Korean Skin Care for Chapped Winter Skin

Skin chapping and excessive irritation is much more common during winter thanks to harsh weather, outside activities, hot water, and even indoor heating! If your skin is acting up this winter, we have the Korean skin care tips you’ve been looking for.


Step one is to remember to hydrate! It’s easy to remember to drink water during summer when the weather keeps you feeling thirsty, but drinking plenty of water every day is just as important in winter. Skin hydration starts from the inside out, so drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.

Step two is to stop bathing in piping hot water! Super hot water strips skin of its natural oils and leaves the barrier weakened and dry skin feeling worse than ever. Use comfortably warm water in showers and baths, and even while washing your hands. If you must warm up under a stream of hot water, consider moisturizing skin while it’s still damp in order to replenish the outer layer of moisture.

Step three is to begin using Korean skin care that’s specially designed to help compromised, chapped skin. The Real Barrier Cicarelief line features the MLE, hyaluronic acid, patented ceramides, and Three-calming Complex that Real Barrier is known for, with the addition of The Pink Calming Complex of Calamine, Vitamin Tree Fruit and a Pink Vitamin.

These formulations are perfect for chapped winter skin, or for chronically sensitive skin in need of extra care.

Cicarelief Serum brightens skin tone, helps diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and post-acne scars, strengthens the skin’s barrier with MLE, and provides lasting hydration! 

It’s one of our favorite products for fall and winter because it helps skin retain a beautiful glow during the dullest weather of the year!

Cicarelief Cream is the ultimate spot-cream for everything from blemishes to bug bites. A concentrated dose of The Pink Calming Complex deeply soothes irritation while diminishing redness and inflammation.

Use this wonder cream on small, targeted areas, or on larger patches of discomfort and irritation like chapped winter skin.

Cicarelief Gel Balm features 66% centella asiatica, an ingredient rich in amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids, and phytochemicals. It is well-known for boosting wound healing, making Cicarelief Gel Balm an excellent choice for those dealing with winter skin woes!

Use this Gel Balm as an all-over face moisturizer for when skin needs the power of The Pink Calming Complex.

Cicarelief Cream Mask is the go-to mask for acne breakouts, rosacea-prone skin, winter-raw skin, or post-procedure skin.

Think of this mask as a hefty dose of everything that makes Cicarelief so soothing—The Pink Calming Complex, Three-Calming Complex, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, MLE, and more come together for a truly spa-like experience.

Whether your skin is chronically sensitive or you’re feeling the effects of winter winds, use Cicarelief for all of your sensitive skin care concerns.

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