Korean Hair Care Tips

K-beauty has made its way into the hearts (and onto the skin!) of the world, but what about hair care? Korean hair care is just as elegant, effective, and advanced as Korean skin care, and now you can find Korean hair care on ATOPALM.com. Our Korean hair care is based on the belief that a healthy scalp equals healthy, beautiful hair. Just like the skin … Continue reading Korean Hair Care Tips

Featured Question: Treating Scalp Eczema

You ask, we answer! Today’s Featured Question was sent to us via Facebook; if you have a question regarding skin care, beauty, dry skin, or skin care conditions, please leave us a comment here or Like us and ask on our Facebook page! Scalp eczema. It’s not everyone’s favorite subject, but for those who suffer from this itchy, irritating condition, information is a must. Jennifer N. messaged us on Facebook with … Continue reading Featured Question: Treating Scalp Eczema