K-beauty for hair is here

Korean skin care is known for moisturizing, soothing, nurturing, and beautifying the skin. So what about Korean hair care? If you haven’t used K-beauty hair care yet, your life is about to change! Zeroid Rootheal is a two-product range designed for whole scalp and hair health. Rather than only focusing on the feel of hair, Rootheal targets hair concerns from the scalp up. If you’re … Continue reading K-beauty for hair is here

How to Shop Skin Care for Others

As the holidays quickly approach, you may be trying to navigate the busy beauty industry in order to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones! If you’re wondering how to shop skin care for others, here’s a quick and easy guide for finding a gift they’ll love. Consider their skin typeThe first—and perhaps most important—consideration for buying beauty products as a gift is to … Continue reading How to Shop Skin Care for Others

Introducing DermArtOlogy

From Dr. Raymond Labs, the Korean skin care laboratory behind ATOPALM and Real Barrier, comes a new K-beauty shopping experience: DermArtOlogy.com. Featuring five Korean skin care lines including ATOPALM and Real Barrier, DermArtOlogy is a great shopping option for those who want to purchase their ATOPALM and Real Barrier products alongside other leading Korean skin care products. Here’s a look at what you’ll find on DermArtOlogy.com: ATOPALM MLE and … Continue reading Introducing DermArtOlogy

Remove Eye Makeup the Korean Beauty Way

When it comes to Korean skin care aka K-beauty, gentleness and care are key. Pretty much everything that has to do with Korean beauty is based on treating the skin with true care and respect. Your skin is, after all, your largest organ and is responsible for so many things that keep your entire body happy and healthy. It deserves your respect! Even if you apply your skin care and makeup … Continue reading Remove Eye Makeup the Korean Beauty Way

The Benefits of K-Beauty Sheet Masks

By now, sheet masks have earned their lasting place in the skin care regimens of people around the world. What was once a fun fad has become a respected way to care for your skin. But, what sets sheet masks apart? Here’s a look at the unique benefits of K-beauty sheet masks. Ease of application Let’s start with the most obvious: sheet masks are easier … Continue reading The Benefits of K-Beauty Sheet Masks

ATOPALM 2018 K-Beauty Gift Guide

Give the gift of beauty this holiday season with ATOPALM Korean skin care. These K-beauty products are sure to bring a smile to your friends and family this year, but don’t forget that important someone who often gets left behind in the buying frenzy—you! Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with a couple of your favorite ATOPALM products after your shopping is through. ATOPALM … Continue reading ATOPALM 2018 K-Beauty Gift Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Korean Beauty Sale 2018

Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are live! Shop ATOPALM Korean skin care early and leave the holiday stress behind. ATOPALM is here to bring you huge savings on the K-beauty products you love to use and love to gift, so what are you waiting for? Save 20% off the entire site, plus receive a free Real Barrier Best Seller Trio Kit* when you spend $75 or … Continue reading Black Friday and Cyber Monday Korean Beauty Sale 2018

Eczema Awareness Month with ATOPALM

Eczema sufferers see flare-ups all year long, but fall and winter throw some extra eczema triggers into the mix. If you’re seeing increased eczema during colder months, follow our simple eczema tips for keeping your skin healthy and comfortable all season long. Cool Off Heaters and hot water can worsen eczema flare-ups. Whether you’re cranking up the heat in your car or using a space heater under your desk, or you’re … Continue reading Eczema Awareness Month with ATOPALM

Perfect Daily Skin Care Steps with Zita Vass

Did you know that following the same skin care regimen every day will yield the best results? Using the same products in the same order on a daily basis will help your skin remain nourished, protected, and moisturized 24 hours a day, plus there are benefits to the actual ritual of following a set routine. Following the same steps each day will help your routine … Continue reading Perfect Daily Skin Care Steps with Zita Vass

Skin Care Must-Haves for Camping

Camping when you have dry, sensitive skin means that you have to consider your camping skin care more carefully than those with other skin types do. Having dry, sensitive skin means you can’t ignore your skin’s needs for days at a time and have it remain comfortable and healthy-looking. This problem is very evident when you’re spending time out in nature for days at a time. … Continue reading Skin Care Must-Haves for Camping