How to Hide Flaky Skin

Dry skin is often flaky skin. This unfortunate side effect is at best obnoxious, at worst it kills self-esteem and causes people to avoid going out. If you struggle with dry and flaky skin, here are a few tips for smoothing the skin’s appearance and even improving the skin’s health to get rid of flaking! Massage your face Many people treat flaking with a skin care exfoliator. While … Continue reading How to Hide Flaky Skin

Featured Question: How to Banish Flaky Skin

You ask, we answer! This question comes from our Atopalm Facebook page, and is the third installment in our Featured Question series. (Read our other Featured Questions for more great info.) If you have a skin care question, be sure to leave a comment here, or Like our Facebook page to ask there. Your question could be featured in a future post! Today’s question is from Nichole. She … Continue reading Featured Question: How to Banish Flaky Skin

How to Treat Psoriasis

  Psoriasis is an uncomfortable condition characterized by skin redness, itching, inflammation, irritation, and patches of dry, white flaky skin. It is not contagious; however, there are so many causes of psoriasis that it has become a very common skin condition. Although psoriasis is common, sufferers tend to become very self-conscious about their skin, and focus more on hiding the symptoms rather than looking for a cure. … Continue reading How to Treat Psoriasis