How to Tell if You Have Rosacea

Affecting more than 45 million people worldwide, rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness, blemishes, and physical discomfort. There is not one single cause of rosacea; rather, there are many rosacea triggers which may bring on the start of rosacea or lead to a worsening of symptoms. Surprisingly, even though rosacea is common, it is often misdiagnosed — especially if you’re trying to … Continue reading How to Tell if You Have Rosacea

How to Treat Psoriasis

  Psoriasis is an uncomfortable condition characterized by skin redness, itching, inflammation, irritation, and patches of dry, white flaky skin. It is not contagious; however, there are so many causes of psoriasis that it has become a very common skin condition. Although psoriasis is common, sufferers tend to become very self-conscious about their skin, and focus more on hiding the symptoms rather than looking for a cure. … Continue reading How to Treat Psoriasis