Skin Care Tips for Camping

Source: user bigoneep
Source: user bigoneep

If you have dry, sensitive skin, you know that you can’t just ignore your skin for days on end and have it remain comfortable and healthy-looking. Even normal skin types have trouble when dropping their regimen for large chunks of time!

This causes a problem when you’re looking to spend a few nights in the great outdoors. Camping can be fun, relaxing, and invigorating, but if you have to drag along a slew of skin care products, it can also be annoying. The great news is that if you’re using Atopalm, you only need a couple items to get you through a few days at the campground.

For normal to dry skin types, you’ll need just TWO Atopalm products. Extremely dry and sensitive skin types may want to take along one extra product, but we promise it won’t take up too much space in your backpack.

When it comes time for your next camping trip, here’s all you need to keep skin comfortable, healthy, and beautiful.

Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes are Atopalm’s travel-friendly cleansing and moisturizing product. They remove excess oil, sweat, dirt, and debris while wrapping skin in a light layer of hydration. They’re perfect for camping because they cleanse without water and won’t strip the skin.

While camping, you should do your best to leave makeup at home. Let nature see your natural beauty! However, if you insist on bringing along your makeup items, the Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes will also remove all traces of pigment from the face and eye areas.

After cleansing, apply Atopalm’s BB Cream for moisture, SPF 20, and natural-looking coverage without the need for foundation. The BB Cream is ideal for use while on-the-go because it accomplishes three essential beauty tasks in one simple step.

SPF 20 broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must even if your camping weather is blustery — the sun’s rays can still cause damage, even if all you can see is a layer of clouds!

You can buy the dynamic duo of Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes and BB Cream for 20% off retail price when purchased together. This set is not only perfect for camping skin care – it’s great for any overnight bag, or even a quick at-home regimen! It’s available as the Quick and Easy Duo – Light and Quick and Easy Duo – Medium.

Last but not least is our third “bonus” product for those with very dry and sensitive skin. If you suffer from rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, or any other dry skin condition that demands extra moisture, never leave home without using your Intensive Moisturizing Cream. It will thoroughly replenish moisture while helping keep flaking and redness at bay.

If you don’t want to travel with your full size product, check out the travel size Intensive Moisturizing Cream. It’s perfect for keeping in your travel bag, or even your purse for re-application!

We hope that our products keep your skin healthy and beautiful no matter where you are!

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