Give More to Your Body with Extreme Body Oil

When it comes to body skin care, many people slather on some cheap moisturizer and call it a day. We’re here to tell you why you need to be doing more for the skin on your body!

While it’s true that the skin on your body tends to require a little less devotion, it still needs your help to stay healthy and beautiful. This is especially true if you suffer from skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, seasonal skin conditions, or sensitive skin in general. You may also have trouble areas that need a little more TLC than the rest of your body, like dry elbows or cracked heels.

By doing just a bit more for your body, you’ll see an improvement in suppleness, radiance, tone, and texture. In winter, your skin will remained moisturized and won’t show signs of cold-related stress like ashiness or rough texture. In summer, your skin will look supple and radiant, like you’ve spent a day on the beach without the ill effects of the sun.

One of our ATOPALM secret weapons for beautiful body skin is the Real Barrier Extreme Body Oil. As one of our newer products, it hasn’t been featured many times, but we’re sure you’ll love this great addition to your body skin care routine.


Extreme Body Oil is a lightweight nourishing oil blend that deeply replenishes and moisturizes skin. The pure formula features only 10 EWG Green grade ingredients including a slew of nourishing and moisturizing oils. It’s the perfect daily moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin types, but may also be used as a massage oil or layered with Moisturizing Body Lotion for unbeatable moisture.

The oils used in Extreme Body Oil are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog pores. It absorbs beautifully in the skin so you won’t feel greasy, and the immediate sheen gives way to a radiance that looks like you’re glowing from within.

Use Extreme Body Oil after shaving, after sun exposure, before heading into extreme elements, or any other time your skin needs a boost. You can also use it to spot treat problem areas and regain a healthy, uniform tone and texture to the skin.

Shop Real Barrier Extreme Body Oil now >>

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