Vote for Your Favorite Korean Skin Care Best Seller!

It’s time to let your voice be heard! Leave a comment to let us know which ATOPALM family formula is your favorite: Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream or ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream. These two Korean skin care best-sellers each have their own dedicated fan base. Whether you are a Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream diehard or an ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream devotee, we want to hear … Continue reading Vote for Your Favorite Korean Skin Care Best Seller!

Korean Skin Care for Chapped Winter Skin

Skin chapping and excessive irritation is much more common during winter thanks to harsh weather, outside activities, hot water, and even indoor heating! If your skin is acting up this winter, we have the Korean skin care tips you’ve been looking for.   Step one is to remember to hydrate! It’s easy to remember to drink water during summer when the weather keeps you feeling thirsty, but … Continue reading Korean Skin Care for Chapped Winter Skin

Fall Skin Care Transitions

Fall chills are finally here! While many are rejoicing for pumpkin spice, boots, and baking, others are dreading skin flare-ups caused by harsher weather and indoor heating. If you belong to the latter group, never fear: ATOPALM is here! We want you to enjoy the best that fall has to offer without worrying about your skin. Your skin care regimen may need some tweaking, but … Continue reading Fall Skin Care Transitions

Acne Awareness: Can Dry Skin Have Acne?

People associate acne with oily skin, but the truth is that most adults with acne actually have dry skin! The issue here is that most acne treatment products work by drying out the skin, resulting in issues like flaking, cracking, peeling, and excessive feelings of dryness. Whether you have a skin condition that causes acne (like rosacea) or you deal with hormonal breakouts, there are many ways to address acne blemishes without … Continue reading Acne Awareness: Can Dry Skin Have Acne?

Korean Skin Care Review — Cicarelief Serum

흔적세럼 리얼베리어 시카릴리프 민감성피부에 굿 Real Barrier Cicarelief Serum, Good for Sensitive Skin 안녕하세요, 제이챙 입니다앗! 피부 걱정 1도 없던 소싯적도 있었는데 요즘은 가을 지나 겨울이 오는게 두려워 겁씨 납니다 (흐규) 잠깐만 외출하고 와도 건조한 바람 때문에 피부가 확 당기거나 따끔거리기도 하고 사무실에서도 당김이 점점 심해지더라구요 그래서 피부를 빠르게 진정시켜주는 제품을 자주 사용하고 있는 중인데 오늘은 요런 피부 고민에 딱인 흔적세럼 리얼베리어 시카릴리프 세럼을 소개해드릴게욤 … Continue reading Korean Skin Care Review — Cicarelief Serum

Sunburn Skin Care Tips

Summertime is fraught with over-drying conditions. Sun exposure, chlorine, and even air conditioning all contribute to the over-drying of skin. But the biggest concern for skin during summer is, of course, the dreaded sunburn. Even if you’re a religious SPF user, you may realize you’ve gotten a little red after a day outside. When skin is burned, it may be any color from pink to … Continue reading Sunburn Skin Care Tips

How to Find Your Acne Type

Not all acne is created equal. If you’re an acne sufferer, it’s a good idea to determine what type of acne you have before you choose a treatment plan. Use the below symptom guide to assess your acne and try to determine your acne type. To begin, acne is generally separated into two categories: inflammatory acne and non-inflammatory acne. Within these categories, there are many … Continue reading How to Find Your Acne Type