Quick bug bite help with Cicarelief

If summertime skin issues like allergies and bug bites are getting you down, you won’t want to miss your chance to stock up on this skin savior!

Cicarelief Cream is the ultimate in soothing care for itchy, sensitive skin. MLE, panthenol, madecassoside, and calamine combine to create an incredibly healing and calming experience.

It can be used on anything from chronically irritated skin to skin showing signs of seasonal allergies. It can also be used on poison oak and poison ivy rashes, sunburn, acne breakouts, bug bites, and more.

Even with a rich, powerful formula, Cicarelief Cream promises to remain easy to spread and quick to absorb. Like all ATOPALM products, it also promises lasting hydration, allowing you to use it over dry patches without layering with other products.

For quick, on-the-go relief, check out Cicarelief Moisture Pads! Each natural fabric pad is soaked in Cicarelief Cream for extremely easy application and more precise spot treatment.

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