K-Beauty Review: Real Barrier Extreme Cream

같은 제품을 다섯통 이상 산 건 처음이에요

This is the first time I’ve bought more than five of the same product.

저는 속은 건조하고 겉은 조금 기름이 도는 복합성 피부고 저희 엄마는 심한 건성이라 항상 다른 제품의 크림을 각자 사용했는대 아토팜을 만나고 같은 크림을 나눠 쓸 수 있게 됐어요! ㅠㅠ 속의 건조함은 잡아주대 겉은 부드럽고 기름기 없이 마무리 해줘요! ! 신세계!! 크림은 항상 처음에만 좋게 느껴지고 쓸 수록 단점이 보여서 완전히 맘에 드는 제품을 만난적이 없는대 아토팜을 만난후 계속 재구매 하고 있어요 좋은 얘기만 해서 믿음이 갈지 모르겠지만 알바비 모아서 꼬박꼬박 제 돈으로 구매 하고 있으니 혹시 복합성이라서 크림 고민 많으셨던분 추천드려요! 복합성은 너무 촉촉하면 기름지고 보송하면 건조해서 늘 고민이잖아요ㅠㅠ 아토팜은 속 촉촉 겉 보송을 지켜줘요!! 성분 착하다는 얘기를 많이 들어서 구매 한 거 였는대 역시 순하고 허브향이 솔솔 나서 밤에 세수하고 크림 바를 때 기분이 너무 좋아요 ! 단점이 있다면!!! 저만 그런지 모르겠지만 너무 금방 바닥을 보여요ㅠㅠ 좋아서 듬뿍 바른 제 탓도 있지만 용량이 좀 많이 작은 기분 ㅠㅠ 그래서 세통 미리 쟁여 놨어요ㅠㅠ 덕분에 텅장 됐네요 돈없는 21살은 웁니다ㅠㅠ

I have both dry and oily combination skin, whereas my mother has extremely dry skin. So, we always used different cream products until now. After discovering Atopalm, we no longer have to use different products!

It moisturizes the inside of the skin while leaving the surface of the skin smooth and oil free with a velvet finish. I’ve found a new world!!  Most creams feel good at first but show their drawbacks with repeated use. I’ve never found a product that perfectly satisfy my needs, but I’ve been purchasing Atopalm ever since I found it. I know this may sound too good to be true, but I’ve been regularly repurchasing the product with my own money saved from my part-time work pay.

I highly recommend it for people who have combination skin and is concerned about what type of cream to use. Choosing the right cream is tricky for combination skin type, because when a cream is too heavy, the skin becomes too oily, and if the cream is too light, the skin becomes dry. Atopalm leaves the inside of your skin moisturized while giving a soft finish!!

I originally bought it because I heard a lot about its ingredients that are good and friendly to the skin. As expected, it was mild to the skin and the herb scent was so pleasant that it felt so nice when I applied it after cleansing my face! I don’t know if it’s just me, but the only negative thing about this product is that it runs out so fast. I guess it’s because I apply it so generously all the time.

Anyway, I feel the product has a small volume.  That’s why I bought three of them in advance. Thanks to that, I’m broke now. What a poor 21-year-old.

Review originally featured here: http://www.neopharmshop.co.kr/main/detail_reviewpop.asp?guid=24947



Eat Right for Your Skin Type: Combination Skin

Used with permission.
Photo used with permission.

All month long, we’ve been taking a look at how to eat right for your skin type. Although we believe strongly in our products, we also know that health is holistic, and that even skin needs to be taken care of with a healthy diet.

We’ve touched on the main skin types already (dry skin, sensitive skin, and oily/acne-prone skin) but what if you have combination skin? Combination skin is any skin type which has two (or more!) areas of differing skin types. You can be normal on your cheeks, but oily on your T-zone; dry on your chin and nose, but acne-prone elsewhere.

Combination skin is tricky because you don’t want to overload one skin type while nourishing another. What it comes down to is — drum roll please — eating a healthy, well-balanced diet! Shocking, I know.

But in all seriousness, combination skin types should be supported by diet. Eating foods high in healthy fats like avocado and nuts will support healthy hydration, while eating phytonutrients found in produce will encourage healthy skin function.

The real trick to keeping combination skin healthy and happy? Moisture. Believe it or not, all skin types need hydration to function, whether it’s the obvious choice of dry skin all the way down to oily skin. Dehydrated skin (different from dry skin) is suffering skin, so keeping your face moisturized every day is the key to success.

Our patented MLE formulas are superb for all skin types, including fussy sensitive skin and even skin with conditions like eczema and rosacea. MLE is an advanced ingredient that’s able to mimic the lipid layer of healthy skin. What does this mean for you? Your face cream tricks your skin into feeling and acting like healthy skin.

After a couple weeks of regular use, your skin will act healthy all on its own, with reinforcement from our formulas. They encourage hydration, protect against external damage, and allow your skin to get back to taking care of skin issues like patches of dryness, acne blemishes, and oily T-zone — you know, combination skin type issues.

We don’t mean to insinuate that our MLE products are a save-all. They should still be combined with healthy diet and beauty habits like using clean makeup brushes and cleansing skin at night. But for the rest of it? MLE is like nothing you’ve used before.

How to Determine Your Skin Type

Source: flickr.com user andrewmorrell
Source: flickr.com user andrewmorrell

Knowing your skin type is key to choosing great skin care products and properly caring for your skin. If you don’t know your skin type, you may actually harm your skin by using incorrect products and upsetting your skin’s natural balance. If you’re wondering how to figure out skin types, simply read on and follow the easy steps below.

1) Cleanse your face. Using whatever cleanser you have on hand, wash your face with tepid water and pat dry. Don’t apply any other products to your skin. Allow it to sit, untouched, for roughly an hour. It’s best to keep your hair off your face during this time to prevent oils from your hair transferring to your skin.

2) Blot. Take a tissue or blotting paper and blot your skin. You’ll get the most accurate results if you use two tissues – one for the cheeks and one for the forehead, nose, and chin, also known as the t-zone. Blot gently and, if you’re using two tissues, keep them separated so you don’t get them confused.

3) Check for oil. The amount of oil found on the tissues, as well as where the oil was found, will help you to determine your skin type. Here’s a look at what you might see…

If both tissues, or just the t-zone tissue, has a small amount of oil, and your skin feels supple and comfortable, you have normal skin. You are a lucky duck! Normal skin needs minimal assistance and rarely experiences breakouts or discomfort. Normal skin should use gentle skin care products designed to nourish and protect the skin.

If just the t-zone tissue contains a medium to large amount of oil, you have combination skin. You may break out in your t-zone fairly regularly, but your cheeks might feel tight or even flaky, or simply show signs of normal skin. Combination skin is the most common skin type, and is very easily cared for. Most combination skin types choose to use products designed for normal skin, while reserving a great acne treatment for those t-zone breakouts.

If both tissues show a medium to a large amount of oil, or even if only the t-zone tissue is extremely saturated, you have oily skin. Oily skin isn’t always acne-prone, but acne-prone skin is usually oily, so using a balancing and anti-acne regimen is best. This doesn’t mean you need to turn to harsh acne products to strip your skin; instead, find products that will help your skin balance its own sebum production, leading to a healthier complexion with fewer breakouts.

If both tissues show little to no oil, you have dry skin. Your skin does not produce enough sebum on its own, so turning to a moisturizing skin care line like Atopalm is how you’ll keep your skin healthy and comfortable. Using the wrong products on dry skin will cause it to become drier and even turn it into sensitive skin, so be sure to use only products formulated for dry skin types!

The one skin type that can’t be determined using this testing method is sensitive skin. Any skin type can be sensitive, but dry skin types are more likely to exhibit symptoms of sensitivity. If your skin reacts to most skin care products and environmental triggers, or you experience regular redness, flushing, and stinging, you probably have sensitive skin. A dermatologist or doctor may help you determine the cause of your sensitive skin. In the meantime, use gentle, hypoallergenic products that are formulated to care for sensitive skin without causing a reaction. Atopalm is ideal for this situation, because it perfectly cares for all skin types while soothing sensitivity and balancing the skin’s natural lipid layer.

Do you have any questions about how to determine your skin type? If you’re still confused, leave us a comment and we’ll address your concerns!