Does Oil Cleansing Really Work?

Two years ago, we published a look at the growing Oil Cleansing trend. We had no idea that it would become one of our most popular blog posts! We love that people are still looking for alternative methods for cleansing skin and removing makeup, but we thought it was time to write a follow-up. Why the follow-up? While skin care oil cleansing is a great choice for … Continue reading Does Oil Cleansing Really Work?

The Oil Cleansing Method for Skin

So, you’re ready for some deep skin care cleansing and revitalization, eh? Even if you’re being good and cleansing your skin each morning and evening, pampering your skin with a deep oil cleanse will help to restore balance, radiance, and comfort to all skin types. Yes, even oily skin! It may seem wrong to cleanse skin with oil, but the truth is that oil dissolves oil. Even though sebum … Continue reading The Oil Cleansing Method for Skin