Baby Foot Exfoliation Follow-up

A while back, we posted an article about a popular product known as Baby Foot Exfoliation, and how it compares to our awesome Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm. Little did we know that the Baby Foot Exfoliation post would go on to be one of our most viewed posts of all time! You can read the original post here, but for those who would like a … Continue reading Baby Foot Exfoliation Follow-up

Baby Foot Exfoliation Treatment vs. Atopalm Foot and Heel Balm

If you follow us on Facebook or stay up-to-date on beauty news, chances are you’ve heard of Baby Foot, a product from Tokyo which claims to give you baby-soft skin on your feet. Using a blend of 17 natural acids and few other ingredients, Baby Foot says their product will loosen dead skin cells and slough away all dry, rough skin (up to 80 layers of dead skin, … Continue reading Baby Foot Exfoliation Treatment vs. Atopalm Foot and Heel Balm

Featured Question: How to Banish Flaky Skin

You ask, we answer! This question comes from our Atopalm Facebook page, and is the third installment in our Featured Question series. (Read our other Featured Questions for more great info.) If you have a skin care question, be sure to leave a comment here, or Like our Facebook page to ask there. Your question could be featured in a future post! Today’s question is from Nichole. She … Continue reading Featured Question: How to Banish Flaky Skin

How to Exfoliate Skin

Skin exfoliation is a natural process which involves the expelling of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It is essential not only to skin smoothness and beauty, but also to its function; without proper exfoliation, the skin becomes thick, leathery, and more prone to blemishes. Unfortunately, the skin’s natural exfoliation process is, like everything, imperfect. Dead skin cells build up too easily, causing the … Continue reading How to Exfoliate Skin