I’ve used a baby cream, ATOPALM MLE CREAM

​■ 아기크림, 아토팜 mle크림으로 사용해 봤어요 ■

​■ I’ve used a baby cream, ATOPALM MLE CREAM ■


이번 주 추위 정말 엄청나네요.
그래도 어제와 어저께에 비해 주춤하는 듯 하지만

이것도 평소에 비하면 매우 추운 편이라며…

​날이 많이 추워져서인지 요즘 부쩍 더 건조함을 느끼는 것 같아요.
아이들도 추운 날씨때문에 외출은 거의 피하고 있는데
어린이집에서 나와 차로 올라타는 고 잠깐 찬바람 쑀다고
볼이 까실까실해지는게 보습에 더 신경써야겠다 싶더라구요.

​It’s very cold this week. It’s better than yesterday but, it’s still very cold compared to normal days….

As it’s got colder, it’s also got dryer. My kids don’t go out due to the cold weather, and when they are exposed to the chilly wind for a short time between the childcare center and the car, their face skins become chapped fast, which makes me care about moisturizing.




그러던 중 만나게 된 아기크림, 아토팜 mle크림

빨간 뚜껑! 하면 생각나는​

​이미 다들 알고 계셨나요? ^^


Then I met a baby cream, ATOPALM MLE CREAM.

The red cap reminds me of the brand.

At the Baby & Life Brand Award, ATOPALM took first place ‘in the area of skin care’, and has taken first place in K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) for 9 years in a row. Did you know it? 🙂



우리 꼬맹이들 신생아 때도 잘 썼던 제품이라 저에게도 익숙한 제품인데요.

좀 더 보습에 신경쓰고싶은 마음에 준비해봤어요.

​I’m familiar with it as I used it often when my kids were newborn babies. This time, I prepared it to care more about moisturizing.

k29 k30


어머 너 대전에서 왔구나

얘 고향도 대전, 내 고향도 대전
동향이라 괜히 반갑네.

용량은 65ml, 개봉 후 12개월 이내 사용 권장
국소용이다보니 12개월 이내에 사용하기 적절한 용량 같아요.

​Oh, are you from Daejeon too?
It’s from Daejeon, and my hometown is also Daejeon.
I’m so glad.

Its volume is 65ml, and it is recommended that users use it up within 12 months after opening.

As it is supposed to be used for local skin areas, I think it’s an appropriate volume.



바닥 쪽에 제조날짜도 적혀있더라구요.

작년 10월 만들어진 아이로 따끈따끈한 편.

​There is a date of manufacture on the bottom.

This one was made in October, last year, which is relatively fresh.



빨간 뚜껑을 돌려 개봉해봤어요.

오홍 요 아기크림은 씰지로 아예 밀봉이 되어있더라구요.

​I opened it up by rotating the red cap. It was completely sealed.



씰지를 뜯어내니 모습을 보이는 아토팜 mle크림

백색에 쫀쫀해보이는 제형으로 향은 은은~ 거의 없는 편이라고 생각하셔도 될 것 같아요.

​When I removed the paper on the top, ATOPALM MLE CREAM showed itself.

It is white, looks chewy, and has almost no scents.

How do you think? It feels a little sticky and watery at the same time.



손등에 조금 덜어내봤어요.

​단지형이다보니 제가 원하는 양만큼 덜어내 쓸 수 있다는 점 ㅋㅋ

​I put some on the back of my hand.

As it’s in a pot, I can take whatever amount I want.



문질문질해보았어요. 제형 특징이 더 잘 드러나죠?

쫀쫀해서 밀착력이나 발림성도 만족스럽더라구요.

​I rubbed it on my hand. Now you can see its feeling more easily.

As it is soft, it feels very smooth and comfortable.



문질문질해서 흡수시키고 나면 요런 모습

어때요? 촉촉해보이나요?

It completely permeated my skin.

How does it look? Looks moisturized, doesn’t it?



요런 추위에는 왠만하면 외출 안하려고 하는데

약간 열이 있어서 하원하는 길에 병원에 좀 들렀다왔어요.

씻긴 뒤에 얼굴에 로션 한 번 발라줬는데도 뭔가 부족해….

My kid and I hesitate to go outside in this weather,

but he had some fever, so I took him to the hospital after the daycare center.

I washed him and put some lotion on his face, but something’s not enough…



그래서 건조해지기 쉬워 자주 트는 볼에만

아기크림 더 발라주기루.

So I decided to put the baby cream on his cheeks more often,

which can be easily chapped.



뭐 향이 마음에 들지않거나 끈적이고하면 안 바르겠다고 하는데

끈적임도 적은 편이고 향도 거의 없는 편이라 그런지 거부없이 있더라구요.


When cream products don’t feel alright or are too sticky, he usually resists,

but this cream is not that sticky and has almost no scents, so he didn’t resist at all.



다리도 잘 트는 곳 중 하나니까 여기도 추가 보습해주기.

울 꼬맹이 피부는 소중하니께 ㅋㅋ

As legs become easily chapped too, so I should moisturize here also.

My kid’s skin is precious. 🙂



요래 문질문질하면서 마사지도 해주고

이야기도 나누면서 ​요럴 때 사랑한다고 표현도 해주는거죠 뭐 ㅋㅋ

워낙 무뚝뚝한 엄마라 말 안해도 알겠지 했었는데

요런 무뚝뚝함을 배울까봐 요즘은 많이 표현하려고 애쓰는 중 ㅋㅋ


I rubbed and massaged his leg like this, while talking to him and expressing my love. 🙂


As I’m kind of brusque, I thought he would know my love, but I’m trying to express it much these days as I don’t want him to resemble this part of mine. 🙂



바르고 난 뒤의 모습인데 한결 촉촉해보이져?

어떤 느낌일까 궁금해​ 제 손에 한 번 발라봤는데

촉촉하면서도 보습막이 하나 생긴 느낌이랄까요?

많이 무겁지않아 만족스러웠답니다.

보습에 좀 더 신경쓰고 싶으신 분들은 한 번 사용해보시길!

​Can you see the moisturized leg?

I wondered how it would feel, so I also put some on my hand, and it felt very moisturizing.

It felt so comfortable and satisfactory.

Those who want to care about moisturizing more should try this product!

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ATOPALM MLE CREAM, with Its High-Moisturizing Effect in Winter

 베이비크림 겨울엔 역시 고보습 아토팜 MLE크림

ATOPALM MLE CREAM, with Its High-Moisturizing Effect in Winter

갑자기 더욱 추워진 날씨에 아이들 피부관리 참 고민되시죠??

울 아이들도 실내외 온도차이가 심해진 요즘
어린이집 다니는 꼬비는 집에 들어오면 늘 발갛게 홍조를 띤 얼굴이
틀까봐 걱정이 되고,
감기에 걸려 콧물 때문에 발진처럼 빨갛게 올라오는 우리 쯔비 얼굴도 걱정이 되더라구요

겨울에는 오일에 로션에 이것저것 여러가지 한꺼번에 사용을 하게 되는데
저는 꼭 한가지 더 사용하는게 있어요 베이비크림!!

Aren’t you worried about your kids’ skin management in this cold weather?

I’m also worried about my kids due to the huge daily temperature range these days.
I’m afraid that our GGobi’s red face would get chapped,
and I’m also concerned about our ZZubi’s face turning red due to her runny nose.

In winter, we use many products such as oils and lotions at the same time,
and there is one more thing I always use. Baby cream!!

제 1회 베이비뉴스 미디어데이 & 브랜드 선호도 시상식에서 2015년도 영유아 라이프 브랜드
선호도 스킨케어 부문 1위를 차지하고, K-BPI(한국산업브랜드파워지수) 9년 연속 브랜드파워 1위를 차지한 아토팜은
이미 임산부 튼살크림으로 워낙 유명해서 출산전부터 눈에 익은 분들 많죠??
저도 튼살크림 바르면서 함께 사용했던 아토팜 mle크림을 또 한번 만나보게 되었어요

MLE는 건강한 피부구조를 가장 유사하게 재현한 (주)네오팜의
국제 특허 피부장벽 기술로 지속형 피부 보호막을 형성하여 건조하고 민감한 피부의 피부장벽 강화 및
보습보호기능 강화에도 도움을 준다고 해요

At the Baby & Life Brand Award 2015, ATOPALM took first place in the area of skin care, and has taken first place in K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) for 9 consecutive years.

As it is well known for its cream products for pregnant women,
many of you may know this brand already.
I came to meet this ATOPALM MLE CREAM once again.

MLE is NEOPHARM’s skin barrier technology reproducing the structure of healthy skin.
NEOPHARM obtained an international patent for this MLE.
It enhances the moisturizing and protecting function by forming sustainable skin protection films for sensitive and dry skin.

또한 피부진정 보습에 탁월한 마치현 추출물, 피부보습에 좋은 올리브오일, 피부 친화 보습에 좋은 호호바씨오일 등
천연성분으로 자극이 없고, 색소, 에탄올, 미네랄오일, 파라벤, 피이지 무첨가로 더욱 안심하고 사용할 수 있겠더라구요

특히나 건조한 부위에 국소적으로 사용하여 더욱 촉촉한 보습효과를 볼 수 있다고 해요

As it contains Portulaca extract, olive oil, and Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, which are good for moisturizing skin, and as it contains no pigment, ethanol, mineral oil, paraben, or PEG, it is totally safe to use.

Especially we can apply it on dry spots to utilize its outstanding moisturizing effect.

또한 피부 자극 테스트 완료로
베이비크림은 물론 성인들도 사용이 가능하다고 하니~
날 추우면 얼굴 빨갛게 올라오는 성인들도 함께 바르면 무척 좋을것 같더라고요

In addition, it completely went through the skin stimulation test, so even adults can use it~
People whose face turns red when it’s cold can also use it, I think.

아토팜 mle크림을 열어보면 생크림처럼 한눈에 보기에도
수분감과 부드러움이 느껴지더라구요

If you open up MLE CREAM, it looks like fresh cream, which feels watery and soft.

끈적거리는 촉감을 안좋아해서 손으로 만져보면 고깔모양이 예쁘게 나오고요~

I don’t like oily feelings, but this cream becomes a pretty conical hat shape.

아이들 피부 사용에 앞서 이번에도 내 손등에 테스트~
이미 아토팜 제품을 사용을 해왔기 때문에 테스트는 큰 의미가 없지만~
무척 빨리 스며들어요

Before applying it on our kids, I tested it on the back of my hand~
It had no huge meaning as I had used ATOPALM products before~
It permeated my skin so fast.

​어린이집 다녀오자마자 발갛게 올라온 우리 꼬비 얼굴 ㅡㅜ
여자 아이들은 더욱 신경이 쓰이게 되더라구요

많은 양을 바르지 않아도 금새 피부가 진정 되는게 느껴져서 안심이 되더라구요

As soon as GGobi came back from the daycare center, her face turned red. 😦
I’m more worried as she’s a little girl.

Even though I didn’t use it that much, her skin became relieved soon.

이젠 습관처럼 얼굴에 찍어발라주면 울 꼬비 알아서 발라주는~

끈적거리고 번들거리면 아이들은 금새 옷이나 이불, 수건등에 마구 닦아내서
더욱 피부에 자극이 가곤 하는데
번들거림없이 부드럽게 금방 스며들어서 아이들도 좋아하더라구요

Now when I put some on her face, GGobi automatically rubs it on her own~

When I put too oily cream on my kids, they quickly wash it with clothes or covers, which stimulates their skins more, but they liked this cream as it permeated their skins fast.

우리 쯔비 역시 감기 때문에 물티슈로 코밑을 닦고,
콧물 여기 저기 묻혀서 얼굴 닦아주다보면 건조해서
얼굴이 당기는지 입을 오~ 하고 벌려대곤 하는데
그럴때마다 건조하다는 신호로 보고 얼른 베이비크림을 발라주었어요

Our ZZubi caught a cold, so I often washed her nose with moistened tissues, and when I washed her nose, it got dry.

Then she opened her mouth feeling tight on her nose, so I tried putting the cream on her face.

부드러운 촉감을 엄마보다 더욱 좋아하는 아이들
크림 꺼내오면 손에서 놓지 않아요

They like the soft feeling more than their mother. When I bring the cream, they don’t get their hands off it.

서로 발라주는 습관도 들여주었더니
뚜껑을 열면 서로 찍어서 얼굴에 발라주기도 해요

I have tried to let them make it a rule to put some on each other, so now they do it naturally.​

겨울철엔 추워서 건조해서 외출이 더욱 걱정되고 꺼려지곤 하지요
집안에 있어도 건조한건 마찬가지고~
손닿는곳에 두고 수시로 덧발라주고 있는 크림
향도 거의 없다 싶을정도로 은은하고, 발림성 짱짱하고
번들거림 전혀 없고 끈적임도 전혀 없고요!!
보습 지속력도 오래가서 선택이 아닌 필수,
베이비크림 아토팜 mle크림!!

보습을 부탁해!!

We hesitate to go outside as it’s too cold and dry in winter. It’s dry inside the house too. I often use this cream, keeping it within reach at all times. It has almost no scents, gets to be applied well, and is not oily or sticky at all!! It is a must-buy product due to its long moisturizing effect.

ATOPALM MLE CREAM!! I rely on you with your moisturizing!!

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Baby Cream, ATOPALM MLE CREAM is So Good!

아기크림 아토팜 mle크림 진짜 좋다

Baby Cream, ATOPALM MLE CREAM is So Good!

이번 한파로 아기크림의 효능을 더 절실히 느끼고있어서 꼭 아토팜 MLE크림의 좋은점을 알려드리고
워낙 추워서 그리고 겨울에는 아무리 집에 있다하더라도 얼굴이 트는경우가 생기죠?
거기에 빨개지고.. 이유식을 먹고 여러번 손수건으로 닦아주다보면 얼굴이 건조한 느낌으로가득한
그럴때 너무 좋은 아토피 크림으로 유명한 아토팜!!
그 중 아토팜 MLE크림을 이주간 써보았답니다 🙂

As I’m desperately feeling the need of an effective baby cream due to this cold wave, I’d like to let you
When it’s too cold outside in winter, even if our baby stays at home, its face skin easily becomes
And it also turns red. When we feed our baby and wash its face, the face skin feels so dry..
In this case, you can use ATOPALM, which is well known as an excellent atopy cream brand!!
chapped, right?

I tried using one of its products, ATOPALM MLE CREAM. 🙂







워낙 보습크림으로 유명한 아토팜 MLE크림이라 건조할때 수시로 발라줘도 좋다는 평이 많아서
무조건 65ml

아토팜 MLE크림을 발라보기로했어요-

As ATOPALM MLE CREAM is so famous for its moisturizing function, there are many reviews that it
can be used often whenever it’s dry.

So I decided to put on 65ml of ATOPALM MLE CREAM~


색소, 에탄올, 미네랄오일과 파라벤 피이지 무첨가로 안전하여
꼼꼼한 엄마들에게도 사랑받는 아토팜 브랜드!
그래서 더더욱 마음에 들어요-

It is totally safe as it contains no pigment, ethanol, mineral oil, paraben, or PEG, so ATOPALM is a brand loved even by meticulous mothers! hat’s the part I like the most~


MLE피부보호막으로 민감함과 건조함을 완화시켜준다고 유명한 아기크림이죠-
그래서 왠만한 엄마들은 다 아는 아토팜 MLE크림일꺼예요-
특히 저는 요즘 아이와 함께 같이 사용한답니다-
성인이 사용하기도 간편하고 좋아요

This baby cream is well known in that it uses MLE skin protection films to relieve sensitivity and dryness of skin. Thus, most mothers may know this ATOPALM MLE CREAM. Especially I’m using it with my baby these days~
Adults also can easily and conveniently use this product.


근데 여기서 MLE !! 궁금하시죠? ㅎㅎ
MLE는 건강한 피부구조를 가장 유사하게 재현한 네오팜의 국제특허 피부장벽기술이래용 ㅎㅎ
그래서 어떤 피부이든지 지속력있는 보습과 피부를 튼튼히 건강하게 해주는 보습과 보호기능을 강화한
기술이랍니다 🙂

MLE is NEOPHARM’s skin barrier technology reproducing the structure of healthy skin.
It enhances the moisturizing and protecting function for sustainable and healthy skin. 🙂


But wait!! Aren’t you curious about MLE?
NEOPHARM obtained an international patent for this MLE.

영유아 라이프 브랜드 스킨케어부분 1위 수상과
K-BPI (한국산업 브랜드파워지수) 9년연속 브랜드파워
아토팜 MLE크림이 엄마들에게 사랑받고 있다는 증거죠 ㅎ
그래서 전 우리아가에게 꼼꼼히 발라주기로 했어요 !!

Took first place in the skin care area at the Baby & Life Brand
and has taken first place in K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) for 9 years in a row!!!
This is an obvious evidence that ATOPALM MLE CREAM is being loved much my mothers.
So I made up my mind to put it on my baby carefully!!


크림을 보면 느낌이 엄마들의 아이크림과 크림사이정도의 묽기를 가지고 있어서 바르기도 편해요-
무엇보다 향도 미향이라 아이들에게도 거부감이 없구요!!
제가 테스트를 해봤는데요 발림이 부드럽고 미향이라 너무 좋았어요-

As you can see, it is watery but thicker than mothers’ eye cream, so you can put it on comfortably.
Most of all, it has weak scents, so children won’t hate it!!

I tested it, and it felt soft and I liked its weak scents~


더 좋은건요  원래 보습이 잘되면 매우 기름진느낌으로 오일느낌이 나잖아요-
근데 아토팜은 그렇지 않아요!!
촉촉하게 스며든답니다 🙂

Moreover, if the moisturizing function is too strong, we usually feel it too oily~
However, ATOPALM is not so!!
It permeates your skin so naturally. 🙂


그래서 우리아가가 바로 발라보기로 했죵 ㅎㅎ
엄마가 발라주려하니 아토팜 MLE크림이 앙증맞게 귀여운걸보고

이만큼 발라달라며 손으로 숫자도 말하는 우리아가..ㅎ
자기꺼라며 바로 바르더라구요 ㅎㅎ

So I decided to put it on my baby~
When I showed it, my baby thought ATOPALM MLE CREAM looked so cute,

and then took it and put it on himself~
My baby counted numbers on the fingers to let me put it on him that many..

K9 K10

이뻐지이위한 시간투자는 최고의 투자죠 ㅎㅎ
아기크림 MLE크림바르기 시작 🙂

​Investing time in becoming more beautiful is the best investment~
Starting to put on ATOPALM MLE CREAM 🙂


우리포도군은 하얗지만 건조한 느낌이 들어요 그래서 매번 덧발라주려고 했거든요-
그래서 이번에 아토팜 MLE크림을 만나서 더 기쁘죠-

Our Podo is white but feels dry. So I used to apply a baby cream on him many times at once~
So I was really happy to have ATOPALM MLE CREAM this time~

아웅 신나서 포즈취하는거봐?ㅎㅎ
아토팜 CF? ㅎㅎ

Look at him taking a pose, being so excited!
Is it an ATOPALM CF? 🙂

그럼  전 후를 비교하기위해 우선 사진을 찍어봤어요 ㅎ뽀얗지만
촉촉함이 좀 떨어지죠?
흑흑 건조함아 저리가랏 !

I took pictures of him to compare before and after.
He’s not been moisturized enough yet, right?
Please go away dryness!

K14 K15 K16

발라봐요 발라봐요 본인이 열어서 !
아기크림이니 당연히 너가 first지! ㅎㅎ

Put it on, put it on, after opening it up yourself!
It is a baby cream, so you are the first! 🙂


열심히 발라봐요 아기크림이라 걱정없이 얼굴에 손에 팔에 ㅎㅎㅎ 톡톡바르다가도
얼굴마사지한듯이 턱턱치기도 하고 ㅎㅎ
열심히 아토팜 MLE크림을 바랄줬지요-

Let’s put it on the face and the hands. You don’t have to worry about it
because it’s a baby cream~ 🙂
He applied ATOPALM MLE CREAM hard as if he’s massaging his face~

K18 K19 K20

그렇게 발라보니
카메라 보정한거 아니구요- 정말 발라주니 화사해지는 느낌?ㅎㅎ 아무래도 촉촉함이 느껴져서인지
얼굴에 촉촉해지고 환해지더라구요-
피부톤이 한층 업 되네요

크림을 바르고 오일느낌이 있는게 아니라 촉촉하니
와 피부좋다 느낌으로 아토팜크림이 쏘옥 피부속에들어가 보습기능을 해주더라구용 ㅎ

After using it,
his face became moisturized and bright~
I didn’t adjust the camera mode. He really became brighter! 🙂
Due to the moisturizing, his skin tone has been upgraded.

As it’s not too oily,
ATOPALM CREAM was absorbed well into his skin, moisturizing it~

K21 K22

얼굴도 모자라 다리에도 발라주고- ㅎㅎ
묽기가 있는 로션보다 확실히
아토팜 MLE크림이라 바르기 편하네요 뚝뚝 떨어지는거 없이..

As ATOPALM MLE CREAM is thicker than general lotions, it is easy to apply.
As it was not enough, he put it also on his legs~ 🙂
You don’t have to worry about falling drops..

K23 K24 K25 K26

이제 우리포도 피부는 무조건 아토팜 MLE크림으로~~
2주간 발랐더니 얼굴이 반짝반짝 촉촉 ㅎㅎ
그렇게 우리아가는 아기크림 걱정 없네요 🙂

From now on, ATOPALM MLE CREAM will take care of our Podo’s skin~~
After two weeks of use, his face has become bright and moisturized.
So, I don’t have to worry about his baby cream anymore. 🙂

This post and its images were used with permission. The opinions belong to the original blogger. Original post can be viewed in Korean here.

Three Atopalm Products with Surprising Uses

Source: flickr.com user Syed_W_CCT357
Source: flickr.com user Syed_W_CCT357

There’s nothing like finding new ways to use the skin care products you love. Not only does it make your routine easier, but you’ll also save money by getting creative with the products you already have! To give you some inspiration, here are three Atopalm products with surprising uses.

1) Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm for dry knees and elbows
Many dry skin sufferers find that their knees and elbows suffer most of all! Rough, cracked skin is bad enough, but when you experience it in these oft-used areas, you’re in for a miserable time.

The good news is that our Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm is perfect for these areas. Designed to deeply moisturize and replenish dry, cracked feet, our foot cream is just as wonderful for use on the knees and elbows. Just slather some on after your shower or before bed, and these problem areas will be looking and feeling better in no time.

2) Moisturizing Body Lotion for babies and children with dry skin
Most Atopalm customers know that our dry skin care products are some of the most soothing and gentle skin care formulas on the market. But, did you know that we believe some of our body skin care products are even safe enough for little ones?

If your baby or child suffers from dry skin, sensitive skin, or even eczema, turn to our Moisturizing Body Lotion. This best body lotion uses MLE and other soothing ingredients to restore hydration while repairing the skin’s moisture barrier, which leads to healthier and more comfortable skin.

Before you use our Moisturizing Body Lotion on your little one, check with their doctor to make sure that the ingredients are a good fit for your child. We strongly believe that our products are some of the gentlest and most effective sensitive skin care products out there, but check with your doctor before using!

3) Atopalm BB Cream as a makeup primer
While our Daytime Undermakeup Moisture Cream is a favorite for use as a makeup primer, sometimes individuals prefer a full coverage look that the Undermakeup Cream may not promote. If you’re looking for a full coverage primer, look no further than our BB Cream!

Atopalm BB Cream is a three-in-one product that moisturizes the skin, protects with SPF and skin care antioxidants, and provides a light layer of color to help disguise imperfections. You can use it alone, but when used under a makeup foundation, it will help provide full coverage while benefitting the skin.

BonusPsoriapalm for dandruff
Did you know that dandruff is a form of seborrheic dermatitis? That’s why our sister brand, Psoriapalm, is the perfect choice for dandruff treatment. Psoriapalm Lotion is a non-greasy psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis treatment. It’s clinically proven to reduce symptoms of these skin conditions.

When used on the scalp, Psoriapalm will help to reduce flaking, scaling, irritation and redness. While it promises a grease-free texture on the skin, we can’t promise that it won’t show up in your hair, which is why we recommend nighttime Psoriapalm use with a morning washing using a dandruff-friendly shampoo.

Have you found your own “secret” uses for Atopalm products? Leave us a comment to tell us about it!

Happy Mother’s Day from Atopalm!

Mother's Survival KitMother’s Day is right around the corner, and while some may think it’s a greeting card ploy to make money, we prefer to think of it as a day that moms deserve.

To celebrate, we’re offering a Mother’s Survival Kit featuring three of our most mom-friendly products. This bundle is perfect for busy moms to keep their skin healthy and beautiful while juggling babies, work, home, husband, friends, personal interests, cooking, cleaning, bills…Well, you know the drill. The best part? This kit is offered at a great discount so you can add frugality to your list of accomplishments, too!

The Mother’s Survival Kit includes:

  • Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes – these travel-friendly wipes purify skin, remove makeup, and provide light moisturizing all with one simple pre-saturated cloth. They are great for keeping in diaper bags for yourself or, in a pinch, baby’s sensitive skin! Safe for eczema and other common baby skin care issues.
  • BB Cream – do you ever wish you could cut out all the steps of your beauty regimen and use only one product? We may not be able to replace your entire regimen, but this one product will get you close! Our BB Cream moisturizes with MLE and other ingredients, protects against damage with a broad-spectrum SPF of 20, and perfects the skin’s appearance with natural-looking pigment.
  • Diaper Rash Cream – this product may be for baby’s bottom, but it will make your life so much easier that we think it’s a must-have in the Mother’s Survival Kit. Formulated with 10% zinc oxide and other soothing ingredients, our diaper rash cream will soothe redness, discomfort, and irritation while creating a protective barrier between baby’s skin and the excess moisture found in diapers. The result is a happier booty, baby, and mommy!

By purchasing these products together, you’ll save a whopping 20% off what you would spend on each separate product. You’ll find a Mother’s Survival Kit – Light and a Mother’s Survival Kit – Medium, which refers to the shade of the BB Cream. Pick one up for your favorite mama and another for yourself, and have a very happy mother’s day!

Dry Skin Care for Babies and Children

Source: flickr.com user paparutzi
Source: flickr.com user paparutzi

Your baby deserves the best in everything, including skin care. You don’t have to settle for cheap baby wash just because it’s the norm! The skin of babies and children is extremely delicate and susceptible to imbalances; that’s what causes common baby skin care issues like cradle cap and dry skin patches!

On top of normally delicate baby skin, many babies and children have sensitive skin issues, just like adults. These issues can range from simple dry, flaky skin, to intense rashes and skin disorders. Caring for these issues often takes more than drugstore oatmeal creams; what your child needs is true skin care.

That’s where Atopalm comes in. You might be surprised to learn that Atopalm didn’t begin as a skin care line designed to treat dry skin disorders in adults. In fact, Atopalm began as an answer to founder Dr. Park’s children’s atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema.

Dr. Park found that all of the existing treatments for atopic dermatitis had harsh side effects, including thinning of the skin. He set out to find a treatment that would heal his children’s skin without adverse effects, and what he found would change the world of skin care.

This discovery was a MLE (Multi-Lamellar Emulsion), an ingredient that perfectly mimics the skin’s natural lipid structure. Not only that, it allows for quick and thorough ingredient absorption, which means that all of the skin care products containing MLE would work more efficiently.

Dr. Park’s MLE products went on to gently care for his children’s skin, and now it’s available to you and yours in the form of Atopalm skin care. It soothes and calms dry skin and sensitive skin without the use of parabens or other harmful ingredients. It isn’t greasy or cloying, and it provides instant relief, which makes it great for use on children. Lastly, Atopalm is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, ensuring safe use on your little one’s skin.

Atopalm offers many products that are great for use on children. For all over moisture and care, Moisturizing Body Lotion is a gentle, effective choice for baby’s dry skin. For on-the-go cleansing and moisturizing, Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes will remove debris and dirt without drying and irritating baby’s delicate skin. Lastly, Atopalm’s Diaper Rash Cream, featured on Atopalm’s sister site Psoriapalm, is specifically formulated for treating chafed, irritated skin while sealing out potentially irritating moisture. 

As you can see, it’s easy and affordable to give your child’s skin the extra care that it needs to stay soft, supple, and beautiful. So, throw out the baby lotion and slather on some MLE!