Korean Skin Care Regimen by Atopalm

Korean skin care has been on the rise for a long time now, but what makes it so special? Here’s a look at why Korean skin care products and a Korean skin care regimen may be just what your skin needs.

  1. Atopalm Korean skin care uses gentle ingredients that won’t strip or damage the skin. Many other leading formulas achieve “results” by using harsh ingredients which stress the skin into exhibiting false improvement, only to then throw the skin off its normal balance. Atopalm products work to support the skin’s natural, healthy functions to create beauty and comfort from within.
  2. Korean skin care regimens focus on pampering and caring for the skin. Emphasis is placed on treating the skin kindly, both with ingredients and the actual application process. Skin isn’t tugged or scrubbed; rather, it’s massaged and loved!
  3. Korean skin care products are used religiously. Once a regimen is built, it is followed every day. This dedication is essential to great results, as well as maintaining the healthy skin you’ve worked to achieve.

Atopalm has been the #1 skin care for sensitive skin in Korea for ten consecutive years, and has been awarded the KBPI Golden Brand seal for sensitive skin. So while the Korean skin care regimen is becoming popular, Atopalm has been leading the pack in its home country, making it the ideal choice for someone who is ready to take their skin seriously.

Learn more about Korean skin care and learn our special Atopalm Korean skin care regimen over on the site!

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Real Barrier Eye Contour Cream Review

눈가관리 아이 컨투어 크림으로!

Eye Contour Cream for managing the area around your eyes!

제가 리얼베리어 아이컨투어 크림을 써보고 너무 좋아서 후기를 들고 왔어용ㅎㅎ


I’m posting this review because I was so happy with the results of Real Barrier Eye Contour Cream.

제가 사실 피부관리를 안하는 스타일이에요ㅠㅠ
피부가 쓰렉인데도 불구하고 귀찮아서 안하는…
근데 점점 피부도 너무 심하고 요새는 눈의 피로가 쉽게 오니까 그 주뱐도 거뭇거뭇하고 주름도 점점 생기는 것 같고…
그래서 관리를 해야겠다 싶어서 아이크림을 사용해봤어요!!

To be honest, I’m not the type of person who cares much about skin care. ☹ Even though my skin is bad, I am just too lazy…

But then, I felt that my skin condition was getting worse. Besides, with increasing eye strain these days, I felt that the area around my eyes is darkening and getting more wrinkles.

Realizing that I needed some care, I tried the eye cream!!

아무래도 리얼베리어 제품은 유해한 성분이 없어서 저같은 민감성에게는 딱이기 대문에 리얼베리어 제품을 사용해 봤습미당ㅎㅎ
근데 소량을 발라도 확실히 광이 나고 탄력 있는 느낌…!

I thought the Real Barrier products would be perfect for my sensitive skin since they don’t contain any harmful ingredients. I went and tried the product.

With just a little dab, I could see my skin glow and become bouncy! Impressive!

엄마도 쓰시는 중인데 촉촉하고 너무 좋다고 좋아하셨어요!!

My mom is also using the product and she says it feels moist and perfect on her skin!!

눈가나 입가는 어릴 때부터 관리가 필요하잖아요!

It’s really important to take care of the areas around your eyes and mouth early on!

다들 눈가, 입가 주름 관리 아이컨투어크림으로 하시는 거 추천해요><

I highly recommend the Eye Contour Cream for wrinkle care around the eyes and mouth. 😊

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Real Barrier Intro Serum Review

피부가 먹는 첫 이유식!!! 인트로 세럼.

The first weaning food for your skin!!! Intro serum.

리얼베리어에 또 반했네요 ^^
장벽크림에 홀릭되어, 정말 탄탄한 피부 가지게 되었는데
이번에 알게 된 인트로 세럼은
첫 단계부터 감동을 주니,,, 아니 홍보할수가요 ㅋㅋㅋ

I have fallen in love with Real Barrier again. ^^ I’ve been hooked on its cream which made my skin firm and healthy. The Intro Serum I got to know this time amazed me from the first step that I can’t help but promote!  

 토너, 스킨, 로션, 크림 등등
단계별로 기초화장을 하는 편인데
장벽크림을 바르기 전까지는
피부가 채워졌다는 느낌을 받지 못하는 상태에서
바르기만 하고 있었는데요.

Toner, skin softener, lotion, cream etc. I usually follow the basic skin care routine by step. Before applying the Real Barrier cream, I just used the products without really feeling that my skin has been filled.  

이번 인트로 세럼은 첫 단계부터 시작하게 되니,
정말 피부 촘촘히 흡수되는 것을 느끼고요!!!

Now that I begin with the Intro Serum at the first step, I do feel that the product is being absorbed into my skin!!!

 사용할 때마다 피부가 좋아짐을 느끼니 정말 좋아요 ㅋㅋㅋ
주변 지인들도 제가 사용하는 리얼베리어에 대해 계속 묻고,
자문을 구하네요~~~

I am so happy with this product because I feel my skin improving each time I use it. People around me continue to ask me about the Real Barrier products I am using and seek advice from me.  

기초화장을 잘 바르시는데,
채워지지 않는 무언가가 있었다고 느끼신 분들께 추천드립니다. ^^

I recommend this product to those of you who faithfully follow the basic skin care routine and still feel there is something missing. ^^  

인트로 세럼, 인생템 같아요 ㅋㅋㅋ
Intro Serum is definitely for keeps. 

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Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream Review

예민한 복합성 피부이신 분들께 강추!

Highly recommended for sensitive and complex skin type!

저는 환절기는 물론 계절이 바뀔 때마다 얼굴 전체가 좁쌀여드름으로 뒤덮을 정도로 피부가 극도로 예민했습니다. 피부가 예민하다보니 건조해도 아무 크림이나 못 바르고 그러면 또 각질이 모공을 덮어 좁쌀여드름이 더 심해지는 악순환이 계속 됐는데요. 순한 보습크림을 찾던 중 피부장벽을 키워준다는 아토팜 광고 문구를 보고 속는 셈치고 리얼 베리어 모이스처 크림을 주문했습니다. 오프라인으로 익스트림 크림, 모이스처 크림 질감을 비교해보고 네오팜 앱으로 주문했는데요. (사은품 챙겨 주셔서 짱이득! 참고로 오프라인으로는 왓슨스 매장에서 테스트해봤습니다. ) 리얼 베리어 라인 정말 너무 고마울 정도로 최고입니다. 월요일부터 오늘 금요일, 5일간 아침 저녁으로 발랐는데 눈에 띄게 좁쌀여드름이 들어 갔구요. 피부질감도 매끄러워졌습니다. 발라보고 효과가 너무 좋아서 클렌징, 스킨, 로션, 크림 전부 리얼 베리어 라인으로 바꿨습니다. 저는 서른세살인데 제 민감한 피부에는 약도 없을 줄 알았거든요. 피부샵, 피부과 다녀봐도 그때 뿐이고 피부가 좋아진다는 느낌을 못 받았는데 아토팜은 정말 제 피부타입에 잘 맞는 것 같아 너무 좋습니다. 제품 그대로 바뀌지 않길 바라며 피부미인 될 때까지 쭉 쓰겠습니다. 고맙습니다!

My skin used to be extremely sensitive that my entire face would be covered with millet-sized acne in-between seasons and whenever the weather changes. Having a sensitive skin, I couldn’t apply any cream even when my skin felt dry, which in turn made dead skin cells cover my pores and made my acne worse.

I was trapped in a vicious cycle. I was looking for a mild moisturizing cream when I saw the Atopalm advertising phrase saying that its products will strengthen the skin barrier. Since I had nothing to lose, I ordered Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream.

I compared Extreme Cream with Intense Moisture Cream in terms of their texture at an offline store, then ordered the Intense Moisture Cream via Neopharm application. (The company sent me free gifts! Woohoo! For your information, the offline store where I tested the products was the Watsons.)

I can’t thank the Real Barrier line enough: They are the best! I’ve been using the cream twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, for five days now and I can tell that the acnes are going away. My skin texture has also become much smoother.

After experiencing such remarkable effect, I changed all my skin care products including the cleanser, skin toner, lotion, and cream, to the Real Barrier line. I am 34-years-old and I thought there would be no remedy to my sensitive skin. I’ve been to aesthetic shops and dermatology clinics, but the treatments I’ve received were temporary. I didn’t feel that my skin was getting any better.

I am so happy with the Atopalm products because they are really great for my skin type. I hope that these products will continue to deliver their best quality as they have. I know I will continue to use them until I become a natural beauty. Thank you!

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Real Barrier Cleansing Foam Review

저자극에 약산성 타입, 데일리 케어로 좋은 클렌징 폼!

A mild and low-pH cleansing foam that is great for daily care!

아토팜 리얼베리어 크림 클렌징 폼!

Atopalm Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam

 자극이 적은데다가 피부 산성도와 같은 약산성 타입의 제품이라
피부 장벽을 보호해주고, 일반 클렌징폼보다 보습감을 훨씬 덜 빼앗아 가는 제품이에요 😀

Since this product is mild and is slightly acidic just like our skin’s natural pH level, it protects the skin barrier and makes the skin feel less over-stripped of its natural moisture. 😀    

그냥 맨손 등에 짜서 문질문질해 보아도 스킨케어 크림처럼 부드럽게 발라져요.
약간 꾸덕진 일반 클렌징 폼 같은 제형으로, 제형이나 향, 컬러 이런 면에서는 다른 클렌징폼과 크게 다른 점은 없어 보여요.

If you squeeze a dab of the cleanser on the back of your hand and rub it against the skin, you’ll see that it spreads softly like a skincare cream.

The formulation is similar to common cleansing foam that has that paste-like feel. I couldn’t find any huge difference with other cleansing foam in terms of formulation, fragrance, and color. 


 한손에는 카메라를 들고, 다른 손으로만 꿈질꿈질해서 거품을 내보았어요.
보통 약산성 클렌저들은 피부에 좋은 대신 거품이 잘 안 나는 점이 단점이잖아요!
이건 약산성 클렌저치고는 거품이 나는 편이에요.
하지만 그렇다고 일반 클렌저들만큼 엄청 나는 건 아닌 ㅠ_ㅠ

Holding a camera in one hand, I lathered up the cleanser with the other hand. Usually, low-pH cleansers are mild to your skin but has a disadvantage of giving less suds. However, this product tends to be sudsy for a low-pH cleanser. Still, it does not give that rich lather as common cleansers do.

그래서 저는 버블 메이커를 꼭 함께 사용해주고 있어요!
버블 메이커와 함께라면 약산성 클렌저도 폼폼한 거품이 뭉실뭉실 ‘ㅅ’)b

That is why I always use it with a bubble maker! Used with a bubble maker, this low-pH cleanser will surely give you that rich foamy cloud-like suds. ‘ㅅ’)b


 리퀴드 아이라이너, 립무스, 크림 멀티 제품을 팔뚝에 칠한 후 세정력 테스트를 해보았어요.

I applied some liquid eye liner, lip mousse and cream multi-product to put the cleanser to test.

세정력이 생각보다 훨씬 좋아서 깜짝 놀랐어요!
피부에 좋고 자극이 없는 제품이라는 설명을 보고 접한 제품이라서,
사실 세정력이 엄청 강하다기 보다는 피부를 보호해주면서 적절히 과다 유분을 닦아낼 정도일 거라고 예상을 했었거든요.

그런데 포인트 메이크업류를 싹싹 깔끔하게 지워내는 걸 보고 우왕 ‘ㅅ’)b
저자극 클렌저로 이런 세정력을 낼 수 있구나 싶더라구요!

I was honestly surprised as the result was far better than I had expected!

Since I chose the product based on the description that it is good for my skin and is mild, I didn’t expect a mighty strong cleansing effect. Rather, I expected it will moderately wash the excess oil while protecting my skin.

To my surprise, the cleanser completely removed all the point make-ups! ‘ㅅ’)b

I was amazed that a mild low-pH cleanser can produce such powerful cleansing effect!

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How to Remove Makeup for Healthier Skin

You’ve heard it before: cleanse skin morning and evening to optimize health and beauty. But did you know makeup removal should actually be separate from cleansing, and is just as important?

Leaving makeup on overnight, or applying makeup over yesterday’s makeup, is one of the leading causes of breakouts and skin irritation. Even the healthiest makeups aren’t meant to be left on your skin for days without removal.

For dry and sensitive skin, leaving makeup on means that your already compromised lipid layer is further damaged. It also means that your moisturizing skin care may not absorb as readily, which means your skin doesn’t get what it needs, and you waste your time and money on moisturizers that aren’t providing their full benefits!

In order to protect your skin’s health and beauty, and get the most out of your skin care products, makeup removal is absolutely essential. Here’s the best way to remove makeup at the end of each day.

Begin with your Atopalm foaming cleanser. Pump a generous amount into your hand, and massage the rich, foamy texture into your face using circular motions. Massage for a full minute, then rinse with tepid water and pat (don’t rub!) dry.

After washing your face, you’re ready to remove makeup with Cleansing Water. While it’s true that our foaming cleansers do a lot to loosen and break down makeup, there will still be trace amounts on your face. In addition, our foaming cleansers are not meant to remove eye makeup, while Real Barrier Cleansing Water is the best eye makeup remover you can use!

Apply Cleansing Water to a cotton pad, and massage with circular motions over the entire face, including the eye area. Repeat as necessary until all traces of makeup are removed.

Cleansing Water moisturizes as it removes makeup and cleans the skin. Most people prefer to apply a face cream after using Cleansing Water since the skin is perfectly prepped for maximum skin care benefits; however, it is completely up to you, since your skin will likely feel great after the Cleansing Water alone.

After you implement a true makeup removal step in your skin care regimen, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without removing your makeup at night. Your skin will show its thanks with improved health, comfort, radiance, and beauty!

What’s Your Skin Type

We spend a lot of time talking about dry and sensitive skin types on the Atopalm blog, since most of our customers fall into these categories. But did you know that Atopalm is beneficial for every skin type?

Whether your skin is normal, oily, dry, acne-prone, or any combination thereof, Atopalm can benefit your skin. How can one line be equally great for all skin types? All skin types need healthy moisture levels to function properly!

Since Atopalm’s main objective is to keep skin healthfully moisturized and support the skin’s lipid levels, all skin needs Atopalm. It’s that simple. While people have different preferences for skin care textures and types, the fact remains that Atopalm is beneficial for all.

You may wish to choose some Atopalm products over others depending on your skin type. In order to select the best products for you, you must first know what your skin type is. For some people, it’s obvious. You may have itchy, flaky, classically dry skin, or you may blot oil from your face all day.

For others, it’s not so simple. Combination skin can be tricky to categorize, as can skin that itches like dry skin but appears oily. Here’s a helpful guide to help you figure out what your skin type is!

Step one: take a shower and thoroughly wash face without a cleanser. Did you know that your non-Atopalm face cleanser may be over-stripping the skin of its oils, leading you to believe you have dry skin even if you don’t? In order to determine skin type, remove all makeup and simply wash your face with pure water.

Step two: wait two hours. Leave your face alone (no skin care products, and no touching!) and pass the time in whatever way you choose.

Step three: blot your entire face with a tissue, preferably one that doesn’t have added lotion. Gently blot, paying special attention to the T-zone, which ranges from your full forehead, down your nose, and to your chin.

Step four: review your findings by looking at your face as well as your blotting tissue. Your skin will fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Normal skin will not flake, itch, or feel tight. It appears supple and smooth, and is comfortable even without moisturizer. Normal skin is the unicorn of skin types!
  • Oily skin will leave visible oil on your tissue. Your skin may also appear shiny and feel slick to the touch. Those with oily skin often have large pores, and feel weighed down by heavy lotions or creams. Oily skin is also more likely to have acne breakouts, though any skin type is susceptible to blemishes.
  • Dry skin is the second most common skin type, largely due to the fact that most people are chronically dehydrated. Environmental damage also generally results in dry skin, including sun damage, harsh skin care products, and even central heating and air. Dry skin feels taut, especially after cleansing, and regularly shows flakes of dead skin. Pores are generally smaller, and large acne breakouts are less common but not unheard of.
  • Combination skin is the most common skin type, which shows how unhealthy most skin is. Combination skin is essentially the skin not knowing what to do with itself, as it shows traits of normal, oily, and dry skin. It is unbalanced, specifically showing dryness on the cheeks, and excess oil in the T-zone.

Now that you’ve determined your skin type, you can proceed knowing what your skin needs to look and feel its healthiest. With Atopalm, you can give your skin an advantage by first treating its hydration and barrier needs. After your skin’s most basic needs are met, many issues will resolve themselves and you may even find yourself getting nearer to the normal skin category we’d all love to be in!

A Quest for Healing: The Passionate Roots of Atopalm

“I’m also grateful for whatever force in me never let me give up. That I held onto that voice inside me that told me to find my own way, not to give in and follow anyone else, no matter how compelling their example seemed or their desire for me.” – Dr. Park, A Quest for Healing
Most successes in life are made possible by one driving force — passion. Atopalm is no exception.

Dr. Raymond Park, creator of MLE and founder of Atopalm, began his journey when two of his three sons could not be cured of their acute atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema. Dr. Park devoted his life to developing the first viable bio-identical non-prescription formula for healing and protecting the skin barrier — and succeeded in reaching his goal.

During his years of hard work developing this revolutionary skin care ingredient, Dr. Park was faced with the struggle of needing to devote his time and energy to his breakthrough formula, which meant he was not spending that time with the very sons he was working so hard to heal.

A Quest for Healing is the story of Dr. Park and his dedication to discovering multi-lamellar emulsion while facing the unforeseen difficulties of his own cultural conditioning, troubled relationships, and expectations of himself as a father.

A Quest for Healing is available for digital download at an introductory price of $0.99. This price is available for a limited time only, so don’t delay!

Download now in these available formats:

“It didn’t matter that the next part of my direction wasn’t clear because the most important thing was clear: I had taken my own direction. There was something inside me, invisible yet completely real, that was guiding me. In spite of any fears or doubts that might arise in my mind or heart, that something would be there and I knew somehow that I would be able to count on it. I could move forward with faith.” – Dr. Park, A Quest for Healing