ATOPALM Rosacea Skin Care Regimen

  April is rosacea awareness month, and we’re here to spread the word — and some answers — about treating rosacea gently and effectively. With more than 14 million people affected by rosacea, it’s time to start doing more to treat this uncomfortable skin ailment. While rosacea isn’t dangerous, it can be downright painful, both physically and emotionally. Most people with rosacea experience telltale redness, acne blemishes, burning, … Continue reading ATOPALM Rosacea Skin Care Regimen

Real Barrier Three-Calming Complex

ATOPALM Real Barrier is known and loved for its wide range of deeply moisturizing and restorative products. But did you know that what really sets Real Barrier apart is its Three-Calming Complex? Real Barrier Three-Calming Complex is an expertly balanced blend of (you guessed it) three ingredients chosen for their soothing, nourishing, healing, and moisturizing qualities. Used alongside MLE, the Three-Calming Complex is able to nourish and … Continue reading Real Barrier Three-Calming Complex

K-Beauty Review: Real Barrier Extreme Cream

같은 제품을 다섯통 이상 산 건 처음이에요 This is the first time I’ve bought more than five of the same product. 저는 속은 건조하고 겉은 조금 기름이 도는 복합성 피부고 저희 엄마는 심한 건성이라 항상 다른 제품의 크림을 각자 사용했는대 아토팜을 만나고 같은 크림을 나눠 쓸 수 있게 됐어요! ㅠㅠ 속의 건조함은 잡아주대 겉은 부드럽고 기름기 없이 마무리 해줘요! ! 신세계!! 크림은 항상 처음에만 좋게 … Continue reading K-Beauty Review: Real Barrier Extreme Cream

Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream: K-Beauty Review

여름에도 무겁지않게 피부장벽에 수분충전을 하기 좋아요!! Perfect for keeping your skin lightly moisturized during the summer! 리얼베리어 인텐스모이스처 수분크림 기획세트로 출시되었더라고요. 올리브영에서 단독으로 한정판만 판매한다고 하는데, 얼릉 가서 더 사러 가야겠어요. 제가 엄청 건성피부라서 건조하게 피부가 자꾸 올라오는게 고민이었는데 밤에 바르고 자고 아침에 일어나면 아침까지도 피부가 촉촉해요. Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream was released as a promotional set. It’s being sold as a limited edition … Continue reading Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream: K-Beauty Review

Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam Review

리얼베리어 크림 클렌징폼 건성에게 추천!! Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam Recommended for Dry Skin!! 제가 클렌징폼을 사용하면 늘 닦고나서 당김이 있어서 바로 로션바르고 그러기 너무 귀찮고 그랬는데 리얼베리어 크림 클렌징 폼을 사용해보니까 진짜 닦고 난 이후에도 당김이 심하지 않아서 바로 달려가서 로션 바를 필요가 없어서 좋더라구요히힣 Whenever I use cleansing foams, I always felt a tightness and dryness to my face after rinsing. It was … Continue reading Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam Review

Real Barrier Extreme Cream Review

최악의 건조함 속에서 익스트림크림 덕분에 살았어요 ★★★★★ The perfect item to protect my skin from the worst dryness!                           민감성 피부인지도 몰랐던 저인데, 딱 보니 제가 딱 민감성 피부의 표본이더라구요 특히나 요즘들어 추운 날씨에는 트고, 가렵고, 울긋불긋 트러블까지… I didn’t even know I have sensitive skin. But now I know I am a … Continue reading Real Barrier Extreme Cream Review

Introducing Atopalm Real Barrier!

Atopalm Real Barrier is live, and it’s available for a short time at a special introductory price! Check out the full line here, or read on for a sneak peek at the new products… Real Barrier Cleansing Foam is a creamy, moisturizing face cleanser that offers acid-balanced purification so irritation-free use. Real Barrier Cleansing Water gently yet thoroughly removes makeup and impurities, leaving fresh and … Continue reading Introducing Atopalm Real Barrier!