Maternity Skin Care Tips and the Art of Self-Care

“You’re glowing!”

“You must be having a boy—you’re just getting more beautiful.”

“I’ve never seen your skin so clear!”

If you’re one of the lucky pregnant women who hears these comments, we are super excited for you! Pregnancy can have pretty wonderful skin-related side effects for some, including clearer skin, a healthy glow (due to increased blood flow), and a softening of the features.

However, for most pregnant women, new skin care challenges and concerns pop up. Breakouts where there used to be clear skin; rough skin textures; dark areas known as melasma. Some women even experience rashes and itchy conditions like PUPP or PEP that seem more like allergic reactions than anything else!

Whether you’re one of the few who experiences skin improvement, or one of the many who experiences new skin challenges, the skin care tip remains the same: maternity skin care should be an act of self-care more than anything else.

When you’re pregnant, your body is going through so many incredible changes. These changes, while miraculous, sap your energy, your nutrients, your hydration, and more. That’s why it’s so important to take extra care during this time!

Pregnancy is the perfect time to learn how to slow down and really listen to your body. Rest when you are tired. Drink when you are thirsty (and when you’re not—hydration is key during pregnancy). Ask for help when you are overwhelmed. And care for your skin every day to avoid feelings of discomfort.

ATOPALM Maternity Care was designed for this special time. Because all ATOPALM products are gentle enough and safe for use during pregnancy, the dedicated maternity line is small but mighty! Add these two products into your daily maternity skin care routine to keep your skin beautiful, comfortable, and cared for.

Stretch Mark Cream targets one of a pregnant mom’s biggest concerns—stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a very common occurrence during pregnancy and while they are nearly impossible to escape completely, our Stretch Mark Cream helps to prevent them and diminish the appearance of the ones that do appear.



Massage Oil for pregnancy is our lightweight, clean-smelling product for deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin while acting as a pregnancy-safe massage oil.

An incredible blend of botanical oils restore luster and smoothness to skin while the same MLE and Ceramide-9S used in the Stretch Mark Cream support and protect the skin’s lipid layer.


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