Ceramide care for the whole body

Changing seasons can cause all sorts of skin changes. The cool, crisp days of fall, the below freezing temps of the winter, each of these seasonal changes can really wreak havoc on the moisture in your skin. If your body is experiencing drier, itchier skin, we have the solution: Cera MD Repair.

Our dedicated body skin care line, Derma:B, features two ultra-rich products designed for dry, itchy skin—Cera MD Repair Cream and Cera MD Repair Lotion. The formulas offer the same benefits, with your choice of texture.

Derma:B Cera MD highlights:

  • Adfence-P™ soothes itching and balances sebum.
  • Panthenol protects, reduces inflammation, smoothes skin, and calms redness
  • Ceramides protect against external damage while locking in moisture
  • Botanical oils and extracts nourish, soothe and moisturize
  • Free from known skin irritants

Derma:B Cera MD Repair Cream offers a rich cream texture with instant comfort and lasting moisture protection.

Derma:B Cera MD Repair Lotion is a lighter lotion texture that sinks in quickly and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Head over to atopalm.com today to learn more about these two amazing products.

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