How to Handle Breakouts

In the world of skin care advice, nothing is more talked about than dealing with breakouts. Whether you suffer from acne, or you only see the occasional pimple, here’s the lowdown on what you should – and should not – do to regain a clear complexion. Do thoroughly cleanse your skin at night. You should be doing this anyway, but doubly so if you’re experiencing a breakout. At … Continue reading How to Handle Breakouts

Best Blemish Treatments

Blemishes, zits, pimples, breakouts…Whatever you call them, chances are you hate them. Even if you don’t have acne-prone skin, you’re likely to experience quite a few blemishes in your lifetime, especially if you have oily skin or fluctuating hormones. Some people suggest letting a breakout run its course, forbidding picking and popping, and even topical acne skin treatments. But, I’m here to say that you don’t have to let … Continue reading Best Blemish Treatments