Fall Skin Care Transitions

Fall chills are finally here! While many are rejoicing for pumpkin spice, boots, and baking, others are dreading skin flare-ups caused by harsher weather and indoor heating. If you belong to the latter group, never fear: ATOPALM is here! We want you to enjoy the best that fall has to offer without worrying about your skin. Your skin care regimen may need some tweaking, but … Continue reading Fall Skin Care Transitions

NEW Real Barrier For Men

The new Real Barrier For Men line is finally here! Korean skin care products for men based on our best-selling Real Barrier MLE formulas. Each formula features a Real Barrier base with specialized ingredients added into the mix for a unique take on K-beauty for men. While we are proud that ATOPALM and Real Barrier products have many uses for men, women, and children, the fact is that … Continue reading NEW Real Barrier For Men

Best Postpartum Skin Care

Did you know that September is the most birthday-packed month of the year in the U.S.? If you are an expecting or postpartum mom during this popular birth month, let ATOPALM provide all the postpartum skin care and pampering you need. Pregnancy is one of the biggest causes of skin changes that a woman will ever experience. Hormones drastically alter the skin—sometimes for the better, … Continue reading Best Postpartum Skin Care

Korean Skin Care for Hypersensitive Skin

ATOPALM and Real Barrier products are always designed with sensitive skin in mind, but there’s a step beyond sensitive skin: hypersensitive skin. Hypersensitive skin is highly reactive and prone to feelings of dryness, tightness, itching, flaking, redness, and even burning sensations. If you suffer from hypersensitive skin, you know how difficult it is to bring health, beauty, and most of all comfort back to your … Continue reading Korean Skin Care for Hypersensitive Skin

Psoriasis Awareness Month

Psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease in the United States. With an estimated 7.5 million Americans suffering from psoriasis, it’s shocking to see the stigma that still surrounds this all-too-prevalent skin condition. August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. We’re using the opportunity to shed some light on psoriasis in order to educate those with psoriasis, as well as also those with friends or loved ones who struggle with the disorder. Psoriasis is not … Continue reading Psoriasis Awareness Month

Product Review: Aqua Soothing Gel Cream Mask

리얼베리어 마스크팩 뜨거운 여름 오싹하게! 리얼베리어 아쿠아 수딩 젤 크림 마스크 / 오싹 얼음 마스크 Icy Real Barrier Mask Pack during the hot summer! Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Gel Cream Mask 안녕하세요~ 뽀송이언니 입니다:) Hello I am Bosung! 오늘은 여려분들께 리얼베리어의 여름맞이 신상품!! 오싹얼음마스크 라는 애칭이 붙은 아쿠아 수딩 젤 크림 마스크팩을 소개해드릴려고 합니다! 무더운 여름에는 피부에 열이 올라서 건강한 피부온도인 31도를 유지하기가 어려운데요 그럴 … Continue reading Product Review: Aqua Soothing Gel Cream Mask

Product Review: Real Barrier Extreme Moisture Lip Balm

    저자극립밤 리얼베리어 익스트림 모이스처 립밤 이젠 입술장벽까지 보호하자! Real Barrier Extreme Moisture Lip Balm Now let’s protect your lip barrier! 안녕하세요 뷰스타 엘린입니다! 저는 아무래도 뷰티블로거다보니까 하루에도 2~30개씩 립발색을 찍는경우가 많은데요 Hello this is View Star Ellen!! Since I am a beauty blogger, I apply around 2~30 types of lips per day 지웠다가 발랐다가 클렌징티슈로 지운다고해도 굉장히 자극적이고 나중에는 입술이 엄청 쓰라린느낌이 들정도… … Continue reading Product Review: Real Barrier Extreme Moisture Lip Balm

Introducing DermArtOlogy

From Dr. Raymond Labs, the Korean skin care laboratory behind ATOPALM and Real Barrier, comes a new K-beauty shopping experience: DermArtOlogy.com. Featuring five Korean skin care lines including ATOPALM and Real Barrier, DermArtOlogy is a great shopping option for those who want to purchase their ATOPALM and Real Barrier products alongside other leading Korean skin care products. Here’s a look at what you’ll find on DermArtOlogy.com: ATOPALM MLE and … Continue reading Introducing DermArtOlogy

Skin Care After Swimming

Whether you’re swimming in a pool, a lake, or the ocean, your skin is likely to feel some after-effects of the water. Chlorine and salt alike can have a negative impact on skin, and even lake swimming can leave skin feeling parched and depleted. Give skin what it needs this summer with ATOPALM after swimming skin care. Replenish the skin’s barrier, rehydrate dry skin, and … Continue reading Skin Care After Swimming

Bug Bite Skin Care

Summer is a great time for traveling, camping, water fun, and…bug bites. When you head out to play, so do those bugs, and some of them view you as a tasty treat. If a bug or two got to you, care for your itchy, inflamed skin with ATOPALM Cicarelief Cream. Cicarelief features calamine, a longtime go-to treatment for everything itchy and irritating. Calamine helps soothe … Continue reading Bug Bite Skin Care