Korean Skin Care Regimen by Atopalm

Korean skin care has been on the rise for a long time now, but what makes it so special? Here’s a look at why Korean skin care products and a Korean skin care regimen may be just what your skin needs.

  1. Atopalm Korean skin care uses gentle ingredients that won’t strip or damage the skin. Many other leading formulas achieve “results” by using harsh ingredients which stress the skin into exhibiting false improvement, only to then throw the skin off its normal balance. Atopalm products work to support the skin’s natural, healthy functions to create beauty and comfort from within.
  2. Korean skin care regimens focus on pampering and caring for the skin. Emphasis is placed on treating the skin kindly, both with ingredients and the actual application process. Skin isn’t tugged or scrubbed; rather, it’s massaged and loved!
  3. Korean skin care products are used religiously. Once a regimen is built, it is followed every day. This dedication is essential to great results, as well as maintaining the healthy skin you’ve worked to achieve.

Atopalm has been the #1 skin care for sensitive skin in Korea for ten consecutive years, and has been awarded the KBPI Golden Brand seal for sensitive skin. So while the Korean skin care regimen is becoming popular, Atopalm has been leading the pack in its home country, making it the ideal choice for someone who is ready to take their skin seriously.

Learn more about Korean skin care and learn our special Atopalm Korean skin care regimen over on the site!

Click here for our Atopalm Korean skin care regimen step-by-step guide

Once You See This You’ll Never Skip Sunscreen Again


It’s long been known that ultraviolet light can cause premature aging of the skin, but those changes can take several years of exposure before they become visible. Thomas Leveritt found a way to help people visualize these invisible changes to their skin– special ultraviolet cameras that make otherwise invisible sun damage stand out with almost startling clarity. Subject after subject stands in front of the camera, most with seemingly healthy, youthful-looking skin, only to be shown the truth. “Everyone’s born with good skin,” Leveritt’s video reminds the viewer.

Ultraviolet skin imaging is able to pick up on freckles, age spots, and other changes in skin’s pigment distribution before they become visually apparent to the human eye. These changes are indicators of sun damage– the same kind that leads to wrinkles, a loss of elasticity, and even skin cancer. Because it takes so long for chronic sun damage to become visible to the naked eye, many people forego sunscreen and mistakenly attribute the symptoms of sun damage to the aging process. As Leveritt’s camera shows, just because you can’t see sun damage yet doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That doesn’t mean there isn’t hope, however. “Sunscreen also blocks UV,” the video continues before showing the same subjects again, faces daubed in sunscreen. On ultraviolet cameras, the cream appears completely opaque on their skin.

Sun damaged skin doesn’t have to be an inevitability for anyone. Despite the number of wrinkle reducing or spot-lightening skin treatments out there, prevention in the form of a high SPF sunscreen is still the best bet when it comes to avoiding damaged skin. Unfortunately, many people consider using sunscreen to be time-consuming, easy to forget, and uncomfortable when layered with moisturizer or cosmetics. For adequate, consistent sun protection, multi-tasking products like Atopalm BB Cream incorporate sunscreen into a moisturizer.

Skin Care Myths That Just Won’t Die


Many DIY skin care recipes that circulate around the internet include ingredients such as sugar and salt. These are physical exfoliants, and while they can help remove dead skin, they do so in a very rough and harmful manner. Using sugar or salt on your skin can create microscopic lacerations that damage the skin. Rather than using harsh scrubs such as these, the best way to exfoliate your skin is gradually over time. For this purpose, gentle products that contain retinol, vitamin C, or AHA are excellent. These products come in many forms, including toners, lotions, and serums, and using them nightly will help your skin regenerate in a healthy and non-damaging manner.

Another common find in DIY skin care recipes is the use of ingredients that have extreme pH. Very acidic ingredients such as lemon and apple cider vinegar do not belong on your face. Neither do very base ingredients such as baking soda or toothpaste. When an ingredient is very acidic or very base, it disrupts the skin’s natural pH levels which is damaging to your skin’s protective lipid barrier. Using recipes or products with improper pH levels can cause your skin to become very dry, dehydrated, and prone to breakouts and irritation. Alcohol is another common skincare ingredient and DIY ingredient that harm your skin’s lipid barrier. Using non-irritating, pH-balanced products is the best choice for your skin’s health.

When shopping for skincare products, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the ingredients list. Although you won’t often find commercial products containing lemon juice, baking soda, or apple cider vinegar, be sure to avoid products with high amounts of ethanol or ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, and benzyl alcohol. To further protect your skin’s lipid barrier, look for products containing hyaluronic and ceramides, such as Atopalm’s Real Barrier line, as these ingredients help keep moisture in the skin.

ATOPALM Real Barrier Moisture Cream vs Extreme Cream Review

Original link : http://blog.naver.com/min_seon1215/220688600197


아토팜 리얼 베리어

수분 크림 vs 장벽 크림 대비교

ATOPALM Real Barrier

Moisture Cream vs Extreme Cream



안녕하세요! 민스코입니다:-)

Hello! I’m MINSCO:-)


예전에 아토팜 리얼베리어 장벽 크림 리뷰를

보여드린 적이 있는데, 정말 자극없이 좋은 제품이라

겨울내내 잘 사용했어요 *_*!!

I showed you my reviews on ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream before.

As it is a really good product without irritation,

I used it so well during the winter *_*!!


무엇보다 민감한 피부를 위한 제품이라

피부가 뒤집어졌을 때는 얘를 바르곤 했습니다.

As it is a product for sensitive skins,

I applied it when my skins got irritated.


장벽 크림은 굉장히 꾸덕한 아이인데,

겨울내내 저같은 악건성의 매마른 피부에

보습과 영양을 아주 꽉꽉 채워준 기특한 아이입니다<3

Extreme Cream is a little solid,

so it moisturized and nourished my

dry skins during the whole winter<3


이제 날씨가 풀리면서 스킨케어 라인도

조금 가볍게 바꿔주고 있는 중인데요.

As it is getting warmer, I’m changing

my skin care line a little bit.


겨울 내내 사용했던 아토팜 리얼베리어 장벽 크림에서

조금 더 가벼우면서도 수분보습감은 뒤쳐지지 않는

아토팜 리얼베리어 수분크림으로 바꿔줬어요.

I changed ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream that I used during the whole winter

to ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream,

which is a little lighter but whose moisturizing effects are still great.



아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림과

장벽 강화 크림이에요:-)

These are ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream and

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream:-)


날씨가 풀리는 이 환절기 시기는

피부가 바뀌는 환경에 적응하면서

굉장히 예민해지면서 피부장벽이 약해지는 때에요.

During the change of seasons,

skins adjust to the changing environments, becoming very sensitive,

and skin barriers also become weak.


이런 시기에는 이 피부 장벽을 튼튼하게 해주어

예민한 피부를 복구시켜주는 아토팜 리얼 베리어 제품이 딱!!!

During this time, we need to use ATOPALM Real Barrier products

that strengthen skin barriers and restore sensitive skins!!!


그럼 두 가지 크림들이 어떻게 다른지

자세히 보여드릴게요+_+

Then I’ll show you how these two are different from each other

in detail+_+



아토팜 리얼 베리어 

인텐스 모이스처 크림 

(수분 크림)

ATOPALM Real Barrier

Intense Moisture Cream


용량 : 50ml 

가격 : 32,000

Volume : 50ml

Price : 32,000 KRW


아토팜 리얼 베리어

익스트림 크림

(장벽 강화 크림)

ATOPALM Real Barrier

Extreme Cream


용량 : 50ml

가격 : 38,000

Volume : 50ml

Price : 38,000 KRW



두 제품 디자인이 거의 비슷해요.

The vessels of the two look similar.


차이라면 수분 크림은 통이 좀 더 투명하다는 것?!

ㅎ_ㅎ 쌍둥이에요~

The difference is that Intense Moisture Cream has a little more transparent vessel.

They are twins~



뚜껑을 열자마자 제형의 차이가

확 눈에 들어와요!!!

As soon as we open their lids,

we can see the differences of their feelings!!!


아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림의 경우에는

흔히 생각하는 일반적인 수분 크림 제형이에요.

ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

feels like general moisturizing creams.


아토팜 리얼 베리어 장벽 크림은 좀 더

단단한 밤 타입의 제형입니다!

On the other hand,

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream is a little more solid!



먼저 아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림

제형부터 손등에 발라볼게요:)

Let’s put some of ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

on the back of the hand:)



이런 노멀한 수분 크림 제형!

젤 타입이 아닌 건성용 수분 크림 제형이랄까?ㅎㅎㅎ

It’s like this normal moisturizing cream!

It’s for dry skins, not like the gel type.



제가 제일 선호하는 수분 크림 제형이

딱 요런 느낌이에요 ㅎ_ㅎ

This is the feeling of a moisturizing cream that

I prefer the most!


젤 타입은 아무래도 악건성에 민감한 제 피부에는

여름에 사용해도 가볍게 느껴지더라구요.

The gel type feels too light for my dry skins,

even during summer.



굉장히 수분감이 느껴지면서

가볍게 잘 펴발리는걸 볼 수 있어요.

It feels very watery,

and it spreads lightly.


1,000개의 물 분자를 끌어당기는

강려크한 히알루론산이 피부 속 수분을

가~득 채워주고 오래 유지되도록 도와준다고 해요.

It is said that

strong hyaluronic acids that draw 1,000 water molecules

help keep the water in skins for long.


그래서 그런지 이거 바르고 손등이 엄청


Maybe that’s because

I felt very moisturized after using it.


무엇보다 아토팜 리얼 베리어는

복합 세라마이드가 적용된 MLE 피부 장벽 포뮬러

약해진 피부 장벽을 강화하는 데에 아주 탁월해요!

Most of all,

with the MLE skin barrier formula applied by complex ceramides,

ATOPALM Real Barrier is outstanding at strengthening

weakened skin barriers.


민감한 피부 개선에 매우 굳굳b

Very good at improving sensitive skins.


그리고 아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림은

48시간동안 수분보호막을 유지시켜준다고 해요ㅇ0ㅇ

무려 이틀ㅎㅎㅎ

And it is also said that

ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream maintains water protective films for 48 hours,

as much as 2 days!



그럼 이제 겨우내 제 피부를 지켜준

고마운 아토팜 리얼 베리어 장벽 크림을 볼게요!

Then, let’s take a closer look at ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream

that protected my skins during the whole winter.




밤 타입의 제형이라 이렇게

단단한 느낌이에요 ㅎ_ㅎ

It feels solid

like this~


쌀 젤라또 푸는 느낌….

(쌀 젤라또 먹어보셨나요? 이런 느낌이에요)

It feels as if I was scooping rice Gelato…

(Have you ever had rice Gelato? It looks just like it.)



아토팜 리얼 베리어 장벽 크림은

밤 타입의 제형으로 수분감과 영양감

꽈아아악 뭉쳐져 있는 느낌이에요.

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream

is very solid so that

it feels like it’s full of water and nutrition.



펴바르면 피부의 온도에 사르르

녹아내리면서 부드럽게 펴발려요.

If you apply it,

it starts to spread due to body temperature.


수분 크림보다는 조금 더 무겁게

발리는 느낌이지만 발림성은 점점

녹아내리면서 부드럽게 변합니다!

Although it feels heavier than Intense Moisture Cream,

as it melts down,

it becomes very soft.


마무리감은 아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림보다

조금 더 무겁다면 무거워요!

피부 위에 막이 씌워진 느낌이죠!

At the end, it feels a little heavier than

ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

like films are layered over skins!


무엇보다 아토팜 리얼 베리어 장벽 크림은

피부 장벽 개선에 탁월한 MLE 피부장벽 포뮬러로

72시간 보습 지속 효과가 있어요!!!

Most of all,

with the MLE skin barrier formula efficient for improvement of skin barriers,

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream maintains the water in skins for 72 hours!!!



판테놀, 마데카소사이드, 알란토린 복합체로

진정, 보호 효과가 뛰어나니 정말 민감한 피부를

위해 좋은 제품이에요 ㅇ0ㅇ


as its panthenol, madecassoside, and allantoin

have excellent relieving and protecting effects,

it is very good for sensitive skins ㅇ0ㅇ



한번 얼굴에 두 제품 모두 발라볼게요+_+

Let’s apply both the two on the face+_+


확실히 아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림이

더 가볍게 바르기에는 좋아요!!

Obviously ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

is easier to use lightly!!



발리는 모습+_+

Look at the creams are being applied+_+


아토팜 리얼베리어 수분 크림은

수분감이 느껴지는 반면

While ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

feels watery,


아토팜 리얼베리어 장벽 크림은

좀 더 꾸덕하게 영양감이 느껴지죠?

이렇게 꾸덕한 제형이 점점 녹아내리면서

피부 위에 막 씌워주더라구요!

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream

feels solid and nourishing.

It starts to melt down

and cover my skins.



다 바른 모습 +_+

Applying some more+_+


아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림

수분보습감이 피부 속까지 촉촉하게

느껴지면서 끈적임없이 산뜻하게 마무리되어

, 여름 조금 더 가벼운 제품들을 찾는

건성피부에 어울리는 제품이에요.

As ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

is absorbed into skins

without sticky feelings,

it is good for dry skins during

spring or summer.


지성 피부분들 중에 정말 수분감만

느껴지는?! 산뜻하게 완전 흡수되는

느낌의 수분 크림을 원하시는 분들에게는

조금 무거울거에요.

For those with oily skins who

want the feelings of just moisturizing and absorbing,

it could feel a little heavy.


아토팜 리얼 베리어 장벽 크림

피부 위에 수분보호막이 씌워진 듯한

느낌이 남아있는데, 개인적으로는

겨울에 사용하기 좋았던 것 같아요!!!

As ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream

builds water protective films over skins,

I think it’s good to use

during winter.



4계절 내내 건조해 미치겠어요ㅠ.ㅠ

하시는 초악건성 분들에게는

아토팜 리얼 베리어 장벽 크림을

더욱 추천합니다.


To those who feel dry too much

during the whole 4 seasons,

I recommend ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream more.


확실히 제가 사용했을 때

수분감이 더 오래도록 느껴지는건

장벽 크림이더라구요^_^

According to my experience,

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream obviously kept my

skins moisturized for longer;)




아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림

아토팜 리얼 베리어 장벽 크림

어떤 제품을 선택할지 어려운 분들을 위해


Let’s see which one you should choose between

ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream and

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream!!!


겨울 찬 바람에 민감해진 악건성 피부에는

아토팜 리얼 베리어 장벽 크림!!!

For dry skins weakened by cold winter winds,

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream!!!


좀 더 따뜻해지는 날씨에 크림도 가벼운 걸로

바꾸고 싶은데 그래도 수분보습감이 짱짱했음 좋겠다!

하시면 아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림!!!

For those that not only want some light products in warm weather

but also want the feelings of moisturizing,

ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream!!!


혹은 데이용은 좀 더 가벼운 아토팜 리얼 베리어 수분 크림으로

나이트용은 피부 위에 수분 보호막을 씌워줘 낭낭하게 바르고 자면

보습 진정 수면팩 효과까지 볼 수 있는 장벽 크림으로

번갈아 사용하는 것도 좋은 방법같아요!!!

Or, you can use both the two,

ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream during daytime to moisturize your skins,

and ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream during nighttime

to have the effects of the sleeping pack at the same time!!!


그럼 도움이 되셨길 바라며

이만! 뿅☆

Hoping that this review is helpful for you,

I say goodbye~




* 이 포스팅은 아토팜으로부터 소정의 원고료 및 무료 제품을 제공받아 작성되었습니다. *

* This posting was made with the support of ATOPALM. *




ATOPALM Real Barrier Review

Original link : http://blog.naver.com/sungdevilsh/220687494796


명불허전 순한수분크림은 역시 아토팜 리얼 베리어죠!

The most excellent moisture cream is ATOPALM Real Barrier!



안녕하세요 이웃님들~ 쭈 입니다 :)

Hello neighbors! It’s JJU:)


제가 입이 닳도록 닳도록 민감성피부에도

잘 맞는 화장품이 있었으니 바로 아토팜 리얼베리어!

I have recommended the very ATOPALM Real Barrier

that is good for sensitive skins!


여배우들이 사용하는 제품으로 알려지면서

더욱 유명해졌는데요~ 그중에서 궁금하실

리얼 베리어 라인의 Cream 2종을 비교

드리려고 준비해 보았답니다:)

As it was known to be used by female celebrities,

it became more popular~

So today I will compare 2 types of ATOPALM Real Barrier

for you:)


여러분들의 선택은?

그리고 과연 저의 선택은? 마지막에!

Which one will you choose?

And which one will I choose? Let’s get on with it!



익스트림 크림(장벽크림) Vs

인텐스 모이스처 크림(수분크림)

ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream vs

ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream


모두 제각각의 피부 타입을 가지고 있지만

예민하던 지성이던 상관없이 환절기에는

피부가 거칠어진다고 느끼는 분들이 많죠!

Although people have different skin types,

most of them feel rough skins during the change of seasons

regardless of their skin types!


이제 나들이가 잦아지면서 미세먼지나 황사 등

외부 유해환경에 의해 각질이 일어나기도 하고,

화장이 잘 먹지 않기도 하는데요~

사실 저는 트러블까지… T_T

As the weather gets warmer, people go outside often,

and so they come to have dead skin cells or have difficulties in makeup

due to bad environments such as fine dusts or yellow dusts~

In fact, I had skin troubles… T_T


이 모든 문제는 피부장벽이 약화되었기

때문이라고 해요~ 역시 뭐든

기본부터 충실해야 되겠죠?

It is said that

all these problems are caused by weakened skin barriers~

We have to be faithful to the basics.



피부장벽, 왜 중요하지?

Skin Barrier

Why is it so important?


피부장벽이 튼튼하면 각질이 올라오거나

건조하거나, 화장이 뜨지 않을 텐데요~

If one has strong skin barriers,

one would not have dry skins or have difficulties in makeup~


저는 민감성 피부라서 심한 일교차에도

피부가 적응하지 못 해서 하루가 다르게

오락가락하고 있답니다😦

트러블도 올라와서 고생 중인데요 흑흑..

As I have sensitive skins,

I can’t even adapt to the

huge daily temperature range:(

I’m also having a hard time due to skin troubles ..TT


이럴 때, 아토팜 순한수분크림 2종을

사용해주면 피부장벽을 튼튼하게 해주고

피부에도 촉촉한 보습을 선사해준다고 해요 ♪

At this time, if you use the two types of ATOPALM Real Barrier,

they will strengthen your skin barriers and

make your skins moisturized ♪



피부장벽, 어떻게 보호해줄까?

Skin Barrier

How can we protect it?


건강한 피부에서만 나타나는 라멜라 구조를

가장 비슷하게 재현한 독자적인 기술을 가지고 있는 만큼

지속형 피부 보호막을 형성해주고,

건조하고 민감해진 피부를 보호해준답니다.

물론 보습 기능 강화는 두말하면 잔소리죠!

As ATOPALM has its exclusive technology to reproduce

the lamella structure that is only seen in healthy skins,

the products constantly form skin protective films and

protect dry and sensitive skins.

They also have a strong moisturizing function.


실제 피부의 성분, 구조를 가장 유사하게

재현한 만큼 피부 친화성이 우수하고,

저자극으로 약해진 피부에 보호막을 강화시켜

수분을 지켜준다고 해요. 또한 외부 자극으로부터

피부를 보호해주기 때문에

As ATOPALM reproduced actual skin structures most similarly,

the products have high affinity for skins,

strengthen weakened skins,

and maintain the water in skins.

In addition, they protect skins from external stimulations.


단순히 ‘피부장벽 보호하세요!’라고 하는 것이

아닌,  피부장벽의 구조를 가장 유사하게

재현한 기술력을 국내 및 국제 특허까지 받은

유일한 제품이라 더욱 신뢰가 가더라고요:)

ATOPALM does not just simply say ‘Protect your skin barriers!’

but has their own technology to reproduce skin barriers most similarly.

ATOPALM even obtained a patent for the two products,

so I can trust these products:)



피부타입에 따라 어느것을 바를까?

Which one should I use considering my skin type?


가장 좋은 건 피부 타입에 따라서 더 좋게는

그날의 컨디션에 따라서 알맞은 종류를

선택해서 사용해주면 더욱 좋겠죠?:)

The best decision is to use both the two

considering daily conditions,



저는 데일리로는 수분크림을 사용해주다가

보습력이 떨어진다고 느낄 때, 혹은

촉촉한 보습 케어를 위해 수면팩을

하고 싶을 때는 장벽크림을 사용해요 ♥

In my case, I use Intense Moisture Cream during daytime,

and when I need moisturizing or a sleeping pack,

I use Extreme Cream ♥



아토팜 리얼 베리어 인텐스 모이스처 크림, 수분크림

ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream


가벼운 텍스처이지만 보습력이 좋은데요,

진한 보습감이 느껴지는 제품이랍니다:)

It is light but has a good moisturizing function.

You can feel greatly moisturized with this product:)


또한 무려! 48시간의 수분 지속효과를

주기 때문에 촉촉함을 하루 종일

유지할 수 있다고 해요. 중건성피부이신

분들이 사용하면 좋을 것 같더라고요.

In addition, as it maintains the moisturizing effect

for over 48 hours,

you can have the moisturizing feelings all day long.

I think it will be good for those with dry skins.



크리미하고 촉촉한 발림성

Creamy and Watery


굉장히 부드럽고 크리미하게 발리는데요~

민감성피부이신 분들은 정말X10000 정말!

편안함을 느낄 수 있는 제품이랍니다.

숨 쉬는 듯한 느낌도 들고요~

4계절 내내, 매일 사용하기 좋더라고요.

It is very soft and creamy~

Those with sensitive skins will 100% feel comfortable.

It even feels like breathing~

It would be good to use every day, for the whole seasons.


ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream vs Extreme Cream

Original link : http://blog.naver.com/ecom0920/220688877944

 아토팜 리얼베리어 인텐스 모이스처 크림 vs 익스트림크림 비교해서 사용해요

 ATOPALM Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream vs Extreme Cream


제가 몇번 소개해드린 적 있던 아토팜 크림! 기억하시즁?

실제 피부 속에 있다는 몰타크로스 성분과 구조를 있는 그대로 재현해내서

‘진짜’ 피부 장벽 크림이라는 아토팜 리얼베리어 크림!

You must remember ATOPALM Cream that I introduced several times before, right?

ATOPALM Real Barrier Cream is an ‘authentic’ skin barrier cream,

as it reproduces the ingredients and structures of Mortar Cross living in actual skins.


저는 아토팜 리얼베리어 익스트림크림, 일명 장벽크림을 사용해왔었는데요,

아토팜 리얼베리어 크림은 장벽크림도 있지만 좀 더 촉촉하고 산뜻하게 사용할 수 있는

인텐스 모이스처 크림 (수분크림) 도 있답니당.

I have used ATOPALM Real Barrier Extreme Cream,

but there is also Intense Moisture Cream that makes your skins

more moisturized.




그래서 오늘! 그 두가지 크림을 비교해드리려고하는데용,

개인적으로 이번 겨울 리얼베리어 익스트림 크림 덕에

피부가 하얗게 일어나지 않고 촉촉하게 유지됐던 거 같아용.

진짜 피부장벽크림이라서 그런지 피부가 개선되어서

친구들한테 엄청 영업하고 다녔던 기억이 ㅋㅋㅋ

So today! I will compare the two creams.

Personally, my skins were kept moisturized during this winter

thanks to Real Barrier Extreme Cream.

As it is an authentic skin barrier cream, it improved my skins,

so I advertised it so much targeting my friends, hahaha.
인텐스 모이스처 크림 (수분크림) vs 익스트림 크림 (장벽크림)

Intense Moisture Cream vs Extreme Cream


두가지 크림 모습이에요! 외관은 똑같즁?

하지만 그 속은 다르다는거~

These are the two creams! They have the same appearance.

However, they have different contents.




인텐스 모이스처 크림은 완전 젤 크림은 아니지만

익스트림 크림보다 더 묽고 촉촉한 제형이에요.

각 각 48시간, 72시간동안 수분이 유지된다고해요!

그래서 익스트림 크림은 각질이 많이 일어나는 민감성, 악건성피부에게 추천하고

모이스처 크림은 중건성 피부가 유수분 밸런스를 맞추기 위한 제품으로 추천드려요:)

Although Intense Moisture Cream is not a total gel cream,

it is more watery than Extreme Cream.

They keep our skins moisturized for 48 hours and 72 hours, respectively!

So I recommend Extreme Cream to those that have sensitive or dry skins with many dead skin cells,

and Moisture Cream to those that need to balance the water on their middle-dry skins.




좀 더 자세한 크림 제형을 보여드릴게요!
이렇게 손등에 올려보니 그 차이가 눈에 보이시죠?

Let me show you the feelings of the creams in detail.

Can you see the differences on the back of my hand?



익스트림 크림이라고해도 유분감이 엄청 심하거나 하진않아요!:)

However, even Extreme Cream is not that super-sticky!:)


제형이 달라서 본인 피부 컨디션에 맞게끔 사용하면 되는데,

두 제품 모두 피부 장벽을 탄탄하게 유지시켜주는 기능이 있답니다!

피부 장벽이 무너지는 순간 피부가 더 건조해지고 트러블이 날 수 있으니

우리에게 피부장벽은 정말 중요한 요소에요!

As the two have different natures, you can select one that fits for your skin condition.

Both the two have the function to keep your skin barriers firm.

If skin barriers break down, our skins could get dryer,

so skin barriers are so important elements for us!
인텐스 모이스처 크림과 익스트림 크림을 각각 발라본 모습인데

얼굴에 발랐을 때도 차이가 있죵?

확실히 인텐스 모이스처 크림은 쏙 흡수되서 피부 겉에 남는게 없어용.

익스트림 크림은 보습막이 싹- 생겨서 촉촉함이 더 오래가구요!!

Intense Moisture Cream and Extreme Cream show differences

also on the face, right?

Definitely, Intense Moisture Cream is totally absorbed into skins, leaving nothing on the surface.

On the other hand, Extreme Cream creates external layers of the skins that prevent loss of moisture!!


개인적으로 겨울에는 익스트림 크림을,

그리고 봄, 가을에는 인텐스 모이스처 크림을 사용하는걸 추천드려욥!

Personally, I recommend Extreme Cream in winter

and Intense Moisture Cream in Spring and Autumn!




Introducing Atopalm Real Barrier!


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Real Barrier Essence Mist moisturizes and calms the skin with a convenient spray-on formula.

Real Barrier Intro Serum boosts comfort and moisture while prepping the skin to receive maximum benefits from all subsequent products.

Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream uses our patented MLE, but also offers moisture with hyaluronic acid and dual ceramides to supply unparalleled moisturization.

Real Barrier Extreme Cream also moisturizes and supports the skin’s barrier with MLE, but also firms and tightens the skin with Idealift.

Real Barrier Eye Contour Cream is an anti-aging power cream designed for the “triangle zone” — the outer eye area to the lips — to minimize fine lines and other visible signs of aging.

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