Over-the-Counter Skin Care Products

Source: flickr.com user Ian Broyles
Source: flickr.com user Ian Broyles

At Atopalm, our main focus is treating dry skin and sensitive skin conditions with our flagship MLE products. However, while our day-to-day skin care products make up the largest portion of our site, we’d like to bring your attention to our over-the-counter skin care products!

Our OTC products are expertly formulated topical products designed to treat a wide range of skin and body concerns. Think of the aisles in your local big box or drug store where you’re able to buy medicated topical products without a prescription — that’s what our over-the-counter section is! However, unlike your big box or drug store, your purchase of OTC products from Atopalm.com is discreet and highly affordable.

While our over-the-counter section may seem limited, it actually features products designed to treat the most common skin and body concerns that are able to be treated topically. Here’s a look at our OTC options:

  • Psoriapalm, a targeted psoriasis treatment for relieving psoriasis symptoms and restoring health and beauty to the skin
  • Anti-fungal creams, each with a unique active ingredient, for fast relief from the burning, itching, cracking, and scaling caused by all major types of Athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm fungi
  • First aid antibiotic ointments for protecting wounds and promoting healthful healing
  • Many fast-acting pain relief creams and gels for soothing muscle and joint pain
  • Diaper rash cream with zinc oxide for soothing chafed skin and irritation while sealing out wetness
  • Soothing hemorrhoidal ointment which rapidly relieves itching, discomfort, and burning sensations caused by hemorrhoids while reducing the swelling of hemorrhoidal tissue
  • Multiple anti-itch skin care creams and ointments, designed to reduce redness and itching caused by external factors and histamines

The best part of our OTC section is that each product is priced to be highly affordable, especially when considering the quality of the formulation. Plus, you’ll be able to order your over-the-counter skin care and your daily Atopalm skin care products all at once, saving you time and money!

To check out our full OTC range, please visit the Atopalm OTC Products page! If you have a question about a product, active ingredient, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here to let us know!

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