What Happens if I Don’t Wash My Face?

You hear the same skin care tips over and over again: Don’t use harsh ingredients. Do moisturize skin while it’s still damp. Don’t forget your SPF. Do wash your face every morning and evening. But, what if you just…didn’t?

If you’ve ever wondered what your skin would do if you didn’t wash your face every day, but you’ve never actually wanted to risk the results, this post is for you. Here’s a glimpse at what your skin would do if you didn’t remove the daily buildup of debris from your face!

Sebum Would Build Up
One of your skin’s main functions is to create a waterproof barrier that keeps external aggressors and pollutants from invading your body. In order to create this barrier, your skin produces oil, called sebum, which mixes with sweat and dead skin cells to create a shield against things like bacteria from penetrating the skin. Gross? Yup. Important? Yup.

However, it’s just as important to remove the hardened coating after it’s done its job for a while—say, every morning and evening. If you’re not cleansing away this sebum-sweat-dead cell buildup, you’re also not cleansing away the dirt and pollutants (not to mention makeup) that the natural barrier trapped during the day.

As the barrier sits, it further traps new sebum, sweat, and dead cells from exiting your hair follicles—add bacteria, and you have a blemish. Or blemishes, more likely. Regardless of your skin type, you’re prone to breakouts if you’re not clearing the traffic jam in your follicles.

Your Skin Would Look Dull
When you wash your skin regularly, you help your dead skin cells to slough away, which reveals the new and healthy skin cells beneath. These new, healthy cells are what give your skin a healthy glow.

If you stopped washing your face, your dead cells would become trapped in the sebum on the surface of the skin. As your skin continued to create new cells, the dead skin cells would pile up, hiding the healthy cells underneath. Your skin would take on a dull appearance, and perhaps even look blotchy and uneven since dead cells don’t pile up evenly.

Itchiness Would Drive You Crazy
Everything described above would lead to an extremely uncomfortable situation…itchiness. As everything piles up on the skin’s surface, your skin will become more and more irritated, and would let you know in the form of itchiness.

As if the situation wasn’t bad enough already, this itchiness would obviously lead to scratching. When you scratch your skin, you’re introducing bacteria from your fingernails, as well as putting yourself at the risk of causing broken skin. You can only imagine what comes next, as broken skin plus bacteria is a bad combination; one that’s likely to lead to infection.

The Good News
Now that we’ve painted a pretty bleak picture, here’s the good news: all you have to do is wash your face. That’s it! It’s not just about taking off makeup, but rather creating a firm foundation for whole skin health. And it’s actually incredibly easy!

Just choose a cleanser that makes your skin feel great, and keep your skin healthy!

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