K-Pop Skin Care: V from BTS Reveals His Secrets

Used with permission via CC BY 3.0

Kim Taehyung, more famously known as V, is a member of the worldwide K-Pop sensation known as BTS. Aside from his fun personality and velvety voice, V is also known for his #blessed good looks and perfect complexion.

On stage, V wears layers of stage makeup to make his skin look as flawless as possible—a practice common in K-pop culture. But offstage, V is also doing everything he can to make his skin look healthy, clear, and radiant.

It’s well-known that South Korea is home to some of the world’s most advanced and effective Korean skin care lines, so V certainly has a slew of K-beauty options when it comes to caring for his skin. His choice? Zeroid.

Zeroid is a top-selling, simple-yet-effective Korean skin care range that got its start in Korean hospitals. Zeroid stands for Zero Steroid—a nod to its use as an alternative to harsh steroid-based skin treatments. It’s known as the #1 Dermocosmetic in Korea.

Once only available by recommendation by doctors and dermatologists, Zeroid has earned itself a dedicated following that includes everyone from the average Korean to K-pop stars and beyond.

Zeroid fans love the brand’s straightforward ingredients lists that include only what your skin needs, without frilly additions only present for the marketing team to have something to talk about. Zeroid promises irritation-free use thanks to its cornerstone, patented ingredient: Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, also known as MLE.

MLE is a revolutionary ingredient that is able to perfectly mimic the structure of naturally healthy skin. It works by reinforcing the skin’s barrier, which is what keeps moisture in and nasty stuff out. The only way to keep skin plump, supple, and clear of blemishes? You guessed it: a healthy skin barrier.

MLE is a versatile ingredient because it can both repair a damaged skin barrier while bolstering mostly-healthy barriers. It’s a true all-in-one—it goes on and gets the job done.

As seen in every K-pop performance, video, and social media post, those K-pop stars have the industry-driven ‘chok chok’ skin down to a science. A dewy glow, even skin tone, and pimple-free face are all musts for K-pop performers, so the right care is key. For V, Zeroid Pimprove is the only Korean skin care line for him. 

V on the BTS Official Instagram

V is known for slapping (literally) Zeroid onto his skin as fast as he can. While we can’t quite recommend that spirited application method, we can get behind the reasons why V has trusted Zeroid for his skin care needs. V says he actually has acne-prone skin, so choosing Pimprove is the perfect move for him. Zeroid Pimprove is formulated based on the science-backed belief that you can’t effectively fight acne with oil-free skin care products.

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You read that right! Oil-free skin care may worsen your acne. While everyone’s skin is different and responds differently to oil-free skin care, Zeroid Pimprove specifically utilizes non-comedogenic oil to moisturize and strengthen skin so that it can begin to heal itself, leading to a clearer complexion with fewer breakouts. Oil-free products simply cannot provide that level of skin strengthening and moisturization.

Are you ready to fight acne like a K-pop star? Check out the Zeroid Pimprove line—or the other Zeroid lines—on ATOPALM.com.

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