Skin Care Essences Explained

Everyone knows about skin care cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and treatment products…but have you ever used a skin care essence? Skin care essences may sound less powerful or beneficial than the skin care terms you’re more familiar with—after all, the word essence conjures up feelings of a small amount or hint of something. The truth is the exact opposite, though. Skin care essences—at least the ones found … Continue reading Skin Care Essences Explained

Introducing T’else—Kombucha Korean Skin Care

Whether you’ve bought it, made it, or only heard of it, kombucha has become a common beverage in the U.S. No longer is it a secret beloved by hippies and the health-conscious; kombucha has hit the mainstream and we’re glad for it! Kombucha is known for its slew of gut health benefits produced by the fermentation process. Fermentation is a process that has been used … Continue reading Introducing T’else—Kombucha Korean Skin Care