Put a Spring in Your Step with At-Home Foot Care

You don’t have to spend a chunk of money at a spa to get spring-ready feet! DIY foot care tips for caring for your feet and toenails will go a long way toward getting your feet ready for sandals! Perhaps you don’t want to get a pedicure because of COVID fears, money concerns, medical conditions like toenail fungus or diabetes, or any other reason, really. … Continue reading Put a Spring in Your Step with At-Home Foot Care

Shelter-in-Place Pedicure Tips

With spas closed, getting feet summer-ready isn’t as easy (or as indulgent!) as it once was. But you don’t have to let your little piggies suffer! Follow our Korean beauty tips for a DIY, shelter-in-place pedicure that’ll have your feet looking and feeling their best. Pedicure tip #1: Soak, Soak, Soak The secret to professional-looking pedicures is to get rid of rough, dry skin. The … Continue reading Shelter-in-Place Pedicure Tips

How to Do Your Own Pedicure

Are your feet sandal-ready? With summer here in earnest, I’m sure you’ve already broken out your flip-flops and peep-toes. But, if your feet are still in hibernation mode, you might not be too excited to show them off! Rather than spend big bucks on a salon pedicure, try these simple steps for an at-home DIY pedicure. Learning how to do your own pedicure will save both time and … Continue reading How to Do Your Own Pedicure