UV Skin Safety: What You Need to Know

Sun safety is so much more than just avoiding sunburn. Here’s a look at UV skin care tips for keeping skin safe, comfortable, and beautiful this summer. The sun’s UV rays are broken down into three groups based on wavelength. UVC rays are almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere, while UVA and UVB rays reach us and have the potential of causing health issues, including: … Continue reading UV Skin Safety: What You Need to Know

Remove Eye Makeup the Korean Beauty Way

When it comes to Korean skin care aka K-beauty, gentleness and care are key. Pretty much everything that has to do with Korean beauty is based on treating the skin with true care and respect. Your skin is, after all, your largest organ and is responsible for so many things that keep your entire body happy and healthy. It deserves your respect! Even if you apply your skin care and makeup … Continue reading Remove Eye Makeup the Korean Beauty Way

Summer Travel Skin Care Products

Summer travels await! If you’re getting ready to head out on a summer adventure, don’t leave your skin care behind. Keeping skin comfortable and healthy while you travel will make your experience better and won’t cause you to play catch-up when you get home. Even if you have your daily ATOPALM skin care regimen down pat, you may be missing a summer travel essential. While … Continue reading Summer Travel Skin Care Products

Our Favorite Korean Skin Care Acne Spot Treatments

The foundation of K-beauty lies in treating the skin with care and respect. When it comes to acne, it’s hard to ignore the urge to destroy those blemishes by popping and drying them out of existence! Unfortunately, treating your skin so harshly can lead to causing wounds, infection, and even scarring. That’s why following the Korean skin care method is extra important when it comes to acne skin care. Targeting blemishes … Continue reading Our Favorite Korean Skin Care Acne Spot Treatments

Acne Awareness: Can Dry Skin Have Acne?

People associate acne with oily skin, but the truth is that most adults with acne actually have dry skin! The issue here is that most acne treatment products work by drying out the skin, resulting in issues like flaking, cracking, peeling, and excessive feelings of dryness. Whether you have a skin condition that causes acne (like rosacea) or you deal with hormonal breakouts, there are many ways to address acne blemishes without … Continue reading Acne Awareness: Can Dry Skin Have Acne?

Cooling Skin Care Tips

As summer heats up, it’s a good idea to have some skin care tips for cooling skin during hot days. These hot skin care tips are especially essential if you suffer from rosacea or another skin condition that is worsened by heat. When you’re feeling flushed or your skin just needs a breather, here are some ideas for cooling skin quickly and keeping it comfortable. Use a damp wash cloth. … Continue reading Cooling Skin Care Tips

Guest Review: ATOPALM Maternity Care Massage Oil

임산부오일: 아토팜 튼살크림으로 튼살 예방하기 Maternity Oil: Prevention of stretch marks with Atopalm Stretch Cream 임신 막달이 되면 튼살크림을 한 달에 한 통씩 비운다는 말을 실감하는 요즘이에요. 임신후 건조해진 피부는 후기가 되면서 더욱더 건조해지고, 또 불어오는 배개 보이니 불안한 마음에 하루에도 몇 번씩 튼살크림을 덧바르게 되고요. 하루에도 몇 번씩 바르는 임산부오일이다 보니 초중기보다 후기에 오히러 튼살크림 성분이 신경이 많이 쓰이는데 아기로션으로도 유명한 아토팜에서 믿을 수 … Continue reading Guest Review: ATOPALM Maternity Care Massage Oil