Create Your At-Home Facial

Getting a spa facial is relaxing and revitalizing, but sometimes it’s too costly or takes too much time out of the day to see an esthetician. If you need a quick skin refresher, follow these easy steps to create an at-home DIY facial with ATOPALM!

Step one: Purify Skin
Remove makeup and cleanse skin in one simple step with Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm. This non-foaming cleanser feels like a milky lotion that melts away makeup, debris, and excess oil without stripping the skin.

When you’re doing an at-home facial, be sure to take your time and really massage the rich cleanser into your skin, taking time to reach every curve and crevice of the face. Begin with damp skin and work in soothing circles all over your face, continuing until only a faint layer of the cleanser can be felt.

Use tepid water to rinse, or get a real facial experience by running a towel under hot water, squeezing out the excess, and gently wiping away the last traces of Cleansing Oil Balm.

Step two: Steam
You don’t have to buy a steamer in order to loosen dead skin cells and open pores. Simply boil water, pour into a bowl (add essential oils if desired), hang a towel over your head and lean into the steam for about two minutes at a time. Make sure to stay around six or more inches away, and do three or four 2-minute steaming sessions.

Since you’re looking to create a spa-like experience at home, don’t skip this essential facial step! Breathe deeply, and use steaming as a time to relax your mind, calm your worries, and just be. You can use meditation techniques or practice gratitude during this time to fully sink into a calm state.

Step three: Face Mask
Now that your pores are open, dead skin is loosened, and you’re in a calm state of mind, it’s time to relax with a face mask! Choose a mask based on your skin type or concerns and follow the application instructions, being sure to leave it on for the appropriate amount of time.

While the mask works, this is a great time to continue meditating, or you can use the time to do another relaxing activity like reading or self-massage. Don’t use it as a time to worry about what to make for dinner or how busy your day is tomorrow!

Step four: Toner
Remove your face mask using a cotton pad soaked in toner. This restores hydration and gives the skin a rich dose of nutrients, plus it helps prepare the skin for your next skin care steps. Toner also helps remove those dead skin cells that were loosened during steaming and your face mask.

For dry, sensitive, or aging skin types, try Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Toner. If you lean more toward oily or acne-prone skin, check out Real Barrier Control-T Toner.

Step five: Target Skin Concerns
This is where your facial can get as in-depth as you would like it to be. Now that your skin is purified and prepped, targeted skin care products can address your biggest skin concerns.

Whether you suffer from rosacea or want to diminish blemishes, ATOPALM offers an array of targeted products that work to heal and prevent common skin care concerns. Use one or many during this facial step depending on your time need and skin care goals.

Step six: Eye Care
Gently tap MLE Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum around the eye area to target visible signs of aging and deeply moisturize in order to protect the eye area against damage. The skin around the eye area is especially delicate, so it’s important to apply your eye serum gently and allow it to fully soak in.

Step seven: Moisturize
It’s time for ATOPALM to shine! Our moisturizing products are second-to-none because they use MLE to repair and support the skin’s natural lipid layer. Choose your face moisturizer based on your skin type and concerns, and massage it into the skin much like you massaged your cleanser.

After you apply your moisturizer, take a minute to “come out” of your relaxation. Even better, do your at-home facial just before bedtime, so you can sink into your sheets and allow your relaxed mind to drift off to dreamland.

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