Featured Brand: Zeroid Intensive

Do you have the most sensitive skin of anyone you know? Does your skin’s dryness interfere with your day-to-day comfort? Are you tired of skin care products that only seem to make things worse?

It’s time to try Zeroid Intensive.

Zeroid is short for Zero Steroid—named such because it is formulated to provide the same results as steroid skin care without the side effect risks. Zeroid has been the #1 doctor-recommended Dermotologic skin care in Korea for over a decade—in fact, it was previously only available in Korean hospitals. Now, you can order Zeroid worldwide through ATOPALM.

Zeroid is actually comprised of five smaller ranges which each target a specific skin type or issue. Today, we’d like to focus on Zeroid Intensive, which is formulated for the most sensitive skin types.

If your skin is dry year-round and most skin care products seem to irritate instead of help your skin concerns, Zeroid Intensive is for you. It’s safe for use by all ages, and is able to help calm rosacea-prone complexions as well as it targets eczema on the elbows and knees.

As with all great skin care, the secret to this excellent skin care line is in the formulations. In the Zeroid Intensive range, you’ll find a wide range of ingredients chosen to calm physical sensations of topical skin irritation, regulate sebum production, calm visible redness, and encourage healthy skin exfoliation without irritation.

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll find in the Zeroid Intensive products:

  • Defensamide® to encourage the production of anti-microbial peptides which act like the body’s natural antibiotics. It also aids in improving and reinforcing the functions of the skin barrier and the self-defense system.
  • ADfence-P which is known to calm extremely sensitive and irritated skin while also slowing down the sebum production to prevent breakouts.
  • Restomide which acts as an anti-redness agent to improve the appearance of sensitive skin.
  • Syn–Hycan supports the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid within the skin. Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds up to 1000x its own weight in water to deeply hydrate skin while also creating a more plump and supple appearance.
  • Urea to relieve severely dry and cracked skin while encouraging healthy exfoliation. Urea helps loosen the bonds between dead skin and new skin, allowing the dead skin cells to exfoliate properly. It also smooths and hydrates skin, making urea the multi-tasker that dry skin needs.
  • Zinc gluconate calms skin irritation and inflammation while giving the skin what it needs to repair damaged tissues. Zinc gluconate is a favorite ingredient for those with blemish-prone skin because it helps the skin heal itself while reducing visible concerns associated with blemishes.

These are just some highlights of the ingredients found in Zeroid Intensive! In addition to those listed above, you’ll also find the MLE® with ceramide 9S that ATOPALM is known for.

Now that you know what Zeroid Intensive does include for the benefit of your skin, you also need to know what Zeroid Intensive is formulated without.

Zeroid is formulated without the common skin irritants found in much of mainstream skin care. This irritant-free approach extends to all of the lines under the Zeroid banner, including Zeroid Intensive.

By offering products without these common irritants, Zeroid is able to help dry, very sensitive skin types both before and after sensitivities occur. The beneficial ingredients found in Zeroid Intensive help to strengthen, calm, and reinforce sensitive skin, meanwhile the clean formulations do what they can to avoid a sensitivity triggers.

Zeroid Intensive can make all the difference for chronically dry, hyper-sensitive skin. If you are tired of trying to bring comfort and beauty to your irritation-prone skin, try Zeroid Intensive today.

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