Wave Goodbye to Dry Hands (and Feet) Today!

Fall and winter are tough on hands. Frequent hand washing is a must for staying healthy during cold and flu season, but it also can also lead to super dry hands!

Don’t let your hands become dry, rough, cracked, and painful. Instead, keep them smooth, comfy, and beautiful by following our must-know cold weather skin care tips for hands.

First, wash hands in tepid, not hot, water. This will preserve the skin’s natural oils and help prevent over-drying.

Secondly, use gentle soaps that do not contain harsh ingredients like sodium laureth or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Thirdly, wear gloves whenever you’ll be out in harsh weather conditions.

Finally, moisturize morning, evening, and as needed with our Moisturizing Hand Treatment. MLE and other soothing ingredients deeply hydrate the skin while protecting it against external aggressors. Our hand cream is especially effective when it’s used after every hand washing.

By following these simple skin care tips for dry hands, your hands will remain comfortable all winter long!
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Hands and feet suffer during winter. Keep them happy and comfortable with our fabulous Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm and Moisturizing Hand Treatment. Each product promises the moisture only Atopalm MLE can provide, along with soothing textures that instantly soften and pamper dry skin.

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How to Do a Pedicure and Manicure

As the weather warms, more women (and men!) are heading to the spa for a pedicure and manicure! After all, summer is the time of flip flops and fun polish colors for all your warm-weather adventures.

However, mani/pedis can become expensive very quickly. Plus, often spas use subpar dry skin care products that may be harsh on sensitive and dry skin types. If you find that you’re needing better-quality skin care or to save a few bucks in the spa department, then this how-to guide is for you! Read on to learn how to do a pedicure and manicure at home like the pros.

Step 1: remove old nail polish and soak your hands and feet in comfortably warm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot, or it’ll dry out your sensitive skin. You can add epsom, bath salts, or essential oils to your water to create a more spa-like atmosphere!

Step 2: remove your feet from their soak and, using a slightly damp wash cloth, gently slough away dead skin. Your skin should be very soft at this point, and only mild pressure should yield results. If your sensitive skin isn’t too tender, you’re also welcome to use a sea sponge or foot file to remove dead skin. However, for very sensitive skin, a washcloth will be enough.

Step 3: with skin still damp, moisturize your hands with Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment and Atopalm Foot and Heel Balm. Work the hand cream into your cuticles, and the Foot and Heel Balm into calloused and cracked areas. Allow time for the moisturizer to sink in and thoroughly repair the skin with MLE and other advanced moisturizing ingredients.

Step 4: gently push back hand and feet cuticles with a cuticle pusher and trim as needed. If your cuticle beds are too sensitive, you may also gently push them in with your thumb nails until they are cleaned up a bit. Then, shape nails with a file until desired length and shape.

Step 5: paint nails with a formaldehyde-free nail polish and top coat, or simply use a drop of apricot kernel oil to nourish your nails if you prefer a natural nail.

That’s it! You’ve just completed your at-home mani/pedi and saved yourself a pretty penny. You can even maximize your savings by purchasing the Moisturizing Hand Treatment and Foot and Heel Balm together in our Hand and Foot Duo, which is offered at 20% off retail price! Happy spa day!


Deal of the Week: Moisturizing Hand Treatment

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Moisturizing Hand Treatment is the best hand moisturizer around. It sinks easily into skin to provide immediate relief from dry, rough skin. These actions are great year-round, but in fall and winter, it’s an absolute lifesaver. Apply Moisturizing Hand Treatment after hand washing and anytime skin feels tight, rough, itchy, or painful.

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Celebrate Back to School with YOU Time!

57516-2It’s that time of year…The kids are back to school and your routine is back to normal. But, before you put your nose to the grindstone, start the school year off right with a little you time!

Picture this: a glass of iced tea, a peaceful atmosphere, and our Mother’s Revitalizing Kit back to school special. Featuring three products hand-chosen with moms in mind, our Mother’s Revitalizing Kit is the perfect way to rejuvenate both mind and body as summer comes to an end.

The Mother’s Revitalizing Kit includes…



  • Moisture Mist. Our newest product, Moisturizing Mist can be used from head to toe to thoroughly moisturize dry skin using MLE and other lush ingredients. The fantastic spray-on design means you can reapply moisture whenever you need it, whether it’s after a shower, at the gym, or simply after a long day.
  • Moisturizing Hand Treatment. Moms wash their hands. A lot. Between diaper changes, runny noses, PB&J sandwiches, dirt parties and, well, everything else…Hand washing is a must! Sadly, all those washings take a toll on your skin, especially if you already have sensitive skin. Our Moisturizing Hand Treatment perfectly restores comfort, beauty and moisture to the hands. Plus, the lightweight texture sinks in quickly to provide long-lasting hydration.
  • Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm. Sometimes it’s hard to get away for a pedicure, but you can achieve those great results at home with our Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm! The luxurious texture sinks into your feet to soften dry, calloused skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth. Pair it with your favorite polish color for a great at-home pedi!

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Featured Question: How to Treat Dry Hands

You ask, we answer! Today’s Featured Question was sent to us via Facebook; if you have a question regarding skin care, beauty, dry skin, or skin care conditions, please leave us a comment here or Like us and ask on our Facebook page!

Today’s question is one I’m sure we can all relate to at one time or another. Jennifer N. contacted us on Facebook to ask, “My hands are stupid. Every time I wash my hands, I immediately have to apply lotion or get they dry enough I can’t move them without pain. As a mom this is just insane as I wash my hands so much!! Any solutions?”

I feel your pain, Jennifer! I’m also a mom, and sometimes the dry skin on my hands is distracting enough that I have trouble falling asleep or accomplishing simple tasks. Thankfully, we can combat dry hands with just a few simple steps!

First off, let’s look at why hand washing can cause dry hands. When washing their hands, most people opt to use a soap and warm or even hot water. This is a terrible combination! You see, soaps and hot water can both strip the skin of its lipid layer, which is responsible for keeping the skin moisturized.

Harsh soaps like sodium lauryl/laureth sulfated (often referred to as SLS) strip away the skin’s protective oils, leaving the skin vulnerable to dryness, cracking and discomfort. Even if you purchase a hand soap that claims to be gentle or “made with natural ingredients”, it may still contain SLS. Next time you’re at the store, take a look at your hand soap options; you’ll find that most, if not all, contain this harsh ingredient.

In addition to strong cleansing agents, many soaps also contain anti-bacterial actions. While an anti-bacterial hand soap can go a long way toward preventing illness, it can also do a number on your skin, especially when combined with hot water and stripping cleansers.

Hot water likewise strips away the protective lipid layer while simultaneously causing the blood vessels below the skin’s surface to dilate, which encourages blood flow and fluid loss. You can see how this worsens the problem! The combo of hot water and soap leaves the hands feeling completely stripped.

This issue is worse in winter when harsh weather contributes to the problem, but it can be experienced year-round, especially by those who already suffer from dry, sensitive skin. But, fear not! There is an answer.

The first step is obvious; wash hands only in cold water, or tepid at its warmest. This will prevent the stripping of your lipid layer while also preventing fluid loss. Secondly, choose a natural hand soap that’s free of SLS and other harsh cleansers. There are great hand soaps out there that use coconut cleansers, castile soap, and similar alternatives to SLS!

If you’re still feeling dry after washing your hands, turn to our Moisturizing Hand Treatment. Luxurious yet lightweight, this excellent hand moisturizer contains our patented MLE, an ingredient which actually restores the lipid layer! That means that if your lipid layer is compromised by hand washing, our hand cream will actually replenish and support it, restoring comfort and balance to the hands.

If you’ve never tried our hand lotion, you’re really missing out. It is by far and away the best hand lotion around; plus, it provides exceptional anti-aging skin care actions!

Even if you don’t suffer from dry skin or sensitive skin, our Moisturizing Hand Treatment is the perfect choice for keeping your hands looking and feeling their best.




How Your Hands Are Aging You

Source: flickr.com user cogdogblog
Source: flickr.com user cogdogblog

When most people think of anti-aging skin care, they think of products for their face. Crow’s feet, laugh lines, mouth creases, and pigmentation are high on everyone’s list of things to avoid. But, did you know that, no matter how hard you work on keeping your face youthful, your hands might be giving you away?

The truth is, our hands start showing visible signs of aging long before the face. It makes sense when you think about it; the hands do everything, without much help in the skin care department! You may slather your face in moisture or SPF, but it usually takes until the hands start to sting with dryness before a hand cream is applied.

Generally without topical protection, hands are (hopefully) washed multiple times a day with soaps, they sit in the sun while you drive, they clean, prepare food, and are exposed to every bit of weather imaginable. It’s actually amazing that hands don’t start showing visible signs of aging sooner!

When they do start to show signs of wear and tear, the hands are quick to become dry, wrinkled, rough, and discolored. Sun spots appear, and elasticity is diminished. If you’ve been taking care of the skin on your face, you may look youthful and healthy at first glance, but a quick look down and you’ll be able to see how your hands are aging you.

The best way to avoid aging hands is to prevent damage. Using a daily hand cream will keep skin moisturized and protected against environmental damage. Rather than applying your hand lotion only when your skin feels dry, incorporate hand care into your morning skin care regimen.

If you’ve already started to see visible signs of aging on the hands, it’s not too late! Atopalm’s Moisturizing Hand Treatment is designed to both prevent and repair the damage that causes wrinkling, dry skin, pigmentation, and more.

Formulated with Atopalm’s patented MLE technology, Moisturizing Hand Treatment thoroughly replenishes hydration while preventing future moisture loss. It also features skin care antioxidants and nutrients to neutralize free radicals, one of the main causes of skin aging, and restore health to the skin.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment is ideal for all skin types, but it will feel especially comforting to those with dry skin and disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

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Body Skin Care

Source: flickr.com user Syed_W_CCT357
Source: flickr.com user Syed_W_CCT357

You cleanse, moisturize, treat, and protect your face, but do you also pamper your body? Even the most regimented skin care lovers tend to forget everything from the neck down. Maybe it’s because the face is prominent and considered more important, or maybe it’s simply because the body seems like more of an undertaking than the face! The fact is body skin care is just as important as the complexion. Skin is skin, and it needs some help to stay healthy and beautiful!

If you’re concerned about the cost or work that goes into caring for the skin on your body, don’t be! Even though it does need a little help along the way, caring for your body’s skin is not as intensive as caring for your face because your body is protected most of the time by your clothes. Along those same lines, one doesn’t cover their body in makeup every day, or spend time rubbing, scratching, or picking at the skin on their body, so there’s often less to heal or treat.

The two most common areas of concern on the body are the hands and feet. It’s no surprise when you think of what your hands and feet have to endure all day! These areas often feature dry skin, peeling skin, condition flare-ups (like eczema), and in the case of the hands, signs of sun damage and premature aging.

Masking the issues in these areas with cheap skin care lotion can, unfortunately, make the issues worse. Using inferior ingredients on your skin can actually cause more drying and condition flare-ups. Instead, it’s wise to invest in a healing and protective formula. If your concerns lie within your hands and feet, especially dry or sensitive skin, a set like Atopalm’s Hand and Foot Duo is a must.

These two products use quality ingredients and a special advanced technology to restore natural hydration while soothing and preventing skin care concerns like eczema. They can also be used on other problem areas, like the knees and elbows, to restore beauty and balance.

For the rest of the body, regular cleansing and moisturizing are generally all that’s needed. Find a body lotion or body cream that supplies and seals in moisture while helping to protect with antioxidant botanicals, such as Moisturizing Body Lotion. One may also choose to exfoliate the body, which can help smooth and illuminate dull skin. Since the skin on the body is usually less sensitive than the skin on the face, a physical scrub is a great choice to remove dead skin cells in order to reveal healthy, luminous skin.

Do you have a favorite body skin care tip or product that you rely on? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Tips for Dry Hands

Source: flickr.com user laumichelle

Dry skin on one’s hands a common concern no matter what time of year it is, but winter weather can be especially brutal. Between cold winds, hot water, and extra washings to keep germs at bay, hands take a beating when the weather turns cold! Avoid itching, stinging, redness, and chapping with these tips for dry hands.

Chapped skin
becomes that way because the skin’s natural lipid barrier is compromised. The lipid barrier is responsible for keeping aggressors out while locking moisture in. If the barrier becomes damaged by harsh weather and other conditions, hydration will be lost quickly.

To restore the lipid barrier to your hands, you must moisturize with a barrier-promoting skin care product, such as Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment, which is formulated with MLE Technology to recreate the lipid layer. It also supplies moisture and helps relieve feelings of dryness and discomfort, all while diminishing visible signs of aging. Begin your day with this treatment and you’ll be well on your way to more comfortable hands.

Gloves and mittens do much more than keep your hands toasty warm. They can also protect your skin against harsh winds, extreme cold, and artificial heat. On top of that, they can also help to keep your hand lotion from evaporating, which allows it to provide optimized benefits to your hands. Choose a pair with a soft lining that won’t irritate your sensitive skin, but be sure that the lining won’t be ruined by your hand cream of choice.

After you’ve healed your dry skin, do your best to prevent another flare-up with these simple steps. First off, avoid taking excessively hot showers, or using hot water when washing your hands. It may be tempting to warm up with hot water, but it will strip your skin, causing it to become drier than ever. Instead, using comfortably warm water when bathing, and cool water when washing your hands throughout the day.

Secondly, make sure to use body wash and soap that’s formulated for sensitive skin. It should be free of harsh cleansing agents and other irritating ingredients. Hypoallergenic formulas are great, but any gentle product will do.

Lastly, moisturize regularly! Use an intensive hand cream as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. Throughout the day, you can use a lighter-weight product after washing your hands, but if your skin is extremely dry, you may want to use your heavier cream no matter what.

By following these easy skin care tips, you’re sure to restore comfort, softness, and beauty to your hands before you know it. You may never have to experience dry winter skin on your hands again!