A New Take on a 5-star Product

We refreshed a long-standing best-seller to make it even more moisturizing and safe for sensitive skin types! Try it now to combat wintertime skin issues.

NEW Real Barrier Extreme Cream provides MLE-fortified skin care with the added benefits of anti-aging actions, skin nutrients, long-lasting hydration, and soothing care for sensitive skin.

What’s the same: NEW Real Barrier Extreme Cream is still infused with Three-Calming Complex to soothe and comfort skin while MLE and hyaluronic acid hydrate, and restore and reinforce the skin’s protective layer.

What’s new: newly patented Omega-Ceramide-16 was added to the formula, allowing NEW Extreme Cream to boast triple hydration that keeps skin moisturized for up to 72 hours. It has also had potentially irritating ingredients removed, making this formula safer than ever for extremely sensitive skin types.

Head over to https://www.atopalm.com/Real_Barrier_Extreme_Cream_New_Formula_p/81249.htm to grab yours today or learn more about this fan-favorite product.

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