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The prize? Our Moisturizing Body Lotion, of course! Lightweight and paraben-free, Atopalm Moisturizing Body Lotion sinks into the skin to provide long-lasting moisturization with MLE and other fantastic moisturizers. Allantoin conditions the skin for a smoother texture and vitamin E protects with anti-aging skin care antioxidants.

As with all of our products, Moisturizing Body Lotion is extremely gentle and safe for use on all skin types, including those suffering from eczema and psoriasis. As a special note, some doctors and dermatologists actually recommend that those suffering from psoriasis expose their skin to the sun for a short time every day in order to encourage healthier skin; our Moisturizing Body Lotion is ideal for use after this sun exposure to soothe irritation and protect against sun damage! Pair it with Psoriapalm and you have a comprehensive and effective psoriasis regimen.

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New Year, New You: Body Skin Care

Source: user Siri B.L.
Source: user Siri B.L.

Today we bring you the final installment in our New Year, New You Series. It’s been so fun to rebuild our ideas of skin care from the ground up, and we hope that you’ve learned a little bit along the way! If you missed the rest of the series, you can catch up by visiting the New Year, New You posts on Skin Cleansing, Moisturizing, Eye Care, and Building a Regimen.

When it comes to body skin care, most people think of a simple body lotion…Or nothing at all! The skin of the body isn’t as delicate or fussy as the skin on the face, so it’s easy to forget that the body needs skin care, too. This is especially true for those who suffer from psoriasis or eczema, though those people rarely have the luxury of forgetting to care for the skin on their body.

The good news is, even if you do suffer from an uncomfortable skin condition on the body, treatment usually only takes place once or twice a day. Additionally, the skin care products and application process takes far less time. So, without further ado, here are Atopalm’s body skin care tips.

1) Cleanse Gently
Whether you start or end your day with a shower, be sure to choose a gentle cleanser that does little more than remove dirt, debris, sweat, and body odor. A body wash or soap shouldn’t contain harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, which will strip and damage skin. Instead, choose a body cleanser made from coconut, castile, or another natural source.

2) Dry Sparingly
If you’re sure to remove every droplet of water from your body as soon as you step out of the shower, it’s time to change your routine. Excessively rubbing the body with a towel is damaging enough, but by removing all the moisture from your skin, you’re actually doing yourself a great disservice by taking away a great hydration source!

Instead of thoroughly drying your body after bathing, gently press your towel against your skin to remove excess moisture, while still leaving it a bit damp. While your skin is damp and you’re still in a steam-filled bathroom, move on to step number…

3) Moisturize Damp Skin
Moisturizing damp skin is so much better than applying a moisturizer to bone-dry skin. It seals in the moisture on the skin’s surface, which provides an immediate boost of hydration. It also keeps skin from becoming irritated by towel drying, and leaves the skin less vulnerable to damage cause between bathing and applying skin care products.

This tip is true for both body and face, but since we’re focusing on body skin care today, let’s talk about the types of products that are great for applying to damp skin.

For overall body skin care, our Moisturizing Body Lotion is an obvious must. Formulated with MLE, glycerin, allantoin, vitamin E and more, our body lotion provides unparalleled moisture while protecting and soothing the entire body. Skin care antioxidants and humectants keep skin feeling hydrated and comfortable all day long, and the body will take on a healthy and beautiful glow.

For more targeted body care, some like to add in our advanced Moisturizing Hand Treatment and Foot and Heel Balm. The Moisturizing Hand Treatment is the best hand moisturizer you’ll ever use. Imagine wrapping your hands in a layer of silk that instantly soothes feelings of dryness, roughness, and stinging — that’s what you’ll experience with Moisturizing Hand Treatment.

The Foot and Heel Balm is perfect for everyone from causal foot cream users to those suffering from dry, cracked heels and even diabetic foot problems. It heals cracked skin, softens calloused skin, and protects against future discomfort, resulting in well-rounded treatment.

You can purchase all of the above body care products in a discounted Body Bundle to save 25% off retail price. Or, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can purchase our Hand and Body BOGO Set, which includes two Moisturizing Hand Treatments and two Moisturizing Body Lotions for the price of only one set! That’s a savings of 50%!

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Moisturizing Body Lotion

Moisturizing Body Lotion

Does your dry, sensitive skin react to every body lotion you try? Do you suffer from extreme skin dryness and flaking because none of the formulas you try do the things they promise? If you’re sick of wasting money on skin care products that don’t work, I have great news for you…our Moisturizing Body Lotion delivers on its promises.

Moisturizing Body Lotion is truly perfect for all skin types, but it’s especially beneficial for dry skin and sensitive skin types. It’s formulated with only the best ingredients, meaning you won’t be wasting money on fillers and synthetic fragrances. Plus, it’s lightweight, paraben-free, and non-greasy, which makes it a breeze to apply and go.

Here’s a quick look at what makes Moisturizing Body Lotion such a great body moisturizer:

  • MLE Technology perfectly mimics your body’s natural lipids, meaning skin hydration is protected as naturally and efficiently as possible
  • Allantoin and vitamin E work together to condition, soothe, smooth, and protect the skin with skin care antioxidants
  • All-natural oils and extracts boost skin softness and radiance, which gives the body a healthy glow without artificial shimmer or glitter – you won’t need it when your skin shines from within!
  • The gentle formula won’t irritate skin with harsh chemicals and other ingredients, ensuring safe, gentle use for even the most sensitive skin types
  • Ideal for sufferers of eczemapsoriasis, and extremely dry skin patches caused by harsh weather conditions and artificial cooling and heating

If you’d love to try our body cream, you’re in luck! This week, we’re hosting a giveaway featuring a FREE Moisturizing Body Lotion as the prize! Simply visit the Atopalm Pinterest page, follow us, and re-pin any one of our current pins. Each re-pin will earn you an entry, so get clicking!

Causes of Dry Feet

Source: user Ivana Vasilj
Source: user Ivana Vasilj

Do you suffer from dry, cracked feet? You may think that the dry skin on your feet is from nothing but lack of hydration; however, oftentimes, dry feet are actually a symptom of a bigger condition or lifestyle choice. Here’s a look at the top five causes of dry feet, and how you can get smoother, softer skin.

Officially classified as an autoimmune disorder, psoriasis is often paired with other conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Symptoms of psoriasis include dry skin, itchy skin, and a buildup of dry skin cells which cause the skin to become cracked and thick.

Psoriasis doesn’t have any one official cause, but research shows that genetics, stress, injury, and certain medications may trigger a psoriasis outbreak. Psoriasis can appear anywhere on the body, but is often found on the feet, especially on the heels. It can become very uncomfortable and even painful. Psoriasis on the feet can also make sufferers too uncomfortable to wear socks, or too embarrassed to wear sandals. 

Extreme Temperature
One of the external causes of dry feet is extreme temperature. Cold, dry weather (think blustery winter weather) and hot, dry weather are the main culprits, but even modern climate control like heating and air can make skin dry and flaky. Using a humidifier may help to reduce the effects of weather on the skin, though only a topical solution will greatly improve comfort levels.

Hot Water
Similar to extreme temperatures, hot water is brutal on dry skin. Taking a hot bath or shower may feel great, but the water will wear away the skin’s natural lipids. This allows hydration to escape from the skin, and inhibits future moisture accumulation and protection. Instead of using hot water, try a 15-minute stint with warm water.

In addition to hot water, swimming in chlorinated water will cause similar damage to the lipid layer. You’ll feel the effects of a chlorine pool as soon as you exit, both in your skin and your hair. If you swim in chlorine, make sure to bathe in warm water (not hot!) with a gentle cleanser as soon as you can.

Those who suffer from diabetes know how it can affect the skin on the feet. Diabetes causes damage to the nerves in the legs and feet, including the nerves that control oil and moisture production. This leads to dry, cracked, and peeling skin on the feet. 

If your dry skin issues are related to diabetes, the main treatment should be focused on the diabetes itself and not the skin. However, caring for the skin to improve comfort is also important. Just remember to never soak your feet in hot water (this will worsen dry skin), and do not apply oils or creams between the toes to avoid causing infection such as athlete’s foot.

Lack of Care
This one’s a bit obvious, but it deserves a mention. If you don’t care for the skin on your feet, it will dry out — just like anywhere else on your body. No lipid layer is perfect, so help your skin out a little by applying a daily moisturizer.

If you’re at a loss for what to use, Atopalm has the answer for you. All of these dry skin causes may be very different, but they all have one thing in common: they can all be treated or helped with Atopalm’s Moisturizing Foot and Heel Balm.

Formulated with Atopalm’s patented MLE technology, Moisturizing Foot and Heel balm actually replenishes the skin’s lipid layer using plant-derived ingredients. The product also features natural oils and extracts to soothe discomfort and soften the skin, leading to a healthier look and feel. With regular use, dry, cracked skin is eradicated, and future moisture loss is reduced thanks to a replenished lipid layer.

You can WIN Moisturizing Foot and Heel balm this week over on our Twitter account! Simply visit AtopalmUSA‘s page, follow us, and tweet at us to tell us where your feet will take you this summer. You’ll not only be entered to win this product, but you’ll also earn an extra entry to our Mega Giveaway which will be unveiled at the end of the month!

Body Skin Care

Source: user Syed_W_CCT357
Source: user Syed_W_CCT357

You cleanse, moisturize, treat, and protect your face, but do you also pamper your body? Even the most regimented skin care lovers tend to forget everything from the neck down. Maybe it’s because the face is prominent and considered more important, or maybe it’s simply because the body seems like more of an undertaking than the face! The fact is body skin care is just as important as the complexion. Skin is skin, and it needs some help to stay healthy and beautiful!

If you’re concerned about the cost or work that goes into caring for the skin on your body, don’t be! Even though it does need a little help along the way, caring for your body’s skin is not as intensive as caring for your face because your body is protected most of the time by your clothes. Along those same lines, one doesn’t cover their body in makeup every day, or spend time rubbing, scratching, or picking at the skin on their body, so there’s often less to heal or treat.

The two most common areas of concern on the body are the hands and feet. It’s no surprise when you think of what your hands and feet have to endure all day! These areas often feature dry skin, peeling skin, condition flare-ups (like eczema), and in the case of the hands, signs of sun damage and premature aging.

Masking the issues in these areas with cheap skin care lotion can, unfortunately, make the issues worse. Using inferior ingredients on your skin can actually cause more drying and condition flare-ups. Instead, it’s wise to invest in a healing and protective formula. If your concerns lie within your hands and feet, especially dry or sensitive skin, a set like Atopalm’s Hand and Foot Duo is a must.

These two products use quality ingredients and a special advanced technology to restore natural hydration while soothing and preventing skin care concerns like eczema. They can also be used on other problem areas, like the knees and elbows, to restore beauty and balance.

For the rest of the body, regular cleansing and moisturizing are generally all that’s needed. Find a body lotion or body cream that supplies and seals in moisture while helping to protect with antioxidant botanicals, such as Moisturizing Body Lotion. One may also choose to exfoliate the body, which can help smooth and illuminate dull skin. Since the skin on the body is usually less sensitive than the skin on the face, a physical scrub is a great choice to remove dead skin cells in order to reveal healthy, luminous skin.

Do you have a favorite body skin care tip or product that you rely on? Share your thoughts in the comments!