Dealing With Eczema in Fall and Winter

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Eczema flare-ups can happen any time of year, but fall and winter throw some extra eczema triggers into the mix. If you’re struggling with keeping your skin calm and comfortable as the weather cools, follow these helpful tips for restoring health to your eczema-prone skin.

Turn Down the Temp
Indoor heating and hot water can both trigger eczema flare-ups. These sources of heat over-dry the skin and can make the itching, burning, and dryness of eczema much worse.

Instead of bathing in hot water, turn the temperature down to a more tepid level. Similarly, instead of heating your house to comfort, opt for heavier clothing and blankets instead. These tips will also cut down on utilities costs during the fall and winter seasons!

Stay Hydrated
It’s easy to meet your water intake goals during spring and summer when the heat serves as a reminder, but it’s just as important to stay hydrated during cooler months — especially for those with dry skin and conditions like eczema.

Remember to get at least 64-ounces of water per day. It’s true that other liquids like tea, milk, juice, etc. can count toward fluid intake goals, but nothing does the trick for your body and skin just like pure H2O.

Moisturize When You Brush
If you’re the type to moisturize only after bathing, it’s time to change those habits. A good way to remember to moisturize eczema-prone skin is to apply your skin care moisturizer when you brush your teeth every morning and evening.

By focusing on moisturizing skin with ATOPALM at least twice a day, you’ll be ensuring that your skin has continuous protection against over-drying while MLE actually works to heal the skin itself. It’s like applying a full-service crew to your skin, and you don’t want to miss a shift!

Following these very easy steps will go a long way toward keeping eczema-prone skin happy and healthy all season long.


After Sun Skin Care Tips for Dry and Sensitive Skin

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For many people, dry skin ends as soon as winter does! Dry skin during summer is less common than during winter, but for true dry skin sufferers, summer can bring with it a whole new slew of dry and sensitive skin issues.

But there is hope! Here are our tips for keeping your dry, sensitive skin healthy and comfortable all summer long.


Keep it Cool
Staying cool is essential for all sensitive skin sufferers, but especially for those with rosacea. Remaining indoors or in the shade will keep skin cooler and help prevent excess redness and flushing. It also helps prevent sweating, which can further irritate skin.

If you live in an area that gets very hot during summer, staying cool might be tricky, but it is possible. The obvious first suggestion is to stay indoors or at least in covered, shady areas. If that’s not possible, wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your skin from direct sunlight, or use a parasol to keep skin shaded. As a last defense, spritz your skin with water throughout the day to cool its surface temperature, or take a quick dip in the pool to reduce your core body temperature. (Just remember to shower and moisturize after!)

Keep it Clean
As previously mentioned, sweat can irritate sensitive skin. Sweat on its own is not an irritant; however, for sensitive skin, sweat can lead to itching and discomfort as it dries. This can leave skin feeling worn, tight, and tired.

The simplest way to prevent sweat-caused irritation is to stay clean. After exercising or spending time in the sun, bathe if you can, or use a wet washcloth to very gently remove excess sweat and cool the skin’s surface. This way, you’ll fully avoid the discomfort and irritation caused by sweat drying on your skin.

Keep it Moisturized
Moisturizing during summer doesn’t provide the same satisfaction as it does during winter. If you’re already hot, your moisturizing cream may feel heavy or cloying. If you head outside immediately after you finish your skin care routine, you may start to sweat through your products.

However, keeping skin moisturized during summer is an absolute must. It allows the skin to maintain its healthy functions, giving it the ability to better protect itself against sun damage. Think of moisturizing like giving the skin the tools it needs to perform its best. Plus, your skin will look and feel healthier, too!

Moisture Mist is a fast and easy way to deliver rich moisture to the skin without feeling too heavy. It’s perfect for extremely dry skin types that need a pick-me-up midday, or for any other skin type after it’s lost moisture from summer play. It makes a great post-shave treatment, after sun soother, skin refresher and more. It makes summer moisturizing a breeze!


By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the healthier, more comfortable skin all summer long.


Best Creams for Summer Skin Irritation

When most people think of summer, they think fun: vacationing, swimming, camping, day trips…It’s difficult to avoid fun during summer!

But for a select few, summer brings with it skin discomfort and inconvenience. If you suffer from a skin condition that is worsened by heat or sun, or if you’re prone to environmental irritation, this post is for you.

The best creams for summer skin irritation are from ATOPALM. Our ATOPALM 130+ line was designed with ultra sensitive skin in mind! Whether you have a chronic skin condition or simply have irritable skin, ATOPALM 130+ can help.

ATOPALM 130+ is a simple line comprised of only two products: Concentrated Intensive Cream and Concentrated Intensive Facial Moisturizer with Panthenol. The line is named ATOPALM 130+ because it contains 30% more active soothing ingredients than our traditional MLE line. That means extra comfort and protection for your ultra dry, sensitive skin.

Here’s a glimpse at the ATOPALM 130+ duo as a whole:

What it Contains:

  • ATOPALM MLE to mimic this skin’s natural lipid barrier
  • Patented plant origin ceramides to bind water to the skin
  • Squalane, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, and vitamin E to deeply moisturize and provide anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-septic actions
  • Phytosterols and allantoin to calm and soothe irritated skin
  • Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavenda) Oil to supply a mood-enhancing aroma

What it doesn’t contain:

  • Parabens
  • Ethanol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Mineral Oil
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • PEG
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • Benzophenone
  • Diathanolamine
  • Artificial Pigments

By carefully selecting which ingredients go into and stay out of ATOPALM 130+, we’ve ensured safe, irritation-free use for every skin type and condition.

ATOPALM 130+ can be seamlessly inserted into any Korean skin care regimen as your daily moisturizer, or it can be used as-needed on skin irritation or condition flare-ups. During summer, ATOPALM 130+ should be your go-to for treating sunburn, mild reactions to chlorine or saltwater, and even poison oak or poison ivy rash.

Visit the ATOPALM 130+ page to read more about these incredibly potent products, and choose the right one for your summer skin care needs.

Best Summer Skin Care Products

Keeping skin safe in summer shouldn’t be a hassle! Don’t let summer skin care feel like a chore; simply keep it healthy and comfortable with ATOPALM.

All skin needs specialized care during summer, but dry and sensitive skin types are very prone to sun damage. Dry skin can become even drier with prolonged sun exposure, plus pool chlorine and salt water can also demolish what little moisture your dry skin was able to hold onto!

When it comes to sensitive skin, sun exposure, chlorine, and salt water also cause issues, but these issues are often even more extreme than what dry skin deals with. Sensitive skin conditions like rosacea are worsened by heat alone, and simply become worse with direct sun and water exposure. Then there are those conditions linked directly to sun exposure, like polymorphous light eruption, which is an allergic reaction to the sun!

But here’s some great news: most summertime dry skin conditions and sensitive skin issues can be addressed with ATOPALM products! All ATOPALM products can be used year-round, but some formulas in particular are fantastic for preventing and calming summer skin care concerns. Here’s a look at just a few:


ATOPALM Moisture Mist is a versatile, spray-on moisturizer. It’s a must-have for use immediately after sun exposure and swimming to replenish moisture and keep skin comfortable. It also gives your skin a burst of radiance without the health risks of tanning!

ATOPALM Daytime Undermakeup Moisture Cream is a lightweight MLE moisturizer and makeup primer in one. It’s great for use as a lighter summertime moisturizer for normal to oily skin, or layered over another ATOPALM moisturizer for drier, more sensitive skin types.

ATOPALM Real Barrier Cleansing Water
offers travel-friendly, water-free cleansing you can use anytime, anywhere. A must-have for camping and weekend getaways!


ATOPALM 130+ Concentrated Intensive Facial Moisturizer with Panthenol is a rich moisturizer created with extremely dry, sensitive skin types. While most people prefer lighter moisture in summer, ultra sensitive skin still needs extra protection and moisture to remain comfortable. The added benefit of panthenol also makes this cream perfect for use on mild to moderate irritation caused by environmental elements.

Adding any of these sensitive skin care products to your daily summer skin care routine will go a long way toward keeping skin looking and feeling healthy all summer long.

Shop all summer skin care from ATOPALM now!

What’s Your Skin Type

We spend a lot of time talking about dry and sensitive skin types on the Atopalm blog, since most of our customers fall into these categories. But did you know that Atopalm is beneficial for every skin type?

Whether your skin is normal, oily, dry, acne-prone, or any combination thereof, Atopalm can benefit your skin. How can one line be equally great for all skin types? All skin types need healthy moisture levels to function properly!

Since Atopalm’s main objective is to keep skin healthfully moisturized and support the skin’s lipid levels, all skin needs Atopalm. It’s that simple. While people have different preferences for skin care textures and types, the fact remains that Atopalm is beneficial for all.

You may wish to choose some Atopalm products over others depending on your skin type. In order to select the best products for you, you must first know what your skin type is. For some people, it’s obvious. You may have itchy, flaky, classically dry skin, or you may blot oil from your face all day.

For others, it’s not so simple. Combination skin can be tricky to categorize, as can skin that itches like dry skin but appears oily. Here’s a helpful guide to help you figure out what your skin type is!

Step one: take a shower and thoroughly wash face without a cleanser. Did you know that your non-Atopalm face cleanser may be over-stripping the skin of its oils, leading you to believe you have dry skin even if you don’t? In order to determine skin type, remove all makeup and simply wash your face with pure water.

Step two: wait two hours. Leave your face alone (no skin care products, and no touching!) and pass the time in whatever way you choose.

Step three: blot your entire face with a tissue, preferably one that doesn’t have added lotion. Gently blot, paying special attention to the T-zone, which ranges from your full forehead, down your nose, and to your chin.

Step four: review your findings by looking at your face as well as your blotting tissue. Your skin will fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Normal skin will not flake, itch, or feel tight. It appears supple and smooth, and is comfortable even without moisturizer. Normal skin is the unicorn of skin types!
  • Oily skin will leave visible oil on your tissue. Your skin may also appear shiny and feel slick to the touch. Those with oily skin often have large pores, and feel weighed down by heavy lotions or creams. Oily skin is also more likely to have acne breakouts, though any skin type is susceptible to blemishes.
  • Dry skin is the second most common skin type, largely due to the fact that most people are chronically dehydrated. Environmental damage also generally results in dry skin, including sun damage, harsh skin care products, and even central heating and air. Dry skin feels taut, especially after cleansing, and regularly shows flakes of dead skin. Pores are generally smaller, and large acne breakouts are less common but not unheard of.
  • Combination skin is the most common skin type, which shows how unhealthy most skin is. Combination skin is essentially the skin not knowing what to do with itself, as it shows traits of normal, oily, and dry skin. It is unbalanced, specifically showing dryness on the cheeks, and excess oil in the T-zone.

Now that you’ve determined your skin type, you can proceed knowing what your skin needs to look and feel its healthiest. With Atopalm, you can give your skin an advantage by first treating its hydration and barrier needs. After your skin’s most basic needs are met, many issues will resolve themselves and you may even find yourself getting nearer to the normal skin category we’d all love to be in!

Treatments for Seasonal Skin Irritation

If you’re a sufferer of seasonal allergies, your skin may be suffering along with you this spring! Allergy symptoms within the skin may include increased dryness and flakiness, rough skin texture, eczema, or sun sensitivity.

While your doctor will be able to suggest medications to treat the root cause of your
allergies, Atopalm is here to help soothe and control allergy symptoms in the skin.

Use Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream anywhere on the face or body to deeply moisturize, comfort, and support skin during allergy symptoms. It’s light enough for use as a face cream on dry skin, or as a spot treatment for extremely dry areas like the knees, elbows, or feet.

If your skin is still struggling this spring, look into our Atopalm 130+ line. Featuring our award-winning MLE at a 30% higher concentration, Atopalm 130+ is the most intensive Atopalm line available.

In addition to using Atopalm MLE to help control and conquer skin dryness and discomfort, it’s important to keep skin free of external aggressors. Bathe every evening to rid your skin and hair of pollen, and change clothes after returning from outdoors.

Keeping your skin calm and comfortable this spring isn’t hard when you turn to Atopalm for help!

Healthy Skin as a Lifestyle

Source: user EU Webnerd
Source: user EU Webnerd

Have you ever started using a new skin care product or regimen and become frustrated that your skin issues don’t disappear as quickly as you hoped? What about when new skin concerns pop up and you’re left wondering why?



The truth is, healthy skin is 100% linked to a healthy lifestyle. No single skin care product or even regimen can create healthy skin; it can only support a healthy lifestyle while topically targeting specific concerns.

So, what does a healthy lifestyle to support skin health look like? Here are four easy things you can start doing today to support skin health from the inside out.

Yes, we’ve all been told to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, but is that still the recommendation? While it’s still the official base number, more research is showing that other types of liquids can count toward your daily hydration. That means milk, low-sugar or fresh juice, and even tea and coffee can count toward your hydration goals each day.

Not only that, but 64 ounces of hydrating liquid is simply the minimum amount required for basic health needs. Some experts recommend drinking between one half ounce and one ounce per pound of body weight, while others say you should shoot for an even 100 ounces per day.

Regardless of the number you set for yourself, drinking hydrating liquids throughout the day is one of the easiest way to support skin (and overall) health by keeping it moisturized and allowing the skin to function as it should.

Working out is good for body, soul, and skin! We took an in-depth look at how exercise supports skin health in another post, but here’s a quick glimpse at the highlights.

Exercise boosts circulation, which improves skin texture, tone, and clarity. It helps the skin maintain a healthy level of oxygen, and can even help support youthful qualities like firmness.

Sweat caused by exercise helps push toxins, dirt, and debris from the pores. It is naturally clarifying, just as long as you bathe soon after exercising and don’t allow those toxins to sit on your skin for too long.

Catching some Z’s is actually essential to skin health. While we sleep, our body uses that time to heal itself — whether that means closing a cut or repairing inner damage.

We all know that we don’t look our best after a poor night’s sleep. Eyes are dark and puffy, skin is dull and dehydrated, and your skin concerns like eczema and acne may even be worse. Allowing your skin that time to heal is one of the best ways to improve skin health and appearance.

You don’t need to eat more, just better! Skin thrives (as does the rest of your body) when you fill it with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. There’s a reason why so many antioxidant vitamins are added to topical skin care products: your skin needs them to function and look its best!

As you can see, following a healthy lifestyle is as important to your skin as it is to your overall quality of life. If you begin changing your bad eating, sleeping, and exercising habits, you’ll soon find that you’re seeing clearer, brighter, and healthier skin.

Atopalm Real Barrier Intro Serum Review

역시 아토팜, 요즘 계절에 딱 맞게 순하고 가벼워요^^

ATOPALM Real barrier, as expected, is perfectly soft and light on my skin for the season.


아토팜 리얼 베리어 인트로 세럼 사용 후기 입니다!
My review for Atopalm Real Barrier Intro Serum!

다들 그러시겠지만, 건조하고 가렵고 예민한 피부로 다양한 브랜드를 써본 후

가장 트러블 없이 특히 보습력이 뛰어나고 순해서, 빨간 뚜껑일 때부터 오랫동안 애정하고 아끼며 써왔는데요.

I’ve been using and in love with this serum for a long time since the time it had a red cap in previous design version. I found this serum is “very” moisturizing and gentle, and it hasn’t caused any stinging, itching, redness or any allergic skin reaction even on my dry, over-sensitive, and easily-get-itchy skin with other brands.

작년~올 겨울에 특히 얼굴이 너무 건조하고 홍조가 심해져서

화장은 아예 못하고 리얼베리어 크림만 가방에 넣어서 수시로 발라주었는데

날이 좀 더워지다보니 보다 산뜻한 제품도 필요했는데 딱인 제품~

Since the last two winters were harsh, I couldn’t even imagine using other makeups for causing the skin reactions like dryness and redness, rather I used only Real Barrier Cream whenever I needed. For season becoming warmer, this serum is the very “rain” I need so much!


세안 후 첫 단계에 바르는 인트로 세럼으로,

보통 우리가 알고 있는 퍼스트 세럼으로 사용하면 되고요.

세안 후, 바로 첫 단계에 2~3회 펌핑하여 발라주면 되어요~

After cleansing your face, pump 2 or 3 times onto your fingertips and gently apply on your face. Same as other first serums. Easy Peasy!

용량은 40ml / 한 손에 쏙 들어오는 크기의 펌프.

펌프라 아무래도 더 공기접촉도 적고 위생적으로 쓸 수 있어서 가장 선호하는 타입인 것도 맘에 들었어요.

아무래도 여름이라 더 신경쓰여서요!

40ml of amount, Perfect size for my little hand.

I like the way they designed this in a pumping container. It is more hygienic with less contact to air. Very thoughtful for the use in the summer time, I think.

제조일자는 다른 제품들처럼 용기 하단에 잘 찍혀있고요.

Easy to find the manufacture date on the bottom of the container.

유효 성분이 피부 각 층으로 가볍게 흡수되어 촘촘한 바탕 피부로 정돈하고,

스킨 부스팅 효과로 다음 단계 흡수와 효과를 한층 높여준다고 하니 밀림없이 다져주는 제품 같아요.
I’ve felt that the serum gets absorbed into the layers of skin easily and prepares my skin with boosting effect for the next step. It seemed the next makeups on the skin were accepted way better with this serum applied first.
히아루론산, 판테놀, 마데카소사이드, 알란토인 등 피부 진정 보호 성분과
특허 복합 세라마이드 함유도 마음에 듭니다.

Among all others, I really like the fact that this serum contains many skin-soothers such as hyaluronic acids, Panthenol, Madecassoside, and allatonin, especially Complex Ceramide



손등에 먼저 발라봅니다.
흰색을 띄는 약간의 투명함이 느껴지는 제형으로
수분감이 많으면서 스킨 – 모이스춰 중간 제형쯤 됩니다.
끈적임이나 오일리함은 없되 스킨처럼 물 타입은 아니에요.

I applied this on the back of my hand first.

The serum is white and transparent and feels very rich in moisture. I think it is between a skin product and a moisture product. But it is definitely not watery, sticky or oily.


펴발라보면 한층 투명한 느낌이 들고요.
일반적인 에센스나 세럼 제형과 가장 비슷,
바른 후에도 건조하지 않도록 어느 정도 잡아주는게
스킨이나 물 타입 세럼과의 차이점 입니다.

When spread, it gets more transparent. It’s just like other general essence or serums. But the moisture doesn’t dry up like other skin or watery serum but stays longer on the skin.


짠 피부결 사이사이 잘 촉촉하게 보습되고요.
향은 약간 강하지 않은 풀향? 같은게 느껴져요.
바른 후에도 어느 정도 보습력이 있지만 가볍다는 점이 장점.


It moisturizes and nourishes well and evenly
The ‘grassy’ smell is fresh and soft.
And the moisture lasts long after application with the feeling of softness.
















얼굴 세안 직후 – 사용 중 – 후
Right after cleansing face – Application – After Application
아무래도 날씨가 많이 더워져서 기존 장벽 강화 크림은 좀 무거운 감이 있었는데
세안 후 바로 리얼베리어 인트로 세럼 바르면 아주 가볍고,
자극이 없이 수분을 채워줘서 속당김이 사라져서 좋고요.

As it gets warmer, the Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream seemed a little thick on skins.

When the Real Barrier Intro Serum was applied, my skin felt soft and moisturizing without an irritation. The tightening feeling on my skin also disappeared.

피부가 얇고 따끔하고, 홍조와 건선이 잘 생기는 민감 피부에 특히 좋고
아주 리치한 타입이 아니기 때문에 어떤 피부 타입이건 쓰기 좋을 것 같아요.
유수분 밸런스로 잘 다줘준 느낌이라 다음 단계로 선크림 발라도 안 당길 것 같고
저녁 때는 아무래도 건성이라 세럼만으로는 조금 당김이 있기 때문에
리얼베리어 수분 크림을 추가하여 발라주었습니다.
I want to recommend this serum for people who have thin skins, feel stingy with other products, or have sensitive skins which are prone to redness and dryness. Since it is not too rich, I think it also goes well on any skin type. I think even sun-cream can be put right on the serum, without feeling tight on skin. I used this serum and then the Real Barrier Moisture Cream together in the evening since skin felt drier at that time.
추가 보습은 피부 타입에 맞게 해주는걸 추천하고,
이번에 릴리프 젤 크림도 출시되었기 때문에 가벼운것 원하시거나 지성에도 맞겠네요~

I think you may choose an additional moisturizing product which fits your skin type. You may try the new Relief Gel Cream if you want something light and for your oily skin

피부겉, 속 모두 채워주고, 가볍고, 밀림없는 첫 단계 세럼으로 딱이에요!
무엇보다 자극없고 순한 점이 아주 만족스럽습니당 ^^ 역시 아토팜~

Easily absorbed onto an outer and inner layer of your skin, light, and without thick feelings! It’s perfect as a first stage serum. Above all, I like best its mildness on my skin without any irritation.


Original content:

Atopalm Real Barrier Essence Mist Review

촉촉함이 달라요~~~리얼베리어 에센스 미스트^^

This one is different in moisturizing, Real Barrier Essence Mist!






짜쟌!!!  이미 유명한 브랜드라 말하면 입아플 정도인데~~뒷북치며 이제서야 경험했어요.ㅎㅎ

내 피부 수분 빼앗아가는 일반 수분미스트말고~~영양감과 수분감을 부여하면서 수분을 잡아줄 수 있는 에센스 미스트 찾고있었거든요^^

아토팜 워낙 순한 제품으로 유명해서 홈페이지 가입하고 부랴부랴 주문했어요ㅋㅋ


This is so widespread brand, but I happen to experience only now. LOL

I have been looking for a “real” essence mist that moisturizes long enough and nourishes the skin at the same time. There were too many disappointing products, not living to its claim.

리얼베리어 모이스처크림이랑 같이 주문했죵!!ㅋㅋ이건 머 샘플보소>ㅅ< 방판부럽지 않아요ㅋㅋ

피부장벽강화에 도움을 수는 수분방패!!!영양층과 수분층이 나뉘어져있어서 사용전에 꼭 흔들어 사용하라고 설명되어 있어요ㅎㅎ

I ordered the Real Barrier Moisture Cream with the Real Barrier Essence Mist at the same time. Wow, so many freebies ☺, Better than buying at door-to-door sale. This is like a shield on your skin, which keeps your moisture. Don’t forget to shake it enough before using it, since the layers of nourishment and moisture are separately stored in the spray.












얼굴에 뿌린 사진은 부끄러워서 손으로 대체할게용~ㅋㅋ

뿌리기전->뿌리고나서->흡수후 요렇게 순서예요ㅎ

뿌리고나서 저 촉촉함 보이세요??ㅋㅋ완전 촉촉하고 안개분사아닌데도 꽤 넓게 분사가 되요.

분사력도 맘에 들고 촉촉함이 진짜 끈적임없이 상쾌한 느낌이예요 ㅋ거기다 흡수도 빨라요~

손등에 뿌리고 몇 번 톡톡 쳐주니까 금새 흡수되고 촉촉함만 남아요 ㅋ

여름에도 끈적임 걱정없이 또 건정피부뿐 아니라 저처럼 지복합성피부도 걱정없이 사용할 수 있는 제형이예요

무향이라 더 좋아요ㅋㅋ아무래도 향기나는 화장품은 첨가물이 하나라도 더 들어간거잖아요ㅠ

얼굴에 사용하는 제품만은 향기 댓츠노노!!!ㅋㅋㅋ

아토팜제품 첨 사용해봤는데 만족스럽구요!!앞으로도 요 미스트는 꾸준히 사용할렵니다.^^

I am kind of too shy to show my face, instead, I will show you my hand.

Before Spraying – Sprayed – Absorbed












Can you see that moisturizing effect on my hand? So rich in moisture and sprayed wide even for non-mist spray. I feel so fresh, with no stickiness at all, and like how it sprays. And it is absorbed so quickly in to my skin. I applied a good amount and tapped the spot a few times. And wow watery look disappears so quick and only leaves the rich moisture on the skin. It doesn’t feel sticky even in summer.

So those with dry skin or oily-complex skin like mine can use this with no worry. I like this because it is non-fragrant. There may be more additives for the fragrance, so no fragrance for the products used on my face! It’s my first time trying Atopalm’s product. THUMBS UP!! For sure, I will keep using this Real Barrier Essence Mist.

Original content:

Real Barrier Essence Mist

The new Real Barrier line features many deeply moisturizing formulas to add into your current skin care regimen, but there’s one product in particular that’s a must-have for summer skin care.

Real Barrier Essence Mist is a spray-on moisturizer that provides a 24-hour hydrating shield to soothe and protect skin. It’s great for summer use because it can be sprayed on anytime, anywhere. Take it to the beach, on your weekend getaway, or use after sun exposure to support and rehydrate skin.

Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes skin while MLE reinforces the skin’s natural barrier. Three-Calming Complex uses panthenol madecassoside, and allantoin soothe and calm irritated skin, making it a great product for use on sunburns.

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