New Year, New You: Eye Care

Today’s post is the third installment in our New Year, New You series. If you missed out on the first two posts, be sure to give them a look! New Year, New You: Skin Cleansing and New Year, New You: Moisturizing will teach you the importance of these two skin care basics.

Eye skin care is often the most overlooked area of skin care. Many people feel that their normal facial moisturizer is enough, or they simply don’t want to spend more money on eye cream. The problem is that the eye area is one of the most delicate areas of skin on the entire body, and is therefore prone to damage and premature signs of aging.

The skin around the eyes is like tissue paper; thin, easily wrinkled and damaged, and in need of a gentle touch. When left alone, the eye area is extremely prone to environmental damage and sun damage which leaves it dry, discolored, and headed toward premature skin aging. Similarly, if the eye area only experiences face cream or other improper skin care, it’s at risk of becoming damaged by harsh ingredients and formulas.

The only way to care for the eye area is to use a cream formulated especially for the eye area. Makes sense, right? Eye creams contain targeted ingredients designed to moisturize, protect, and treat eye area concerns — no other skin care formula does this! Just like you should never use shampoo to wash your face or eye makeup remover as deodorant, you should never use face cream instead of an eye cream.

When searching for an eye cream or eye serum, it all comes down to personal concerns and preferences. For those with dry skin or sensitive skin, a richly moisturizing eye cream with anti-aging ingredients is in need. This sort of formulation will restore proper hydration to the eye area while preventing damage and premature skin aging.

Now, I keep referring to this “premature skin aging” and you may be wondering what that means, exactly. Premature skin aging refers to false visible signs of aging caused by environmental and sun damage. Signs include fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (dark under eye circles) and puffiness or bags. While it’s true that no one can age without seeing some of these signs, an eye cream or eye serum can help to prevent or diminish them, causing one to look youthful far past when they would normally show signs of aging.

To see an example of how Atopalm’s Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum can transform your eye area, check out these amazing before and after photos, taken after only six months of using the formula:
Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum
Clearly, the right eye skin care product and formulation can make all the difference when it comes to smoothing, brightening, moisturizing, and protecting the eye area. Don’t forget this important part of your New Year, New You skin care regimen, and don’t forget to use your NEWYOU discount code at checkout to receive $10 off any $60+ order and free shipping within the US!

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