Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Lamellar Emulsion

ATOPALM and its sister brands are all formulated with a foundational ingredient: Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, or MLE for short. MLE is an ingredient we mention a lot, so it’s helpful to know why we’re so excited about this ingredient, and why we believe that everyone—no matter their age or skin type—will benefit from using MLE-formulated Korean skin care products.

MLE is proprietary
Our founder, Dr. Park, is also the scientist behind the creation of MLE, making it proprietary and exclusive to the products you find on ATOPALM.com. The reason Dr. Park sought out an ingredient such as MLE is important to know before understanding how and why MLE works for everyone.

Dr. Park’s sons started suffering from atopic dermatitis (aka eczema) at a very young age. With Dr. Park’s knowledge and skills, he began the search for a topical ingredient that would be safe to use on any age, but that would also seriously address skin concerns like those of his sons. He used the skin’s own protection functions as his inspiration and aimed to create something that the skin would recognize as its own.

What he landed on is Multi-Lamellar Emulsion. This extraordinary ingredient blends with the skin’s natural functions in a way that is not generally seen from mainstream skin care. Read on to find out how it works…

MLE looks like natural skin lipids
The skin’s natural lipid (fatty acids) structure is responsible for shielding the skin against external aggressors and environmental pollutants, while also locking in natural moisture to keep skin comfortable, supple, and beautiful. Those are some important jobs, both left up to the skin’s lipid layer!

So what happens when that lipid layer is compromised? Skin is more likely to become dry, damaged, and irritated—resulting in many uncomfortable conditions and embarrassing symptoms like redness, flaking, flushing, and even more serious things like eczema, rosacea, and more. (There are, of course, many other things that may lead to these conditions, including diet and genetics, but the skin’s lipid layer plays a key role as well.)

When Dr. Park created Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, he saw that under a microscope, you could see the same cross pattern that is identical to that of the skin’s natural lipid layer seen in healthy skin. He knew he had found exactly what he needed to help his sons’ eczema, and to help others along the way.

The skin recognizes MLE
When you apply an MLE K-Beauty product, your skin accepts MLE as its own lipids. Once the skin believes that its lipid layer has been restored, it begins protecting, moisturizing, and functioning as healthy skin would.

MLE has been shown in studies to improve skin function and to be a good choice for sensitive skin. Add that to the countless users of MLE around the world who have seen for themselves how this revolutionary ingredient is able to address skin concerns without causing or exacerbating irritation.

For some, the skin accepting MLE as its own is enough for skin to become balanced, clearer, healthier, and more beautiful. For others, their skin conditions require extra support, which can be found in the other expertly chosen ingredients found in the ATOPALM MLE and other lines on our site.

MLE skin care works without irritation
One of the other incredible things about MLE skin care is that it helps the skin without risk of irritation—even for those with extremely sensitive skin! MLE-based skin care is able to do this because the ingredient’s plant-derived fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol all act like the body’s natural fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol. Therefore, there is nothing for the body to “fight” and the products are able to work at optimal levels without the body’s interference.

This is also why Multi-Lamellar Emulsion is safe for any skin type and any age. Think of it as applying a layer of your skin’s natural components. For babies and young children, their delicate skin gets an extra layer of function and protection. For those with serious skin issues, their skin gets reinforcement and support. It is a truly incredible ingredient.

Try it for yourself
The only way to truly understand how effective, gentle, and helpful MLE is to skin is to try it for yourself! Choose any of the Multi-Lamellar Emulsion-based products on our site, or start with the original: Intensive Moisturizing Cream.

Intensive Moisturizing Cream was the first Korean skin care product to contain MLE, and it remains our all-time best-selling product. It can be used by any age and skin type, and applied to any part of the face or body. You can use it as your normal daily moisturizer, as a spot treatment, or as-needed on skin that only needs occasional help. It is versatile, effective, and affordable!


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