Set Your Skin Care Resolutions!

Happy new year! It’s time to reflect on the year that’s ending, and look forward to the one about to begin…including setting your near year’s resolutions!

Even if you’re not someone who enjoys setting a new year resolution or two, here are a few reasons why it’s worthwhile to do, at least for your skin care goals!

Small steps make big changes
It’s true that big new year goals are often difficult to keep. Losing 50 pounds isn’t easy; neither is quitting smoking. While those are both worthy goals, setting yourself up for a nearly-impossible goal may prove to be, well, impossible.

However, small goals are not only easier to keep, but the boost you get from success will make it easier to tackle those big, important goals. The perfect place to begin? Your skin care goals!

It’s fun
Taking care of your skin shouldn’t feel like a chore—it should feel like a treat! Skin care can be luxurious, beautifully sensory, and a way to practice self-care. All you have to do is look at it through the correct lense.

If you view skin care as a necessary evil, a waste of time and money, or something that doesn’t really matter to you—all those things will be true. But if you view it as a way to care for your body and happiness, those will be true instead. It’s all about how you frame it in your own mind.

Your skin’s health is important
You don’t view water as an indulgence, do you? What about eating fresh produce? Caring for your skin should be thought of in the same way!

Providing your skin with what it needs to function well should be just as important as providing your body with what it needs to stay healthy. Well-formulated skin care products that provide moisture, nutrients, protection, and support to the skin is what will keep your body’s largest organ functioning optimally!

Ready to set your 2022 skin care and beauty resolutions? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Cleanse skin, without fail, every morning and evening
  • Experiment with heavier night creams to see how your skin responds
  • Extend your facial skin care routine to your neck and chest
  • Apply SPF every single day
  • Drink the right amount of water every day
  • Start a spa night for more in-depth skin care, like using a face mask

Have fun with your goals, and you’ll find that they’re easy to keep! Not only that, but you’ll reap the benefits of your efforts in the form of healthier, more comfortable, and more beautiful skin.

Happy new year!

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