomfort without any leftover greasiness. It’s the ultimate hand moisturizer!

For the pedicure-lover in your life, try our Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm. It smoothes and softens calloused feet like no other, all while pampering your piggies better than any spa! It’s a great alternative to costly spa pedicures, plus it actually benefits the skin.

Want to get the most bang for your buck? Purchase all three of these products together in our Body Bundle to instantly save 25% off retail price, plus get free shipping and a free makeup bag as your gift with purchase! Simply click that handy dandy link to take you straight to your discounted shopping cart.

With our Body Bundle, you can give all the products together with the included bag as a perfect head-to-toe skin care gift, or you can separate the products to spread the Atopalm love. Either way, you’ll be saving 25%, plus receiving FREE shipping and a FREE gift with purchase!

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Save on Gift Sets for the Holidays!

Source: user Wysz
Source: user Wysz

You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get a great deal. Shop our gift sets today to save 20% on your favorite Atopalm dry skin care products.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, our gift sets make your skin care routine simple and more affordable than ever. Take, for example, the Mother’s Revitalizing Kit — Moisturizing Mist, Moisturizing Hand Treatment, and Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm come together to create a fast and easy body care regimen that any mama can get behind! Moisturize from head to toe in minutes flat for lasting comfort and radiance.

Need something a little more gender-neutral? How about something for any age? Our Cleanse and Moisturize Duo takes the skin care regimen down to its most basic elements: cleansing and moisturizing. This duo is perfect for the man in your life, or even your teenage son or daughter! It features Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Foam and our best-selling Intensive Moisturizing Cream, making it the ideal duo for anyone who needs a rich dose of moisture without a cabinet full of products.

Last but not least, if you really want to wow them this holiday season, look no further than the Extreme Treat Duo! Skin Revitalizing Complex and Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum comprise a dynamic duo that offers exceptional moisture, anti-aging skin care benefits, and sublime comfort. Plus, at 20% off retail price, it’s easy to give your loved ones an extreme treat for the holidays.

If you’re not sure that any of these are the Atopalm gift set for you, check out the Gift Sets main page to see the full list of gift sets, all at 20% off retail price!

Holiday Gift Inspiration: Beauty Edition

Source: user jayneandd
Source: user jayneandd

What do you get the beauty junkie who has everything? Here’s a quick list to provide some holiday gift inspiration for your favorite skin care lover or makeup maven.

Holiday Exclusives
The recipient of your gift may have all of her favorite day-to-day items already, but she certainly doesn’t have this year’s holiday exclusives! Most beauty brands offer special kits and palettes only available through the holiday season, often with a special holiday price tag attached. If you do some covert digging, you can easily discover your loved one’s favorite brands and product types, and find a great holiday beauty product that will surprise and delight her.

Build a Bundle
If you feel like going above and beyond, build your own product bundle! Fill a new beauty travel bag with some fresh mascara (something we all need every couple months!), a new lip gloss shade, and a  resealable pack of makeup remover wipes. If you stay true to must-have products that always need replacing, you’ll never run into the issue of duplicate or unnecessary gifts.

Target Concerns
For some, this may be a touchy area, so know your giftee well before attempting to treat their skin care concerns. However, if you’re gifting for your best friend, sister, or simply a very open family member, knowing their skin care issues and trying to help them out may be seen as the most thoughtful gift possible! Research and choose a great acne spot treatment, rosacea cream, or powdered blotting tissues — whatever would care for your dear one’s biggest skin care issues.

Package it alongside something fun (new eyeshadow, anyone?), and maybe a little product information if it’s something they haven’t tried before. Done right, and your friend or family member will be touched that you took so much care to find them something they would love.

Order a Gift Set
When all else fails, pre-made beauty gift sets are a great way to go. They make a statement, treat a variety of concerns, and usually come with a discounted price tag. Plus, if you don’t know your loved one’s skin type or product preferences, gift sets are often made for the multitudes, ensuring that your recipient’s skin is cared for, no matter what their skin care concerns.