Korean Skin Care Regimen Step-by-Step Guide, Step One: Pre-Cleansing

The Korean skin care routine has taken the world by storm, and there’s no going back once you’ve tried it! It is a truly a superior way to care for your skin. You can see and feel the difference when you take a little more time to do what’s right!

Some people find the K-Beauty skin care regimen overwhelming at first, so we’ll be featuring a step-by-step guide over the coming weeks to explain how and why each step matters.

Let’s get things started with step one: Real Barrier Cleansing Water.

Cleansing Water is Atopalm’s version of an oil-based cleanser. It is a cleansing formula designed to be used without the use of tap water, which makes it excellent for very sensitive skin that doesn’t respond well to harsh tap waters.

Cleansing Water actually uses Atopalm’s MLE skin-barrier formula to cleanse skin, while a natural moisturizing compound replenishes moisture even as you cleanse! Panthenol, allantoin, and madecassoside make up Real Barrier’s three-calming complex, used to soothe and comfort skin.

Cleansing Water melts away impurities and debris, preparing skin for the rest of your skin care routine. It can also be used in the evening prior to your foaming cleanser to gently remove makeup without the use of harsh makeup removing formulas.

Finally, if your skin is of the most sensitive variety, you can use Cleansing Water in lieu of traditional cleansers. If your skin does not tolerate foaming cleansers or washing with water, Cleansing Water is the answer to your cleansing needs.

As you can see, Cleansing Water is a versatile product that’s great to have in your arsenal, whether or not you follow the entire Korean skin care routine.

Have you tried Cleansing Water, or do you use an alternate to traditional face cleansers? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


How to Remove Makeup for Healthier Skin

You’ve heard it before: cleanse skin morning and evening to optimize health and beauty. But did you know makeup removal should actually be separate from cleansing, and is just as important?

Leaving makeup on overnight, or applying makeup over yesterday’s makeup, is one of the leading causes of breakouts and skin irritation. Even the healthiest makeups aren’t meant to be left on your skin for days without removal.

For dry and sensitive skin, leaving makeup on means that your already compromised lipid layer is further damaged. It also means that your moisturizing skin care may not absorb as readily, which means your skin doesn’t get what it needs, and you waste your time and money on moisturizers that aren’t providing their full benefits!

In order to protect your skin’s health and beauty, and get the most out of your skin care products, makeup removal is absolutely essential. Here’s the best way to remove makeup at the end of each day.

Begin with your Atopalm foaming cleanser. Pump a generous amount into your hand, and massage the rich, foamy texture into your face using circular motions. Massage for a full minute, then rinse with tepid water and pat (don’t rub!) dry.

After washing your face, you’re ready to remove makeup with Cleansing Water. While it’s true that our foaming cleansers do a lot to loosen and break down makeup, there will still be trace amounts on your face. In addition, our foaming cleansers are not meant to remove eye makeup, while Real Barrier Cleansing Water is the best eye makeup remover you can use!

Apply Cleansing Water to a cotton pad, and massage with circular motions over the entire face, including the eye area. Repeat as necessary until all traces of makeup are removed.

Cleansing Water moisturizes as it removes makeup and cleans the skin. Most people prefer to apply a face cream after using Cleansing Water since the skin is perfectly prepped for maximum skin care benefits; however, it is completely up to you, since your skin will likely feel great after the Cleansing Water alone.

After you implement a true makeup removal step in your skin care regimen, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without removing your makeup at night. Your skin will show its thanks with improved health, comfort, radiance, and beauty!

Mild and Moist, Cleansing Water is So Good!

클렌징워터 순하고 촉촉하니 넘나좋아요!

Mild and Moist, Cleansing Water is So Good!


진짜 촉촉해서 사용하는데 스킨바르는 느낌인줄 급 착각할정도에요+_+

It’s really moist, so it feels like your using skin toner+_+

뽀득뽀득보단 촉촉함으로. 느껴지는데

근데 또 신기한게 화장지우고 얼굴 만져보면 뽀득뽀득한 깔끔한 느낌까지 약간 있어요+_+b

It feels moist than squeaky clean

and astonishingly, if you touch your face after removing your make-up, it even has a squeaky clean feeling+_+b

bs_3 bs_4

















기초BB + 눈화장 + 입술로 간단하게 한 다레의 데일리

Darae’s Daily done simply with Basic BB + Eye Make-Up + Lips

귀찮으니까 저도 아토팜 리얼베리어 클렌징워터 사용해줬어요 화장지우기 귀찮,,

It’s troublesome so I used Atopalm Real Barrier Cleansing Water. It’s troublesome to remove make-up,,

보여요? 다 가려논 내 피부가 다시 말끔해져버렸어요… 뭔가 슬프기도하고 ㅁ8

Can you see? My covered skin has become totally clear again… It’s somehow sad in a way ㅁ8

화장솜에 폭풍 촉촉하게 만들어서 사용하는데

지워지는게 눈에 보이니까 참 뿌듯하기도 하고 ㅋㅋㅋ

I moisten cosmetic cotton pads for use

And I feel pretty good because I see it remove the make-up

근데 깨끗함을 유지하려고 화장솜을 좀 여러개 사용하게 된다는 소심한 단점도 있어요

But there is a small disadvantage of having to use several cosmetic cotton pads to maintain cleanliness

앤드 힘조절 잘못하면 요리저리 튀어요 ㅠ 주의하셔야합니다.

And if you fail to control your strength, it might splatter here and there, so you have to careful.

근데 화장솜 보다 내 피부가 중요하쟈나어..

But your skin is more important than cosmetic cotton pads..

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