Spring Makeup Trends

Source: flickr.com user notarim

It’s official: spring has sprung! Today is spring equinox 2013, and whether the weather is still snowy or already heating up, winter is on its way out. Now it’s time to pull out  those strappy dresses, dig up your favorite sandals, and, of course, revamp your makeup look. Out with the heavy liner and Christmas red lips, and in with the pastels, bronzers, and shimmer!

To make sure you’re looking fresh and on trend this spring, here’s a peek at the runway makeup trends for this year. If you’re already a trend-follower, you’ll love the insight; however, if you’re unused to switching up your routine, you can use the fresh season to discover new ways to beautify and express yourself!

If you haven’t made the switch to mineral makeup yet, now is the time! Fresh, natural skin is in, and nothing shows off a clear complexion better than the light texture and sheer coverage of minerals. If you prefer heavier coverage, choose a pressed mineral powder formula/ Or, you can stick to your liquid makeup, but opt for a dewy finish over a matte one to keep skin looking healthy and youthful.

Bold brows are still the choice of most runway brands. Fill them in, shape them up, and don’t shy away from their natural shape. Even if you are a die-hard waxer and trimmer, you can still let your brows go bold by darkening their color, or exaggerating their arches.

Last year, the ’60s cat-eye liner came back in full effect. Fun and flattering, the wing-tipped look is still hot, but this spring is seeing a more fully-lined look as well. To keep on trend, line the top and bottom of your eyes, and give it a slightly smudged look. If you want to go big, pair this eyeliner trend with the wing tips for a completely lined eye.

When it comes to lashes, the word is lush. Long, fanned, and curved, you want your eyelashes to steal the show. This effect pays off big when you’re not wearing any eyeliner; it will help the eyes look wider and brighter than ever. However, it also looks gorgeous with the liner effects mentioned above, especially for a nighttime look.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a pop of color, blue and green are the eyeshadow trend choices for this spring. And when I say blue and green, I’m talking bright aqua blue and lime green! Don’t be scared of these eye-catching hues; paired with a nude lip and the fresh face foundation trend, and you’ll have the perfect balance. If you want to try this trend without going full shadow, create a neutral eyeshadow backdrop and line or accentuate with blues and greens.

Christmasy red is gone for now, but red hues are still in for spring lip makeup. Instead of a deep crimson, go for a coral-red, orange-red, or a soft pink-red to stay on trend. If you want a fuller look, lip lining is also coming back! Choose a complimentary red liner and softly line (and smudge) the outer edges of your lips, making the lips look plumper.

Lastly, pretty nails are bigger than ever. Even if you don’t have the funds for regular manicures, painting your own nails really only takes a little practice, and a new bottle of polish (even the good stuff!) is less than half the cost of a professional manicure. For spring nail polish colors, pastels, as always, are a popular choice. This year, pinks and purples seem to be the “in” color, though shades of red are also prevalent to compliment this years lip trends.

If you do choose to go the path of an at-home DIY manicure, make sure to be careful with cuticle trimming and nail shaping. These things are essential to beautiful hands, but they can go wrong really quickly! In addition, be sure to keep hands soft and moisturized with a replenishing hand cream, such as Atopalm’s Moisturizing Hand Treatment.

Now, why don’t you share which makeup trend you’re looking forward to trying? Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on some new polish shades!

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